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Pix will only be released to all Brazilians from November 16th, but since the 3rd of this month, some bank or fintech account holders can test the new form of transfer. I’m apparently on the bank’s test list where I have an account and the process was quick, but not that simple.

Pix page inside the Santander app (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

I have an account with four different banks, two fintechs, one bank and a division of another traditional bank. Naming the oxen, the accounts are at Santander, Next (Bradesco’s digital arm), Nubank and C6, each of them has at least one key for Pix. Yes, it is a zone with CPF, e-mail and cell phone everywhere – at least the money will always fall into some account that I move.

Santander is the bank where most of my transactions take place, whether on arrival or even distribution of amounts to other accounts – basically for the payment of each institution’s credit card. Well, this whole story is here to explain my surprise.

There are two paths to Pix

The bank where my account is the oldest is Santander and it was there that I noticed the possibility of Pix. Getting to the Pix option is simple, but it doesn’t happen where bank transfers are in the app. I always make transfers and the normal way is: Side menu> Transactions> Transfer. Within this part, only TED and DOC are still available.

Download menu does not display Pix (Image: reproduction / Santander)

Download menu does not display Pix (Image: reproduction / Santander)

I noticed Pix’s presence in another place: bill payment, inside the “Pay” button. Okay, it makes sense, Pix can be used as payment for someone. Imagine that your neighbor makes cookies in the pot, you can pay for the cake using this payment method.

Pix option is within

Pix option is in “Pay” (Image: reproduction / Santander)

At this point the learning curve appears and I noticed that there is a button called “Pix” on the home screen, away from the transfer part. In it is the option to scan a QR code and make the payment, or transfer the money to another account with the help of one of the keys – CPF / CNPJ, cell phone number, email, agency and account, or random key.

The random key consists of 182 characters with numbers without much meaning, but inside the text (which may be in a QR code) I found my email address registered with Santander as a Pix key, in addition to my full name. These two data are open to anyone who pastes the code somewhere.

Pix arrived in a second

If you use a key to make the Pix, such as the CPF, the next screen displays the recipient’s full name, along with part of the CPF and the registered banking institution. It is possible to add information, such as “cake payment” and that is visible to both parties.

Transfer by Pix at Santander (Image: reproduction / Santander)

Transfer by Pix at Santander (Image: reproduction / Santander)

A second screen with all the payment information is displayed, which seems like an extra way to avoid transferring it to someone else. It is possible to see the list of Pixs made or received, but I missed a help button for whoever made the transaction to the wrong person.

As a rule, it is not possible to reverse a payment by Pix, so it is good to pay attention and the bank, at least in my case, offered three taps on the “Ok” so that you can read the data entered carefully.

Pix Transfer on Nubank (Image: reproduction / Nubank)

Pix Transfer on Nubank (Image: reproduction / Nubank)

The time for the money to leave my account and reach the destination is up to 10 seconds and it happened in one second, the information is visible on the shipping and receiving vouchers. The receiving bank’s notification took exactly 10 seconds to appear on the other phone, I counted.

Anyway, the experience was great. We just need to insert Pix into the transfer part, maintaining his presence in the payment part as it is here.

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