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Who went to play and didn’t understand anything, I explain: Clan Wars 2, in Clash Royale. Gather the clan and arm your boat. Yeah, boats! Find out what changes in the mobile game.

A new update brings to Clash Royale what SuperCell called “Clan War 2”, this modality will definitely replace the classic Clan War, which has been in the game since 2018 – when I started playing and was not a Master or Champion.

To dispute the second version of the combat, the clans use the boats to face the enemies in the River Regatta. These are naval battles, with attack and defense of every clan in PvE mode (player versus environment). In addition, the duel was introduced.

The trader

A curious character was added to the combat: the merchant. Friendly, he brings three cards to trade every day and you don’t have to chase clan members who want to trade all the time. Trading chips are enough to negotiate with him. If you have gems in your pocket, you can choose which cards (yours) to trade. His will remain the same. The merchant refills at midnight.


What has changed in Clash Royale?

With the update, the following items were removed:

  • Removal of collection day;
  • Removal of war day;
  • Clash Royale missions;

Statistics and trophies from previous wars will be available on the player’s profile, in the “Veteran of Clan War” section. Mission progress and rewards will be added to Clan War 2 rewards and chests will be “compensated” right away.

With the update, the following items were replaced:

  • The 3 daily gifts (minor) were replaced by 1 daily gift (major).

Adjustments in Clash Royale

  • Clan Wars are open to the King’s Tower level 6;
  • The Healing card no longer affects clones;
  • The Social Tab is now the Clan Tab;
  • The Friends List has been moved from the Social Tab to the Player Profile;
  • A “Magic” wand for decks helps you create them automatically;
  • The new optimizations will improve the performance of older devices.

That said, let’s get down to business, Clan War 2.

Goodbye, leader

Battles are always active and need not be started by the clan leader. They begin and end based on the Clan War seasons, which in turn follow the standard season of the game, with clear start and end dates. Each season of the Clan War lasts 4 or 5 weeks, and every week there is a race.


Following the flow of the river …

You will immediately see the “clan boat” and it is with him that you will participate in the battles and sail down the river to the Coliseum of the Clan War. To move the boat, you need to use your war decks to complete river tasks. Crossing the finish line (after completing several tasks) the clan receives a chest. These chests contain rewards.


If you do not finish the river race, you will still earn a “participation fee”. It’s a boot, not a chest, with some goodies inside…

How to play Clan War 2

To participate in Clan War 2 you still need to be part of a clan (Social tab). SuperCell defined battle actions in six steps, but we will detail everything.

  1. Participate in a River Regatta;
  2. Inside, mount up to four war decks;
  3. Complete your River Tasks using the war decks;
  4. Earn reputation at the end of each river task;
  5. Cross the finish line as you gain a reputation;
  6. Earn rewards for crossing the finish line with your clan.


The new war decks work like normal battle decks, but with a slight difference, they must contain different cards (you cannot use the same card in more than one deck! Ouch!) And, once used, go into what works as a waiting or inactivity period that is restarted daily at 8 am. You can have up to four different war decks in Clan War 2, that is, 32 different cards.


Sailor work

River tasks are fourfold:

  • BATTLES: face other players in a traditional 1 × 1 battle;
  • DUELS: best of three. Use 3 different decks to defeat your opponent;
  • NAVAL BATTLES: arm your defenses and attack boats from enemy clans;
  • SHIPYARD: quick and accessible repair place for damaged boats.

It is the river tasks that propel the clan’s boat through the river regatta. You earn reputation and gold by winning or losing battles. The reward is greater if you win.



Bad reputation!

Reputation is the goal of all clans to progress in the river regatta. The more reputation you gain, the faster your crew will row and the clan’s boat will cross the finish line at the end of the river. Note that it is not possible to improve your reputation while the clan’s boat is damaged. You need to fix your boat.

Repair points

If your boat “broke”, instead of reputation, you get repair points. To repair your clan boat, you will need a certain amount of points and, to obtain them, complete river tasks or use a war deck at the shipyard. After repairing, you will be able to browse again gaining reputation and continue traveling.

There is a kind of “boat shield” that will protect a newly repaired boat from possible attacks. Protected boats cannot be attacked until the shields end. Set up your defenses well while the boat’s shield is active.


The clan boat

The clan boat obviously exists to take the clan to the end of the race. However, it can be attacked in Battleship mode. The other clans can also attack your clan’s boat and you need to arm the boat’s defenses in addition to attacking enemy defenses.

Defend the boat

A defense consists of three towers, each loaded with four cards of your choice. They will defend the clan’s boat automatically whenever they are attacked.


The defense towers, however, will only be activated after suffering damage and will mobilize troops. Only after all ten defenses are destroyed will the boat be damaged and will not move until it is repaired. Some cards cannot be used in defenses. The list of vetoed cards changes every season and that makes it all the more difficult.

Attack a boat

Clans can attack boats from other clans participating in the river race. The defense towers attack air and ground troops with a weapon called a “machine gun”. Defense towers mobilize troops when activated. The damage to the defense towers is not restarted with each attack, it is added to the previous one.


How to Win a Naval Battle

  • Destroy at least 1 (one) defense tower.

If an enemy destroys your defense tower, you lose. Failure to destroy a defense tower during the time available also results in defeat in a battle.


In Duels, two wins are required to win. Players can use three different decks to face each other in the simple “best of three” format.

It is possible to participate in duels with at least three war decks, but using four decks allows more versatility. Of all river tasks, Dueling is the best way to gain reputation and gold in the Clan Wars.


Heads or tails

It is unlikely, but if it ends in a draw (the two players with the same amount of life points after a tiebreak), the winner will be decided on the coin toss.

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