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Keeping your brand in people’s minds constantly is quite relevant. In this way, it is never forgotten and still remains active, facilitating daily recognition. A digital marketing strategy that targets this goal is known as remarketing, as it is focused on those people who have previously engaged with the brand. Come with me to understand more about it in the lines below.

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Imagine that one day, a user accessed your brand’s website through a Google search, Facebook post, etc. It could be that this person has purchased or consumed the content you offer, but there could also have been a midway drop-off for whatever reason.

The question that soon arises is: how to make that person become interested again and return to your page?

That’s where remarketing comes in. With this strategy, Google ads, for example, can appear more than once to those people who have shown some kind of prior interest in your site or content. The strategy can come through other places like email or posts, but they all follow the same focus of creating engagements and possibly turning them into conversions.

In this way, the user is reminded of the brand, creating a second opportunity to acquire or consume the content.

Types of campaigns

There are many campaign strategies for remarketing. Each works in its own way, and it is not wise to ignore any of them. Even so, it is always worth highlighting the most common ones used from Google ads. I’ve separated three alternatives that work well. Check out:

  • De Display: Focuses on displaying Google ads with content that the user has already visited or shown great interest in;
  • Of research: This strategy uses the keywords searched by users to offer new advertisements through Google Ads;
  • Of e-mail: Widely used by online stores, this type of campaign sends emails to registered users on the site. Thus, it is possible to remind them about a cart with unpurchased items or new product promotions based on the person’s affinity.

You can see that the benefits of this type of digital marketing strategy are many, from brand recognition to total conversion. In addition, if the company delivers a quality final product, it is possible that this lead will become something recurring, reaching the level of loyalty in the sales funnel.

On the other hand, care must be taken to ensure that remarketing does not occur in a short period of time, as this can bring irritation and frustration to your potential customer. Another point is to pay attention to which other vehicles your campaign can appear in. No one wants their brand to be associated with another that doesn’t bring affinity or that has sensitive topics.

Finally, pay close attention not to confuse this strategy with retargeting. Both may look similar, but there are point differences.

The first clear difference between the two strategies is the primary use of their tools. Email, for example, is a resource used by remarketing. Retargeting, on the other hand, focuses more on paid ads within different pages of websites.

This may seem contradictory, as I mentioned above the uses of this resource created by Google Adwords that gives this article its name. However, it is worth paying attention to the small differences.

Both use many of the same tactics, but for different purposes. Retargeting looks for new customers and leads, people who may not even know the brand, but who are browsing pages that may offer similar content. Thus, when seeing an ad for something that may be of interest, the user will be able to click and get to know the company.

In contrast, remarketing targets people who already know the brand and have visited it previously. So, the goal is to bring that user back into the product’s business funnel, whatever that may be.

In practice, both show their brands to people, often in the same way, but with clearly different goals.

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What did you think of this type of digital marketing strategy? Do you believe it is a good alternative for a brand or do you think it is an unnecessary investment? Be sure to join our community with your opinion!

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