What is Cheat Engine and what does it do

Cheat Engine is a computer program that allows you to use “cheats” or cheating, in games. Popularly known as “hacks”, the tool allows changing game settings, either to increase the number of lives, make the experience easier or more difficult, among others.

Free, the program gives many advantages to those who use it, whether to improve that game that is too easy or help in that stage that can’t get through anything. Learn more about the program and how to use it, below;

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Which is?

Cheat Engine is open source software that allows you to change programs according to their purpose, which may vary by game or user. It is a program capable of reading the executable file and writing to the program’s memory, being commonly used for computer games. So, if you didn’t find the cheat you would like for that specific game, with this program you’ll be able to create it.

What games to use?

Most computer games are compatible with the Cheat Engine, due to its ability to alter the game’s allocated memory and how it uses this altered information. In theory, any title can be hacked, from the simplest to the most complex.

However, it is not advisable to use the tool in online games, as the servers can identify the use of cheating programs. The user who is caught using, runs the risk of being banned from the platform and losing all progress made, with no chance of questioning.

According to the program’s own website, it should only be used for “educational purposes”, since its developer has already had problems with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), for disclosing tables with codes ready to be applied in games, which does not is more allowed.

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Step by step

The first steps of configuring the program are a little more complex and require some repetition. TecMundo organized these steps clearly to help you, check it out;

  1. To get started, download the program from this link and proceed with the installation;
  2. With the Cheat Engine already installed, open the game you want to change;
  3. Show the value you want to be changed (number of lives, energy bar, ammo, etc.);
  4. With the game running, open the Cheat Engine;
  5. In the program, click on a computer icon (just under ‘File’ in the upper left corner) and select the game’s executable;
  6. With the executable selected, click on ‘Open’;
  7. You will need to scan the value of the parameter that will be changed;
  8. For example, you want to increase life from 100 to 1000: to do this, you would type “100” in the ‘Value’ field;
  9. In the “Scan Value” box, select “Exact value”;
  10. Click on “First Scan”;
  11. The Cheat Engine will show a list of all values ​​related to the entered number, in this case “100”;
  12. Now, you need to hold a check: go into the game and make your character change the value — decrease health from 100 to 85, for example;
  13. Go back to Cheat Engine and type 85 instead of 100, and click on “New Value”;
  14. The idea is to reduce the addresses, making the value more and more specific when filtering the data;
  15. Repeat steps 12 and 13 until only one address remains;
  16. Once this address is identified, it will be possible to change the desired value by double-clicking on the address and typing in the new value — in this case, increasing the life from 100 to 1000;
  17. Press “Enter” and the value will be automatically updated;
  18. If you want to make the value fixed (in this case, the character would be immortal), just check the “Active” box next to the cheat, listed at the bottom of the program;

In addition to working on a wide range of games, the Cheat Engine saves your modifications and even lets you create new cheat programs.

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