What is and how Google Lens works

First introduced in 2017, Google Lens is an app that offers many functions. With the help of artificial intelligence, it can be used to facilitate various everyday tasks.

Next, learn more about Google Lens, how it works, and some features available. Also find out how it can improve your day-to-day productivity!

Google Lens can perform searches from an item's photo.Google Lens can perform searches from an item’s photo.Source:  João Nogueira/Disclosure

What is Google Lens?

In summary, Google Lens is a smart camera app capable of interpreting information in an image. With this, the objective is to optimize the way people deal with data.

Thus, the software can be used in various applications. From the simplest how to access a QR Code to the most extensive, such as performing a search after taking a photo of plants or animals.

Google Lens is available on virtually every Android device via the Google Assistant, Google Photos, or a standalone app downloaded from the Google Play Store. The platform also has an iOS version.

App can recognize differences between animals and plants.App can recognize differences between animals and plants.Source:  Google/Disclosure

How does Google Lens work?

Google Lens is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide users with various tools. The app analyzes similarities in images within a database to define each photo.

In this way, the software performs instant searches and presents complete information related to the image, saving the time that would otherwise be spent on a search directly on Google.

While error-prone, Google Lens has an excellent record of accuracy. According to the researchgate.net, the platform correctly identified different plants and animals in 92.6% of cases.

Google Lens has standalone app on Android and is integrated with Google app for iOS.Google Lens has standalone app on Android and is integrated with Google app for iOS.Source:  Google/Disclosure

How to use Google Lens?

On Android, Google Lens works in conjunction with Google Assistant. When opening the app or device camera, just tap the feature icon in the lower right corner to activate it.

Then point the camera at the item you want to analyze. Then choose the interaction option such as search, select text, translate, or purchase to get the data you want.

For iOS device owners, you can use the tool through Google Photos. Just open the app, select an image and click on the Google Lens icon to view details about it or perform the desired action.

Google Lens performs automatic translation in multiple languages.Google Lens performs automatic translation in multiple languages.Source:  Google/Disclosure

Google Lens in everyday life

The best way to explain Google Lens is to introduce some of its uses. Therefore, we have separated examples of its use in everyday life.

Scan and translate text automatically

One of the most common applications, Google Lens can copy text information into an image and send it to your computer. The app can also translate content that is in a language other than the user’s language.

Interact with image text

By locating the information in the photo, the app makes it possible to call a phone number, access a website or send a message to an email address. It automatically directs you to your browser or links app.

App shows nearby sights information.App shows information of nearby tourist spots.Source:  Google/Disclosure

Find a term in physical text

Another creative feature is being able to search for words in a physical document or image. Just use the app to select the text and then use the “Search” option to search for what you want.

Get information about nearby places

Through a photo, Google Lens can perform searches on places close to the user. In addition to pointing out tourist spots, it can reveal historical facts about the location and opening hours of commercial establishments.

Google Lens can help you solve math questions.Google Lens can help you solve math questions.Source:  Google/Disclosure

help with school assignments

Google’s app can be a great tool for students. For example, it searches for explanations or results of questions in math, chemistry, physics, biology, history, and other subjects.

Find products on the internet

For those who like to shop, the app lets you use images to find online stores that sell certain products. Besides being possible to use it in a restaurant’s menu to discover the most requested dishes.

Did you already know the various features of Google Lens? Which ones do you use in your day to day? Tell us in the comments!

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