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Imagine an application creation tool web, composed of HTML, CSS e Java Scrip completely free. See below, what is it bootstrap and what are its main advantages. THE framework can run on any platform Windows, Linux Where Mac. It offers the option to use the grid system, one of the fastest and simplest ways to create a layout.

What is bootstrap?  (Image: Vitor Padua/Tecnoblog)
What is bootstrap? (Image: Vitor Padua/Tecnoblog)

Defining the bootstrap

THE bootstrap is a development framework web open source and free. It’s designed to ease the process of creating responsive websites for mobile devices by providing a collection of syntax for designs of model.

THE framework is used to make the site responsive. What does that mean? When opening a website on PC, on laptop, tablet or open in any smartphone, the screen size of the site made with the bootstrap it automatically adjusts and the content looks better.

With that, the long process that was done before to create the responsive site becomes easy and saves work time, that’s why the bootstrap came to be used a lot. Currently, there are many templates (models) on the internet, of which 98% are responsive and self-made bootstrap.

Bootstrap being used (Image: Lyon Muller/Reproduction)
Bootstrap being used (Image: Lyon Muller/Reproduction)

How to use?

To start using the boostrap just access the official website, do the download the full CSS file or the add-ons and tools to add to your favorite package managers (above sea level, yarn, RubyGems, Composer, NuGet). The producer’s own page teaches you how to do the entire installation.

Why use bootstrap?

no rework

The main and biggest advantage of all is to create the site once. So, whatever the screen aspect, the website will open without any harm to the UI (User Interface). The models created through the bootstrap are typically sold for third-party applications that use the WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. Usability is very great.

time optimization

It speeds up development and completes work in a very short time. Create one design responsive without bootstrap is a guarantee of longer programming time.

Easy to use

Just have a basic knowledge of HTML e CSS, with this prerequisite you will be able to use the tool.

Browser Compatibility

THE bootstrap is designed so that the web page looks the same in almost all modern browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera etc. minimizing possible failures.

Customization (customize)

On the developer’s own website, there are several options — navigation bar, table, form, button, template, drop-down list, badges, and so on. Check the items you want, remove the ones you don’t want, download and use.

All CSF classes are already created in bootstrap, just use these classes on your website and quickly and easily. Reduce time spent on responsive website development web.

programmer opinion

In an interview with Techblog, the developer full-stack Lyon Muller gave his opinion on the efficiency of using the bootstrap.

“Depending on the project, if you’re thinking about performance, the CSS classes and all the components that come in the full set of it can get in the way a little. PageSpeed do Google. I recommend the Bootstrap only if you use some of the classes and components. Ex: Modals, Grid, some of the spacing classes, display also help. If using the Bootstrap with SASS it’s even better, because we can filter practically component by component.”


Bootstrap is a structure of front-end free and popular among developers today, especially those working in the world of design gives web. It’s easy to use and saves a lot of time by avoiding the need to write code HTML, CSS e JavaScript manually.

The structure of the bootstrap is flexible and robust enough to accommodate almost any website development needs front-end. Its best feature are the models of design that make the pages of web work perfectly on all screen sizes.

With information: Hostinger, iTriangle technolabs.

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