What does #tbt mean on social media?

Hashtag tags on Instagram are very common. Among many, there are some that are preferred by users. In 2021, according to the social network, users’ favorite is #love, which has been used more than 2 billion times worldwide.

As most accounts are in English, the most popular hashtags are also in the English language. In the list of the most popular are others like #instagood and #photooftheday. In Portuguese, #amor (more than 139 million used), #brasil (95.4 million) and #love are highlighted this year.

And well beyond the fun, the hashtags categorize the images, making it easier to search when we want to see something with a specific theme. Intuitively, from seeing so many photos on Instagram, we ended up deciphering how to use some. But, as many acronyms are in English, it is natural to be a little uncertain as to the meaning of all of them. Check out the explanations for the famous ones below.


What is TBT?

Considered one of the most popular hashtags in the world, acronyms mean the words “thursday throwback”And serves to use in old photos that are published on Thursdays. It is not known exactly the first time the concept was used, but it has some origins.

Sports Illustrated magazine, for example, attributes the origin to a blog that published on all the fifth images of old basketball shoes. Despite this, the lyrics won the world around 2012.

At the time, the Kardashian family began to frequently use #tbt in their photos on social networks. The influence of socialites has led many people to adopt the terminology, generating the explosion of popularity that the hashtag has today.


The #FBF means “friday flashback”And indicates an intention similar to the previous one. The difference in this case is that it is used on Fridays. There is no rule for how old the photo needs to be, it can be a record of your childhood, or just the last holiday.


The hashtag “foodporn” is a joke that alludes to the passion for food. It is for those who love to publish what they are about to eat and is perfect for their favorite dishes, those that just make your mouth water just by looking.


This “latergram” hashtag is placed when the posted image was not taken right now, but at a previous time, on the same day. “Later”Means“ after ”, in Portuguese.


# follow4follow and # like4like

The # follow4follow indicates that one person will follow another, in exchange for being followed as well. # Like4like means that a user intends to exchange likes, if they like their content.


The hashtag #ootd is about the look of the day. It’s a go to “Outfit of the day”And can be used on the day of that special event, when we need to get ready and we want to share it with friends.


The hashtag #nofilter means “unfiltered” and can be used when we are going to publish an image that is so beautiful, that it doesn’t even need filters. Anyone who is a fan of photography and posts #nofilter in the Instagram search, finds beautiful and “no makeup” photo results.



The hashtag #instagood can be placed to accompany everything you like best, be it a landscape, a food, a hobby. Everything you’re proud of.

#repost or #regram

Both the hashtag #repost and #regram are used in photos that have already been published in another profile, usually accompanying the credit of the place of origin.


#Lol means “laugh out loud”, That is, laugh out loud! It is the equivalent of a laugh and is obviously used for fun and funny pictures.


#Picoftheday means the publication of the photo that best represents your day or when it is something that stands out, a moment that is worth marking and showing to everyone, on that day.


#picstitch and #vsco

The hashtags #picstitch and #vsco are linked to the programs Pic Stitch and VSCO Cam. They are used to signal that the photo was worked on one of these platforms.


The hashtag #tgif means “thank God is friday”And is used on Friday, when that long-awaited moment called” weekend “approaches.


#Bff serves to represent that photo with your best friend. The acronym abbreviates the words “best friends forever“, which means” best friends forever “in Portuguese.

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