what are the major differences with the cine version?

Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League has been available for purchase since March 18 on many VOD platforms. The opportunity for us to take stock of the major differences between this version and the one released in the cinema and directed by Joss Whedon in 2017.

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As you may know, the Justice League Snyder Cut is finally available for purchase since March 18, 2021 on many SVOD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, HBO Max (in the United States) or on the store for Xbox consoles. This is a reworked version of the film released in 2017 by Zack Snyder.

The filmmaker had indeed started the production of the feature film dedicated to the formation of this legendary group of superheroes, but the death of his daughter during the filming obviously forced him to abandon the project, then returned to his hands. by Joss Whedon for a rather wobbly result. Claimed by fans for several yearsborn, Zack Snyder’s version (which lasts more than 4 hours) is finally available. The opportunity for us to draw up the major differences between the two iterations, obviously without spoiler.

The major differences between the Snyder Cut and the cine version

A more serious soundtrack and more in line with Batman V Superman

The soundtrack of the cine version, composed by Danny Elfman, was one of the many problems of the film released in 2017. Regularly sporting jovial sounds (totally out of step with the images of the film), Zack Snyder decided to call on Tom Holkenborg again, author of the soundtrack of Batman V Superman. In fact, a certain continuity settles between the two films and we clearly feel here that this Justice League is essential as a direct result of the confrontation between the two heroes.

Cyborg is much better introduced and exploited (like all the other characters)

A character with a rushed story in the cine version, Zack Snyder decided to pay attention to Cyborg’s build in this rewrite. Her transformation and complicated and strained relationship with her father are handled much better. The tragic fate of his father is also brought about differently, and allows viewers to better understand the young man’s motivations. Note that each character benefits from the same care given to their introduction, like Barry Allen aka The Flash, who swaps the service clown costume for a much more central and essential role.

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Credit: Warner Bros

A final battle and a conclusion worthy of the name

Goodbye this final battle truncated and marred by these garish red colors, Snyder adopts a dark and epic tone, helped by this dark sky which recalls the treatment carried out by the director on the excellent Watchmen. The new edit makes the scene much more epic, with pride of place for Flash. Especially since Snyder gives us the keys to what should have been the Justice League trilogy, and as much to say that it promises to be grandiose, dark and violent.

Superman gives himself a prominent return to life

We leave aside the cliché and soulless passages of the cine version. In this version, every appearance of Superman is epic to perfection, and reminds us of just how perfect Henry Cavill is for the role. The new suit (in black and gray) is intended to be particularly “badass” and the treatment given to the Man of Steel brings out much more of the darkness that Snyder intended.

justice league
Credit: Warner Bros

Perfectly choreographed fight scenes

If you are familiar with Zack Snyder’s filmography, you know that the director has a particular talent for fight scenes set to the millimeter, perfectly readable, all sprinkled with effective slow motion and money-shots, like what ‘we have seen in Watchmen and SuckerPunch. Rest assured, the filmmaker has not lost his hand in this area, and the clashes in this Snyder Cut are pure retina feast.

A big surprise

Hated the Joker’s Bling-Bling image in Suicide Squad? The Prince of Crime’s brief appearance in this version will probably change your mind.. Yes, Jared Leto has all the potential to be a terrifying Joker when properly directed, that Joker getting a lot closer to a certain Heath Ledger (Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight), just that. We don’t tell you more.

justice league
Credit: Warner Bros

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