What is it and how to use Google Trends?

Want to know what are the most searched subjects on Google? Check the main research trends in the year or in a specific country? So, you need to know Google Trends, an essential platform for content producers.

Presenting results in real time on the most searched terms on Google, Trends is also an interesting tool for website owners, communication and marketing companies, salespeople and anyone who is just curious to know what other Internet users are looking for.

What are the most searched series? What questions have Internet users been asking the most about the new coronavirus pandemic? What keywords should I use for a better SEO strategy? Answers to questions like these can be found on the platform.

What is Google Trends?

Launched in 2006 and available in dozens of countries, Google Trends is a tool capable of showing the most searched words, terms, expressions and subjects in the main internet search engine.

In addition to presenting trends, the service, which is free, allows you to follow your favorite topics and see how interest in them changes over time.

Trends home page.Trends home page.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

Accessible on any device, the platform also displays graphics to facilitate understanding of the volume of searches, also showing trends in searches on YouTube, for images and news.

How to use Google Trends?

The first step is to access the Google Trends website, where we found several resources. Check out the main tools available and find out how to use them.

Search by term

1. At the top of the page, there is a search bar. Type in the desired term (in this example, we use “cell phone”);

Search bar.Search bar.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

two. Below is a graph of the search volume for the term in the last 12 months, but you can refine your search using the filters at the top of the page. It is possible to modify the country, the period, the category and the modality (web search, YouTube, image or news);

Word performance in the last 12 months.Word performance in the last 12 months.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

3. Scrolling down the screen, the service shows the interest in the word in each state and also the subjects and queries related to it;

Searches related to the term.Searches related to the term.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

4. A useful tool for those who have doubts about using a word or similar is “Compare”, making it possible to check the most used. We compared the performance of the terms “cell phone” and “smartphone”, with the former presenting more searches.

Comparing the performance of words.Comparing the performance of words.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

Top searches of the moment

The function presents the hottest topics, that is, the topics most searched by Internet users.

1. Open the Google Trends menu, in the upper left corner, and choose “Main searches”;

Current trends.Current trends.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

two. Two tabs will be shown. In the first, it is possible to check the daily trends, with the most searched subjects and the amount of research;

Most popular subjects of the day.Most popular subjects of the day.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

3. In real time search trends, you can view the results by categories, choosing between sports, science, technology and others, in addition to checking a performance graph of the last 24 hours;

Real-time searches.Real-time searches.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

4. By clicking on one of the subjects, the service shows a more detailed graph regarding the public’s interest and also the pace of news production on that topic, as well as related queries.

Subject performance.Subject performance.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

Searches of the year

In this resource, the user discovers the most searched subjects of the year.

1. Click on “Searches of the year” in the side menu;

Most searched subjects of the year.Most searched subjects of the year.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

two. The page will show the main trends divided by categories (movies, series, championships, deaths, games, how to do it, what is it, questions etc);

Main searches in Brazil in 2020.Main searches in Brazil in 2020.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

3. By clicking on “Brazil”, a menu will open to view trends in other countries and the most searched terms globally;

Trends in other countries.Trends in other countries.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

4. To find out what was up in previous years, click on “Google Trends”, go back to the home page and scroll down. Now, choose the year you want.

Trends from previous years.Trends from previous years.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction


Another featured function is the one that sends, by e-mail, updates on a topic or subject of interest to you.

1. Open the menu and select “Registration”;

Receive trend newsletters by email.Receive trend newsletters by email.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

two. Click on the “+” button in the lower right corner, enter your email, subject, region and frequency to receive updates and click on “Subscribe”.

Confirm the registration.Confirm the registration.Source: Google Trends / Reproduction

These are just some of the features of Google Trends, with which you can already start using the service by taking advantage of very useful features.

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