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Rumble is a video-sharing platform that started to be known by Brazilians in 2022, after some podcasters went to the service that preaches to be a neutral platform, in favor of diversity of ideas and freedom of expression. See what is how Rumble works.

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Rumble (Image: Playback)

Although the service starts to become better known to Brazilians in 2022, Rumble has been around since 2013, when it was created by Chris Pavloviski, programmer and former Microsoft employee.

According to its creator, the service emerged with the aim of being a video sharing platform focused on giving space to free speech, valuing authenticity of content creators and against the culture of cancellation. Rumble reported that in 2021 the platform had more than 36 million active users, which is still little compared to YouTube, which had more than 1.86 billion users in the same year.

Although many personalities present on the platform are not known in Brazil, the service has the presence of former US President Donald Trump, who publishes weekly videos of meetings with supporters.

Although the platform has a lot of content involving politics, finances, controversial opinions and sometimes not very reliable information, it is also possible to find lighter viral content such as cat videos, trivia, video games and other entertainment-related material.

The service works in a very similar way to YouTube, that is, you can access videos from the channels and personalities you know or search for specific news and topics. On the first page there is a field called “Top Videos” that works similarly to “Em Alta” on YouTube.

What is Rumble - image Rumble homepage
Rumble homepage (Image: Playback/ Rumble)

What can you do in Rumble

  • Watch videos on the website;
  • Watch videos in the app;
  • Create a channel;
  • Watch and create lives;
  • Upload videos to the platform;
  • Interact with the videos through the comments;
  • Evaluate videos with likes and dislikes;
  • Monetize content; (If your videos are approved)

Monetization as an attraction

One factor that can attract new users is related to the ease of monetizing videos, as in Rumble it is not necessary to have a certain number of subscribers on your channel and to follow as many requirements as in YouTube’s monetization rules.

In 2021 Rumble also acquired the Locals, a platform that allows people to financially support content creators through a subscription system, in which it is possible to donate “Coins”, the platform’s currencies, which can be converted into cash. It’s a system similar to the one used on Twitch.

Rumble in Brazil

Brazil entered the service’s plans by informing that the podcaster Monark, after having his channel demonetized on YouTube and subsequently deleted, as a result of his controversial statements about Nazism, took on an exclusive podcast on the platform. Another well-known name, but from a different ideological spectrum joining the platform is the left-wing activist, author and rapper, Ferréz.

The service’s strategy appears to be aimed at investing in opinion-focused content creators who were under some sort of restriction or didn’t agree with YouTube’s policies.

Freedom of expression vs fake news

Due to its pro-free speech nature, Rumble allows users to post content without many restrictions, although there are some limits that cannot be crossed such as posting pornographic content, talking about pyramid schemes and inciting hate speech.

Despite these restrictions, the platform doesn’t do strict moderation and doesn’t make it very clear how it monitors and applies punishments to creators who don’t respect the rules. After all, in a simple search, it was easy to find a lot of anti-vaccine content without any scientific evidence.

Rumble can be a new alternative platform to consume videos or even monetize its content, but as with other services it is necessary to be aware of the information found there.

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