what differences, should you buy the new iPhone?

The iPhone 12 replaces the iPhone 11. Owners of the latter may then wonder if it is worth changing. Others may hesitate between the two if they need a new smartphone. This comparison helps you make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

The iPhone 12 was officially presented by Apple during a keynote on October 13, 2020. Like every year, it is therefore time to examine its characteristics and compare it to the model of the previous year, namely in our case l ‘iPhone 11. Let’s go for the game of seven (or more) differences.

IPhone 12 and iPhone 11 data sheet

At first glance, we can see thatApple has not made a multitude of changes between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. But let’s analyze the situation in more detail in the rest of this comparison.

iPhone 12 iPhone 11
Screen 6.1 ”
Super Retina OLED
1242 x 2688 pixels, 19.5: 9 ratio
6.1 “
Liquid Retina IPS LCD
828 x 1792 pixels, 19.5: 9 ratio
Chipset A14 (5nm) A13 Bionic (7nm +)
BONE iOS 14 iOS 13 (update to iOS 14 available)
Storage 64/128 / 256GB 64/128 / 256GB
microSD No No
Main sensor 12 MP, f / 1.6
Ultra wide-angle 12 MP, f / 2.4
12 MP, f / 1.8
12 MP ultra wide-angle, f / 2.2
Selfie sensor 12 MP, f / 2.2 12 MP, f / 2.2
Drums 2775 mAh
Fast charge 18W
3110 mAh
Fast charge 18W
5G Yes No
Biometrics Face ID Face ID
Water resistance IP68 IP68

A design that changes little

Since the appearance of the famous notch in 2017 with the iPhone X, Apple has not changed the design of its mobiles. It is not yet in this generation that we are going to witness a renewal. The notch is back on the iPhone 12 to house the 3D Face ID sensors and we still do not have a fingerprint reader for biometric authentication. The notch of the iPhone 12 is still slightly smaller than that of the iPhone 11, the manufacturer managed to gain a few millimeters.

iphone 12
IPhone 12

IPhone 11 returns to flatter edges, as on the old models, while the iPhone 11 relied on a more rounded form factor. If the screen size is the same, Apple still managed to reduce dimensions of iPhone 12 compared to those of the iPhone 11. A similar screen size for a more compact format is an interesting argument. No big changes to the back, with in both cases a prominent double photo sensor, the now famous “baking sheet”.

Both devices are IP68 water and dust resistant certified. Their frame is made of aluminum. The iPhone 12 does well when it comes to protective glass: the new “Ceramic Shield”Is advertised as four times more resistant to drops than the glass present on the iPhone 11.

A screen of the same size, but OLED for the iPhone 12

The format of the iPhone 11 seems to have more in Apple since we are back to a 6.1-inch panel on the iPhone 12. This same diagonal was chosen for the iPhone 12 Pro, you have to go see the iPhone 12 Pro Max to have a bigger screen. But the similarities between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 panels end there.

We are indeed entitled to several improvements on the new generation of iPhone. First, the Super Retina XDR from iPhone 12 is based on OLED technology, while the Liquid Retina is satisfied with IPS LCD, which offers in particular much less convincing contrasts.

iphone 12
IPhone 12

Then the definition. Apple has long been stingy in pixels on its products, offering a “fake” Full HD + as on the iPhone 11 (828 x 1792 pixels). The Apple brand makes up for it with the iPhone 12 with a superior image quality of 1242 x 2688 pixels.

The screen ratio remains at 19.5: 9 for the iPhone 11 as for the iPhone 12. It is difficult to adopt a more elongated format as long as the notch is present. The refresh rate does not move either, it’s 60 Hz. It was long hoped that the iPhone 12 will go to 120 Hz, but Apple felt that such a feature added to the integration of 5G would do melt the battery.

IPhone 12 5G compatible

5G, let’s get to it. This is the great novelty of the iPhone 12, on which Apple should capitalize for its marketing campaigns and which could encourage consumers to swap their current smartphone for the iPhone 12. Our advice: do not rush. 5G will be available in France in the coming months, but the network will still be in its infancy. And if you tell yourself that you will keep your iPhone 12 for years to come and enjoy it later, there is one thing that you should be aware of. Unlike the iPhone 12 Pro which supports both 5G high frequencies (mmWave) and 5G low frequencies (Sub-6GHz), iPhone 12 is only entitled to 5G Sub-6GHz, which will dominate the network early in deployment, but does not offer the best performance. This should be taken into account if your preference is for the iPhone 12 for the 5G argument.

IPhone 12 even faster than iPhone 11

It’s the same every year, the iPhones crush the Android competition on the benchmarks. The iPhone 11 was no exception thanks to the A13 Bionic SoC engraved in 7nm + and the many optimizations made by Apple to offer a fast, fluid and slow-free system. The iPhone 12 is even more impressive and its A14 chip engraved in 5nm allows it to offer approximately 20% better performance than its predecessor. All while being more energy efficient.

lol iphone 12
League of Legends arrives on iOS, Apple promises “PC quality” on iPhone 12 thanks to A14 Bionic SoC

In its communication, Apple is even more rave about its SoC, promising 50% higher performance and 40% better machine learning capabilities on the A14 Bionic than on the A13 Bionic. The first city contains 11.8 billion transistors, or 40% more than the previous generation. The GPU is also very powerful, for even better results when it comes to the graphics rendering of video games.

In terms of memory, no change. We are stuck at 4 GB of RAM on one as on the other. For storage space, three variants each time: 64, 128 and 256 GB of storage space. Neither device has an SD card slot to expand this capability.

IPhone 11 has a bigger battery, but what about battery life?

Surprise, the iPhone 12 has a small battery of 2775 mAh, while the battery of iPhone 11 reaches 3110 mAh. Surprising then that 5G is supposed to be energy intensive and draw on the autonomy of smartphones. Does this mean that the iPhone 12 is less enduring than the iPhone 11? Not necessarily. Apple has taken another step in the finesse of engraving with its chips. The A14 is engraved in 5nm and this new process promises greater energy efficiency than the A13 Bionin engraved in 7nm +. We will have to wait for the autonomy tests to get a better idea of ​​the autonomy differences between the two models.

iphone 11
IPhone 11 has a larger capacity battery than iPhone 12

For recharging, no news: we remain on a power of 18W for the wired and support for charging by induction. The iPhone 12 is also compatible with MagSafe, Apple’s new proprietary technology. It is therefore possible to charge it wirelessly on a charging mat based on this protocol. A system of magnets allows the smartphone to be ideally positioned on the charging surface to improve efficiency.

And in photo, what does it look like?

While there have been significant improvements in the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, less attention has been paid to the iPhone 12. The latter is equipped with the same number of sensors. than the iPhone 11, and it is clear that there is not a big evolution. The main sensor is 12 MP on both models, with an aperture of f / 1.8 for the iPhone 11 and f / 1.6 for the iPhone 12. The stabilization is still better on the iPhone 12. The module ultra wide-angle goes from 12 MP and f / 2.2 on the iPhone 11 to 12 MP and f / 2.4 on the iPhone 12. This is justified by the fact that the pixels of the iPhone 12 are larger and capture more from light. In low light conditions, the iPhone 12 behaves better than the iPhone 11.

keynote apple iphone 12
The details of the main photo sensor of the iPhone 12

On the front, it’s a 12 MP and f / 2.2 camera that is in charge of selfies on both sides. But the iPhone 12 still benefits from some additional features, with among others the night mode which lands on the front sensor. Changes have been made to the 3D scanners of the iPhone 12, whose Face ID is even faster and more convenient, able to recognize a face in new positions and angles.

iOS 14 for everyone

The iPhone 11 can already be updated to iOS 14, which is the native operating system version of the iPhone 12. Since the hardware changes little between the two smartphones, the iPhone 12 does not benefit really software exclusives compared to the model of the previous year.

It should however be updated one more year. Apple generally upgrades its devices for five years, software support for the iPhone 11 will logically be discontinued a year before that for the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 is (necessarily) more expensive

The iPhone 12 is launched at a price of 909 euros for the 64 GB variant. It costs 959 euros in 128 GB and 1079 euros with 256 GB of storage. We are witnessing a significant price increase of 100 euros for each unit since the iPhone 11 was marketed from 809 euros with 64 GB, 859 euros with 128 GB and 979 euros for 256 GB of ROM.

It should be noted that the iPhone 11 comes with a 5W charger. The iPhone 12 comes without a charger, which can be an additional expense if you are not already equipped.

iPhone 12 or iPhone 11: which one to buy?

If you feel that you don’t need 5G, the iPhone 11 is clearly sufficient. Apart from the support for the new generation of network, the only major contribution of the iPhone 12 is in the screen, which switches to OLED on the iPhone 12, also with better definition and more technology. advanced, but no 120 Hz on the horizon. Too bad the battery size is decreasing, with the A14 SoC the autonomy would have been significantly increased otherwise. The iPhone 11 is already very fast, the new chip ultimately does not bring much to the average user.

The price difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 is sobering as to which one to choose. The fact that Apple is raising its prices so much makes the iPhone 12 quite unattractive for anyone not interested in 5G. If you feel you don’t need 5G, the iPhone 11 is still clearly sufficient, especially since it can be bought for less than its initial value on marketplaces. Depending on what deals are coming, it’s up to you to see whether or not the few iPhone 12 additions discussed earlier are worth the price difference.

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