We forgot Italy. We endangered people’s lives because someone was hitting a ball

THE FIRST MATCH of the round of 16 of the Champions League, which was played at San Siro on February 19, contributed to the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Bergamo, with catastrophic consequences for that city in northern Italy.

“On that day, half of Bergamo went to the Atalanta-Valencia match, which was played in Milan, by car, train and bus. About 40,000 people were nearby all the time, and later, celebrating Atalanta’s goals and victory (4: 1) , and in close physical contact. I’ve heard a lot of theories about why the virus spread faster in Bergamo than in the rest of Italy, and this is mine: That match was a biological bomb after which we can no longer bury or cremate the dead in Bergamo. ” , said in March Fabiano Di Marco, head of the pulmonology department at Pope John XXIII Hospital. in Bergamo.

An Italian tragedy

Dr. Di Marco then explained why he was convinced his theory was correct: “Imagine just so many crowds crammed into, say, the Milan subway trains, then the Meazza grandstands, and finally a collective celebration, with virtually everyone hugging each other and loved. “

All this was happening a little more than three months ago and only 600 kilometers from Croatia, which was then just starting a serious fight against the coronavirus.

And it seemed that Croatia really took the events in Milan seriously because football at all levels was expressly interrupted and was resumed only when the number of infected people was around zero for a few days, but even then without spectators. It all seemed as if these moves were being pulled in a planned way to ensure that everyone involved in sporting events, but also those outside of them, remained safe.

The focus of the match in Serbia

As if that was not enough, problems of a similar nature, but to a much lesser extent, also befell our land neighbors, the Serbs. They, just like the Croats, decided to play with Djokovic’s project and allow it to be organized.

The problem occurred at the recently held Eternal Derby. According to the director of the Clinical Center in Montenegro, Jevta Erakovic, the match between Partizan and Crvena Zvezda, played 11 days ago, with more than 15,000 spectators, is the main culprit for numerous new cases of the infection that have appeared in that country.

Erakovic claims that the new appearance of the virus is not unexpected given the irresponsible behavior of citizens, and he expects that the number of newly infected will be even higher in the coming days.

“It was certainly expected that we would get the virus, that new cases would appear. If we look at the irresponsible behavior of individuals and groups, then something like this was expected. We expect an even bigger increase in the coming days “, said Eraković as a guest on the morning program of TV Montenegro.

Today, it was confirmed that five first team players of the Red Star were infected with the coronavirus. These are Marko Gobeljic, Njegos Petrovic, Dusan Jovancic, Marko Konatar and Branko Jovicic. The red and whites said that the mentioned five were not feeling well and that they were all in isolation. It is not known where they became infected, but it is speculated that the cause was most likely the Eternal Derby.

We learned nothing

And then came the Adria Tour, which was first held in Belgrade and then this weekend in Zadar. Neither the ATP nor the WTA is being played, but Novak Djokovic, Goran Ivanisevic and several other prominent people from the world of tennis, in agreement with the Croatian Tennis Association, have organized something that could become a new regional coronavirus nursery.

The final number of those infected is not yet known, but it is growing. The number of those who will potentially lose their lives because Djokovic and the others hit the ball while no one in Europe hits it will never be known. If there are victims, it will not be possible to determine how they became infected, at least not all.

In the meantime, it became known that the first part of the Adria Tour, played in Belgrade, probably had similar consequences because a cheerful team of tennis players had a great time in a nightclub. The same happened in Zadar, of course, if it is necessary to emphasize at all, without any adherence to the measures.

It’s everyone’s fault

Not only Djokovic as the initiator of the project and other tennis players who came to the tournament are to blame for what happened, not only the media that broadcast the picture of the event in a hundred different countries, and not only the people from the Croatian Tennis Association who accepted this dangerous and insane idea with open arms. Of course, the ruling HDZ and Andrej Plenković are most to blame, as they did not react, but allowed the tennis tournament to take place.

How could anyone really expect that Dimitrov, Rublev and other tennis players who found themselves in beautiful Zadar after several months of quarantine at the tournament without the pressure of results will indulge in partying, hugging and kissing, and not only exclusively professionally performing the sports part of their obligation? This could not have been foreseen, just as it could not have been foreseen that the only active tennis tournament in Europe would attract a huge number of curious people to Croatia, who would then watch the matches and dedicate themselves to the same partying, hugging and kissing, and not keeping social distance.

People could die because someone was hitting a ball

As for Plenković’s HDZ, Novak Đoković and tennis players, but also the Croatian Tennis Association, the San Siro has been forgotten. Unfortunately, the fact that they forgot or decided to forget about the tragedy that the Italians are still crying about does not mean that it did not happen.

In fact, the problem is much bigger. This means that the tragedy, to some extent, could now happen to Croatia because there are no more rules. People from Zadar dispersed to their own side and potentially took the crown to all parts of our country.

And all because someone wanted to be different from the others and hit the ball.

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