What are the best dating apps in 2021?

Mobile dating apps are legion, but not all are created equal. Find out which one suits you best according to your needs, your desires and your search criteria.

best dating apps

Services connecting people looking for love or a simple hobby have been around almost since the beginnings of the internet. The offer has grown considerably and many of these platforms have developed a mobile application. There are dozens, if not hundreds, from the most general to the most specialized. We have selected the ones that we think are the most interesting. Our list is varied to cover a wide range of needs. So which app are you going to start dating?

The best generalist dating apps

On these services, all profiles come together. You can just as easily come across potential partners who are looking for a serious adventure above all as you can find users who are only interested in a one night stand.



Tinder has become a real phenomenon of pop culture and the symbol of the uberization of love and sex. The application popularized the principle of swipe to the left or to the right to signify that we are interested in a user profile. It clearly focuses more on quantity than quality. We often come to situations where we do not even start a conversation after a “match”, and many profiles are inactive.

Tinder was 100% free in its infancy, then gradually added paid features, then a subscription. As a result, free users are at a disadvantage compared to those who check out. Still, Tinder offers an attractive interface and that there are many different profiles. A good option if you have not clearly defined your needs and your search criteria.



Lovoo is based on a system similar to Tinder when it comes to “match”, but adds a video chat feature that goes beyond simple text messages before an IRL meeting. This is the ideal tool if you prefer to video chat with contacts you have validated and those who are nostalgic for chatroulette. It is even possible to create a video presentation to integrate into the profile to stand out from others and attract the attention of your conquests.

Video format requires, the audience of Lovoo is rather young, you may have difficulty finding profiles in higher age groups. Video chat is also a risk for exhibitionism, but the phenomenon remains limited.

AdoptA Boy

adopt a guy

The French service AdopteUnMec is particularly popular with women, because they are the ones who have the power on this platform. Men can only signal their interest in the women they want to talk to, then it’s up to them to decide whether to open the discussion. They can of course also take the first step by putting a profile in their basket.

Consequence: competition can be tough on AdopteUnMec. But it is a benchmark in the sector in France, with a very large number of registrants, including a greater proportion of women than in other applications.



Happn is a French dating app that pushes the concept of geolocation further than others. Here, the system will not be able to offer you profiles that are truly close. Better, it makes sure to put in contact people who have already passed each other: in transport, in the street, at a party … If you frequent the same places, there are already points in common to exploit. The application informs you precisely of the places where you have crossed the person.

Other features include video calls to converse in video, a profile certification system, and preference filters. For more peace of mind, you cannot be contacted by a profile that you have not validated yourself, as on other platforms. A concept which limits the possibilities of course, but which is also its strength: Happn is more selective than Tinder or others and we are more likely to be interested in the profiles presented.

The best apps to find love

Some applications specialize in dating with the aim of building a serious relationship. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find love through a more general dating app like AdopteUnMec, but these services allow you to do a first triage and not waste time with users who are only looking for stories without next day.


The European Once application focuses on meetings that can lead to a serious relationship. And to do this, it takes the flip side of popular apps like Tinder, which focus on quantity rather than quality by limiting interactions with other profiles. No swipe or consultation of profiles in the channel here, Once sends each day a single profile proposal to its users. The person you receive is offered your profile. If everyone likes the other’s profile, the match takes place and you can start chatting.

A very good option if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to finding a partner and you don’t want to multiply sterile discussions, but rather focus on profiles that seem worthwhile to dwell on. . Once is compatible with both heterosexuals and homosexuals.


You have inevitably already heard of Meetic, the French dating service has been on the web for 20 years now. The mobile application is not the most ergonomic when compared to what the competition offers, but remains functional. Registration itself is free, but you have to pay a subscription to unlock even basic features. Do not plan to use it without paying, and the rates are not cheap.

Despite this economic model, the number of subscribers remains high and there is a good variety of profiles, generally looking for serious meetings. Events, parties and workshops between members are also organized in major cities to facilitate meetings. Again, you have to go to the cashier to participate. Meetic is therefore rather reserved for people willing to devote a significant budget to the search for love.



Like Meetic, eDarling is a so-called premium dating service where access to the main features is chargeable. A very long personality test must be completed during registration, the information of which is used by the algorithm to put you in touch with people it considers compatible with your research.

The platform is reliable and the users there are above all looking for serious relationships. An option to consider if you are very closed on the profile sought. Obviously, you will often come across profiles that are similar with this way of doing things.



Waiter is based on a philosophy similar to Once: limit interactions so as not to waste too much time and be sure to engage fully in a conversation once you have matched. Depending on affinities and geolocation, the application offers three profiles per day, and it is only possible to select one. Whoever we have chosen must also opt for us to have the chat options open.

A really interesting concept, which stands out for the absence of excessive swipe, and free for all. To avoid spending tens of minutes a day checking profiles, Waiter is a good solution, especially recommended for people looking for a serious relationship.

The best fuck-a-thon apps

Some services are more famous for connecting people who just want a one-to-one adventure. Whether it’s a one-night stand, finding a more or less regular sex scene, or a swinger couple, you could find what you are looking for with the selection below.

Note that many platforms focused only on sex are only available via a website and have no application. They are therefore not integrated in this folder, but be aware that you can access the web version via a browser on mobile. The user experience won’t be great, but it’s a possibility. Among the services of this kind, we have for example: Erotilink, Jacquie et Michel Plan Cul, Easyflirt or Adult Friend Finder.



Grindr is very specific in the target audience. The app has been designed for gay, bisexual and transgender people who identify as male. If you do not recognize yourself in this description, go your way, this service is not for you. Grindr serves as a precursor since it was she who first successfully introduced the principle of the swipe, years before the creation of Tinder. For the operation, we are on the same model as Tinder.

Grindr is widely used in the gay community, there is no shortage of profiles and the choice is plethora. It is possible to meet true love on the app, but the majority of users will instead seek out one night stand with no intention of continuing a relationship afterwards. Some practical functions like the swipe are reserved for the premium version, but it is possible to find partners without paying.


Gleeden specializes in extra-marital dating and connects people who are married or already in a relationship. Obviously, do not expect anything serious on this application, it is not a question of breaking relationships, but only of indulging in moments of pleasure outside the framework of the home.

Security and anonymity features are provided to use Gleeden with complete discretion. It is possible to create a private photo album accessible only to members of their choice. Otherwise, the options are after all classic. The application is very interesting for women since it is free for the fairer sex. Men, on the other hand, have to pay.

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