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You probably have already received an email in your inbox with informative content. And no, I’m not talking about e-mail marketing here, a totally commercial and sales-oriented format, but newsletters – or newsletters. come with me to understand better what is a newsletter and when it is used. 👇

What is a newsletter? (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

A newsletter, also called newsletter, is a way to share relevant information by email, whether with a company’s customers, employees or subscribers (who sign up to receive that content).

Unlike e-mail marketing, as already mentioned above, which is aimed at promoting products and services, the newsletter aims to send people rich and engaging content, which will add to the readers.

Another characteristic is its periodicity. A newsletter always has a frequency, whether daily, biweekly or monthly, for example, unlike marketing emails, which are sent without regularity.

Used in digital marketing strategies, the newsletter allows for closer communication with the reader, as the emails are personalized with the person’s name, which gives a more personal feeling. For that reason, writing also tends to be simpler and also more personal. In addition, the regularity of sending intensifies this approximation and makes the reader always remember the brand.

I who already worked with the format can confirm this. Weekly, subscribers waited for the newsletter that was sent and interacted constantly because they felt very close to me. 🥰

Daily newsletter examples

That the newsletter is focused on sharing captivating and relevant information, we already know that. But it is interesting to highlight here some newsletter templates that can be observed in our email inbox:

1. Content/news curation 🧐

Some newsletters curate and send their subscribers summaries of content and news. In this model, it is common to send daily, mainly to share with readers the information that stood out the day before. As examples we have: the news, B9 and The Verge.

screenshot newsletter the news
Curated newsletters tend to be sent out daily. (Image: Reproduction / the news)

2. Blog Summary 📝

In this case, the newsletter format is widely used by companies that have a blog. Thus, these companies send their lead base (people who are interested in products or services), periodically, a summary of the content published on the blog, to keep this base informed and also interact with it.

3. Themes 💃

Another way that a newsletter can be used is to share complete content, in the body of the email, following a theme.

Let’s imagine that you have a video game company, so, to communicate with your customers, you send a weekly newsletter with analysis and information about a specific topic inserted in this universe. See that it is complete content built into the newsletter, with a beginning, middle and end, not fragments of various news. It works as if it were a blog content sent by email.

A good example of this format is the Bits to Brands newsletter that addresses technology trends and behavior for brands. Every Thursday a newsletter is sent with an analysis on a certain subject that involves the universe of technology and brands.

Bits to Brands addresses technology and behavior trends for brands. (Image: Playback / Bits to Brands)

It is worth noting that this newsletter template can also contain a summary of other content and news, even if it is not the focus.

4. Customer history 📚

One more way to use the content format is by submitting customer stories. Following this path is interesting because it allows sharing knowledge, experiences and results in a different and also engaging way, highlighting those who are already connected with the company.

5. Internal content 🤜🤛

Finally, we have the newsletter format for sharing internal content. Widely used by large companies, this newsletter model corresponds to the sending of news, notices, achievements and stories among all employees themselves, who can follow everything that happens in the institution in a close and friendly way.

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