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Appearing on pages of various subjects on the internet, the Call-to-Action is an expression of extreme importance in digital marketing. With this, the user takes an action that seeks to create an engagement or even turn him into a customer. If you want to know more about what a CTA is, check it out with me in the following lines!

Definition of CTA (Image: Tecnoblog)

Whenever you come across a Facebook post that asks you to leave a comment or an emoji to express your opinion, you are actively participating in a Call-to-Action on social media. This also occurs in a very similar way on Twitter, Instagram and so many other sites. These are examples of what a CTA is.

This term so used in digital marketing is to ask the user to do something on the page they are on. It can be simpler things like leaving a “like” or a comment, but you can also ask the person to subscribe to a newsletter or register.

Even though there is no limit to what to ask for in a CTA, common sense should always be paramount. Requiring the visitor to leave personal data is never suggested in these situations, for example. Therefore, a satisfying call-to-action is one that is simple, but that manages to make the user feel like a relevant part of the page or service.

Its importance is enormous, as it is a step that simply cannot be skipped or ignored in digital marketing. It’s no use just informing that your product has been launched, it’s necessary to put the user in this environment in an active way.

Examples of CTA

Call-to-action always needs to be as clear as possible. It’s no use going round and round to ask for something as simple as clicking a button or typing a sentence. A valuable tip is never to treat the reader/user as someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Always be direct in your order.


In the example below, a tweet made by Spotify Brasil asks the user to click on the button to join Casimiro’s live stream. The CTA here is the “Will you miss this one?” and the arrow for the link. In addition, the social network itself already offers buttons such as “Comment”, “Like” and “Retweet”.

Spotify Casimir
Spotify Brazil Twitter (Image: Reproduction)

website button

Another example of Call-to-Action can be found in the Hit Kill 41 post. Just before the description of the podcast episode, there are two buttons that direct the reader to the TB Findings groups, both for WhatsApp and Telegram.

TB page
Hit Kill page (Image: Reproduction/Tecnoblog)

Newsletter subscription

A great example of a CTA for signing up to receive news by email can be found on band and musician websites. Fans want to know more about new albums or concert dates, so where’s the best place to check it all out? The official website, of course! Here, the Call-to-Action is clear and straightforward: add your email address to receive further information.

what is CTA
Homepage of the Deftones website (Image: Reproduction)

CTA for sales and discounts

In the example below, you can see that the purpose of the Call-to-Action for the visitor is to get a discount on the purchase of a product. In this way, the site can guarantee a sale and, along with that, a registration of a new user.

Avon site
Avon website (Image: Reproduction)

Using CTA to download free materials

Finally, the example below asks the visitor to complete a form to receive a free item in return. This serves for the creation of records and even the production of statistics for future surveys and campaigns. It is a valid way to give the user the sensation of an equivalent exchange.

what is CTA
Sebrae website (Image: Reproduction)

Now that you know more about what a CTA is, let us know if you’ve found any other non-standard ones out there. You can surprise us!

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