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After five years since the troubled launch of The King of Fighters XIV, SNK is about to deliver the continuation of one of the most beloved fighting game series among Brazilians. After testing the two betas, we checked characters, the online mode and other aspects of the game. Find out what we think and our expectations for the launch of The King of Fighters XV.

The King of Fighters XV (Image: Disclosure / SNK)

The format here is a little different. The text is written by me, in partnership with a colleague from technoblog and also “koteiro”, Ricardo Syozi. We played the two betas made available by SNK, then wrote our impressions and expectations without having full knowledge of the other’s opinion.

I separated the content into topics with the opinions of each one to facilitate reading. Now let’s get down to business.

Visual: PS2 graphics again?

The King of Fighters 15 (Image: Handout/SNK)
The King of Fighters XV (Image: Handout/SNK)

What does André Leonardo say?

One of the points that most displeased the fans in The King of Fighters XIV (KOF XIV), were the graphics. In fact, the game was ugly, reminiscent of the look of past generations. It was not uncommon to read the classic comment on the internet: “The game has PS2 graphics”. While this kind of comment is a bit shallow, there was a point.

In KOF XV we see that there was careful work. The fighters no longer have that plastic doll look, the scenarios are more beautiful and detailed, in addition to the improved animations.

Effects such as fire and electricity from special moves can seem a bit artificial and may upset some. However, this is a design choice by SNK. Some people will enjoy it, others not so much. I liked.

During the betas I was able to test the PS4 and PS5 versions. I didn’t feel any significant differences between the two.

What does Ricardo Syozi say?

To be honest, I’m on the team that prefers gameplay and performance over graphics. Not that I don’t care for artistic choices, but I always prefer to have fun with the press of buttons than just seeing something beautiful on the screen.

In KOF XV, everything seems well done in terms of visuals. The character designs are very characteristic, the light effects in the special moves are great and the scenarios are very interesting.

The style similar to the latest Samurai Shodown did a lot of good for the game, so I’m sure the graphics won’t be a reason for great discord between players this time.

Online experience: changing an unfavorable history

Iori Yagami arrives at KOF 15 (Image: Handout/SNK)
When the online experience is bad, the reaction is to be like Iori dominated by Orochi (Image: Handout/SNK)

What does André Leonardo say?

Let’s go straight to the Achilles heel of KOF. Since the series officially entered consoles with an internet connection, this has always been a pain point. My online experiences have never been good. In KOF XIII it was almost impossible to have matches without big delays, even against Brazilians.

In The King of Fighters XIV the experience improved, but it was still quite uneven, even for playing with brazucas. However, playing without lag against foreigners was still difficult, even against our brothers in South America.

As soon as the first trailers for The King of Fighters XV appeared, one of the main requests from fans was to implement the “rollback netcode”, a feature that compensates for delays between players connecting. And well, my experience in the betas of KOF XV was very satisfactory, with most matches almost without delay.

In the matches I played against Ricardo — in which I was mostly run over slightly — we had no difficulties in setting up a room to play. The games flowed without any stuttering, as if we were sitting side by side on the couch or in an arcade, if they still existed.

It is interesting that the game displays the amount of frames that it is compensating and that gives an idea of ​​how the connection between people is.

Ok, I live in Rio de Janeiro and Ricardo in São Paulo. That can make a difference. However, I also played against other Brazilians and some foreigners, mainly from South America. I didn’t see significant differences in connection quality, especially against Brazilians.

I don’t remember playing against Asians, but as with other games that use rollback netcode What Guilty Gear -Strive-, I imagine there must be some kind of loss, but maybe the matches won’t be unfeasible.

Anyway, this aspect should be improved, after all, the main objective of the betas was to test the online mode and see how the game would behave with a large number of users, with connections of varying quality and different platforms.

What does Ricardo Syozi say?

All I’ve been asking for for years is the use of rollback netcode in fighting games. As I am a true enthusiast of the genre, I feel that a good online connection is a reason to purchase a title on my part.

Unfortunately, it was always difficult to play the games in the series The King of Fighters without that terrible lag. So much so that for a long time I gave preference to games using the Fightcade (an emulator for arcade games with an excellent connection).

The good news is that in recent times, some games in the franchise have received this important feature. Therefore, almost all games in the beta of KOF XV ran super well, cheering me up considerably to pick up the game at its launch.

I faced several opponents, including André, and I had fun in every match. Points for SNK!

Characters and gameplay

image characters from The King of Fighters XV
All characters from The King of Fighters XV (Image: Disclosure / SNK)

What does André Leonardo say?

For KOF XV, SNK appears to have applied the “less is more” philosophy. Many new characters who weren’t charismatic ended up being excluded, as was the case with the South American team and Kim’s master. On the other hand, we have the return of classic figures like Ash Crimson, Heidern and the Orochi Team composed of Yashiro, Shermie and Chris.

The game didn’t invest as much in new characters, but the ones that arrived have interesting features like Isla, who has Shun’ei-like powers and some aerial abilities.

I liked the look and skills of newcomer Dolores, although she is a somewhat difficult character to master, as she requires distance control in fast-paced play like KOF XV. Although his abilities are similar to those of Kukri, his way of playing is different.

Some characters are still very strong and complete, such as Terry Bogard who has his list of blows made up of most of the moves he received in the course of SNK games.

One of the interesting news is the shatter strike, a charge that can be charged to throw the opponent away or stun them, something that can be quite useful. The mechanics somewhat resemble the Focus Attack from Street Fighter IV.

What does Ricardo Syozi say?

Whenever a new KOF is released, I’m excited to use newbie characters on my team. Of course, I have those usual names (this time it will be Shermie and King), but trying new fighters excites me a lot.

Unfortunately, this new endeavor is focusing on the rogues of the franchise. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the direction for important names like Kyo and Iori, but I feel that a series always renews itself by introducing new features into its cast.

Anyway, seeing Yashiro, Chris and Shermie’s team return is pretty cool. As a player in arcades and bars, I am a regular fan of KOF 97, 98 e 2002, then the presence of New Faces Team it’s more than a reason to get on the hype train.

Expectations for the final version

Image Team Ash
Ash returns in The King of Fighters XV (Image: Disclosure / SNK)

What to expect: André Leonardo

My impressions of the betas were very positive. I hope the game improves the quality in online modes and SNK works on the balance of the characters, because that’s one of the complaints about The King of Fighters XIV. Some characters were at a level far above the others, leaving the game unbalanced.

Although the story is not the focus of the game, I’m curious to see how the plot will play out. the end of KOF XIV suggests that the series may undergo a kind of “soft reboot”, as several souls were released in different worlds, after Verse’s death.

This fact even gave rise to the return of characters who had been erased from the timeline like Ash Crimson. This can allow all sorts of interaction in the franchise. Therefore, it would not be strange to see characters from other series and even other production companies appearing in KOF, since Terry Bogard has already appeared in Smash Bros and Geese Howard appeared in Tekken 7. Come on SNK, make it happen!

What are you waiting for: Ricardo Syozi

After investing dozens of hours in the betas of KOF XV, my excitement for the work went up in the air. I already liked the additions in gameplay and the possibilities of combos. THE rollback netcode it’s another excellent reason to join the fight as soon as I install the game on my PS4.

As my brother André mentioned more than once, history also interests me. I want to know who will be the next threat and the interactions between the characters in the game. What does the return of Chizuru and Ash mean? Will we see the return of the antagonist Orochi?

Anyway, everything I saw and played just brought me more excitement. I can’t wait to face opponents in the 3v3 matches so iconic of this franchise.

That’s it folks, these were our impressions and expectations about the game. The King of Fighters XV It hits the market on February 17th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

So, are you excited for the release? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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