What is drama and why are they becoming so popular?

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You dramas has become a popular series format in recent years. On Netflix and other streaming platforms, these “Asian soap operas” have taken up more and more space, attracting young people’s attention to this specific type of show.

But you know what is drama? We will explain where this term came from, its ramifications, its most famous projects and we will also tell you where to watch dramas. So let’s go!

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What is drama?

Dorama is nothing more than a kind of series of Asian origin, produced on a larger scale in Japan, but also found in South Korea, China and Thailand. The term “drama” comes from the pronunciation of “drama” in Japanese.

These novels can have several segments, such as comedy, romance, adventure and even horror. Performances are usually done with younger people in their leading roles, but that’s not necessarily a rule.

The stories of dramas are distributed in several episodes, which makes them very similar to North American productions and even to some Brazilian soap operas. However, they may have some differences that we will explain below.

types of dramas

Not all Asian series are considered dramas. In each country there are some specificities in this type of project and each one has its local trademark.

South Koreans, for example, call their attractions K-dramas, following the same line of success in the music world, which is K-pop. There are also T-doramas, from Thailand, C-doramas, from China, and so on.

The difference between them is just cultural. Visually, they are very similar series and follow the same line: few episodes, more closed stories, usually with few seasons.

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What defines the difference is the target audience. A Korean drama will not always address topics relevant to Japan, for example. And vice versa. What distinguishes them are their cultural particularities, which need to be respected.

There are still some popular genres of dramas that are not necessarily linked to culture, but to the type of production. Are they:

  • jidaigeki – are period productions, dramas that are set in Japanese historical periods;
  • getsuku – Associated with the Fuji TV channel, they are usually more romantic productions that air on Mondays, 9 pm – the famous nine o’clock soap opera;
  • taiga dramas – they are period dramas like jidaigeki, but with one difference: they last much longer, since they have a much bigger budget;
  • trendy dramas – dramas that focus on everyday events.

Some famous dramas

We separate a list of some dramas that became a fever around the world and conquered a legion of fans:

  • Alice In Borderland: a highly praised Netflix series that tells the story of a young man and two friends transported to a parallel world where they have to participate in several deadly games. In addition to trying to survive, they look for their way back home;
  • Round 6: also known as Squid Game, the Netflix series tells the story of a group of people who go through financial difficulties and who accept to participate in some games in order to win a billionaire prize. But what they don’t know is that to get there, they’ll have to escape death every round;
  • evil flower: a South Korean production that tells the story of a detective who discovers the true identity of her own husband, as she investigates a series of unexplained murders. The series is available on the Viki platform;
  • meteor garden: the Chinese production tells the story of a young university student who is willing to dedicate herself to her studies, but ends up discovering a new love and a world full of obstacles. The series is on Netflix;
  • Switched: a drama in which two young women with very different lives change their bodies. One of them is popular and is within the standards, the other is shy and does not relate well to the class. With the exchange, they begin to better understand each other’s challenges and difficulties. The production is available on Netflix.

(Source: Netflix/Play)(Source: Netflix/Play)Fonte:  Netflix

Where to watch dramas?

Most of the dramas available to watch today are on the Netflix platform. There, you will find an extensive list of dramas of different genres and tastes. But in addition to Netflix, there are also apps, such as Viki and Kocowa, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.

now that you already know all about dramas, how about choosing some to watch with the guys and spread this genre even more? Choose your favorite drama and then tell us!

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