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Functioning as a travel application similar to other popular options, inDriver has as its biggest differential the idea that the passenger is the one who defines the value of the ride. This may sound crazy, but there are rules that must be followed when requesting and accepting a new trip. To better understand how the platform works, check it out below.

The app is available for Android and iOS (Image: Tecnoblog / Ricardo Syozi)

inDriver is a travel service via mobile app. The customer chooses their starting point and destination, while the driver offers to take them to their destination. Many of its mechanics work similarly to alternatives like Uber and 99.

However, its biggest difference is that the passenger is the one who offers the price for the race.

How does inDriver travel work?

Below you can see in more detail how the platform works for both those who request the trip and those who make it, including fees and personal data.

for the passenger

After making a simple registration that only requires full name, CPF and phone number, the user can open the app and add the destination of the race. After that, you must choose what type of work you want from the options below:

  • Travel: considered the standard type, it allows travel with any vehicle and driver on the platform;
  • Comfort: offers the most comfortable vehicles and the most highly rated drivers in the app, all for a small price increase;
  • Intercity: allows the user to combine a trip to another city with a date and place of departure and a predetermined number of passengers;
  • Delivery man: a delivery of items weighing up to 20 kg;
  • Shipping: Shipping larger and heavier loads.

After defining the starting point and destination, the person must suggest a fare value that, according to the company, needs to be “reasonable”. The application itself presents price recommendations, always considering the average cost of the desired trip. However, it is up to the user to hit the hammer.

From there, it is necessary to wait for someone who accepts the offer to make the trip.

for the driver

For those who will be behind the wheel, it is necessary to make a more detailed online registration, which includes data such as CPF, CNH, criminal background certificate, vehicle information, etc. Only with everything checked can he be accepted to start the journeys with inDriver.

It is necessary to choose which type of work will be carried out within two options:

From there, the person will be able to search for races and choose the one they want to do. As the passenger suggests a value, the driver has the option to accept or to make a counter-offer.

Since inDriver, like Uber, works with a two-way rating system, the highest rated drivers are given priority in trips over others. The company claims that its fee is no more than 9.5% of the value of the ride, the lowest among the apps in the category.

It might be interesting to drive around the platform (Image: Unsplash/Dan Gold)
It might be interesting to drive around the platform (Image: Unsplash/Dan Gold)

inDriver availability and payment methods

The platform is relatively new in Brazil (since 2018), so it is not yet part of the entire national territory. As of this writing, the service is available in the following cities:

  • Belo Horizonte (MG);
  • Macapa (AP);
  • Belém (PA);
  • Teresina (PI);
  • Natal (RN);
  • Recife (PE);
  • Caruaru (PE);
  • Aracaju (SE);
  • Curitiba (PR);
  • Londrina (PR);
  • Sao Paulo-SP);
  • Santos (SP);
  • Sorocaba (SP);
  • São José do Rio Preto (SP);
  • Porto Alegre (RS);
  • Florianopolis (SC);
  • Goiania (GO);
  • Cuiabá (MT).

Already in the question payment methods, it is good to make it clear that there is no option to register a credit or debit card. Thus, there are only three ways for the passenger to pay for the trip:

  • Cash;
  • Card machine;
  • Pix.

Overall, the platform does not stray too far from its competitors. Trips work in a very similar way to 99 or Uber, with similar prices as well as travel time. On the other hand, because it’s not very popular yet, it may take a little longer to find a customer in your area.

Are you interested in starting to use inDriver or do you prefer to continue with the services you are already used to? Is it worth trying? Tell us!

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