we take stock of weapons, new features and the map

Fortnite continues to advance Chapter 2 by entering its fourth season, this time around the Marvel Universe. On the program, a new Battle Pass, some changes to the map, and a plethora of superheroes to control on the battlefield to achieve victory.

Credit: Epic

After a season 3 that has been slow to show up, Epic seems to be resuming its usual cycle of a brand-new season, or at least one major update every ten weeks. Season 4 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite is available this Thursday, August 27, 2020 and obviously has its share of new features.

Baptized Node of Conflict, this season marks a umpteenth partnership with the Marvel team. This isn’t the first time the publisher’s superheroes and villains have made their foray into the world of Battle Royale. We remember the integration of Thanos in a special game mode, hit the nail on the head with the movie release ofAvengers Endgame. A way Avengers also made an appearance in 2019, during which players could control Captain america or Iron man.

This season 4 will therefore be 100% Marvel, and will last until November 30, 2020, this season’s Battle Pass end date. Note that this update is one of the largest to date:

  • 20 GB on PC
  • 11 GB on PS4
  • 11 GB on Switch
  • 13 GB on Xbox One

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Credit: Epic

A well-stocked Battle Pass

Like every season, the lobby has the right to a small facelift. Marvel season requires, the living room looks like two drops of water on the bridge of the Helicarrier, the famous flying aircraft carriers that can be seen repeatedly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here, players will be able to access different daily and weekly challenges, as well as the all-new Battle Pass.

You are free to browse it at your leisure and glimpse the multiple rewards available. Many Marvel heroes and anti-heroes will be accessible, X-Men Mystique, Tornado and good old Wolverine, via Iron Man or Thor. Note that the God of Thunder is the first hero available from level 1 reached the Battle Pass.

To unlock his powers, it will be necessary to progress in the battle pass. Thus, the abilities related to the Mjölnir hammer will be unlocked at level 8, provided that you have completed a specific challenge. As for the powers of the son of Odin, it will be possible to unlock them at level 15 by completing the objectives of three challenges.

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Credit: Epic

Other heroes can be unlocked at the following levels:

  • Jennifer walters aka Miss Hulk: level 22
  • She-Hulk : level 29 and three challenges
  • Groot : level 38 and additional powers at level 46 (two challenges)
  • Tornado : level 53 and additional powers at level 60 (three challenges)
  • Dr. Fatalis : level 67 and additional powers at level 74 (three challenges)
  • Mystical : level 80 and additional powers at level 86 (three challenges)
  • Tony stark : level 93 and Iron Man outfit at level 99 (three challenges)
  • Wolverine : this good old Logan will obviously be the secret and bonus character of the season. It will be available from week 6, provided you have completed the weekly challenges for each week

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A slightly revised map

As usual, the map has also undergone some modifications. Note the appearance of the Sentinels cemetery south of the central islet. The Fief of Doom is also making its debut. This particularly dangerous area is home to the HQ of the Fantastic Four’s worst enemy. You will have to go there to hope to eliminate him and get the access card to his safe. Then we notice the appearance of a new island in the far northeast, and that’s it.

fornite card
Credit: Epic Games

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The assault rifle and the return of drones

The new flagship weapon of this season will be doubt the Energy Rifle ! This assault rifle developed by StarkIndustries provides different advantages depending on the aiming mode adopted. Note that it deals 41 damage to the body.

Credit: Epic

New enemies are also appearing. Stark robots, reminiscent of Ultron’s minions, will have to be eliminated near the landing spots of Quinjet planes. If successful, players will be able to recover legendary loot in SHIELD vaults.

Credit: Epic

In addition, drop drones are back. They’ll have to be shot down near the Quinjet landing sites for any hope of getting powerful weapons and hero skills.

Credit: Epic

The return of the classics

At the start of each season, players feared that their favorite weapon would disappear for no reason. However, the developers of Epic Games have obviously decided to listen to the complaints of the community. Fact, several missing weapons and items are making a comeback in the game. Here is the list:

  • The repellent grenade
  • The shock wave grenade
  • The hunter shotgun
  • The Boogie-Woogie Bomb
Credit: Epic

But who says return, unfortunately says departure. So as not to upset the meta too much, Epic had to remove a few weapons and items :

  • Poison grenade
  • The lure grenade
  • The submachine gun
  • The high roll gun
  • The tactical shotgun

Finally, it should be noted that the developers of Epic have reviewed title balancing. In fact, the statistics of certain items and weapons have been revised upwards or downwards. Finally, we can note among the novelties the addition of a new trap: the fire trap ! As the name suggests, this trap will allow you to ambush hell. It deals 50 damage to players for a 7 second cooldown.

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