Wattpad: discover the platform for those who love to read

THE Wattpad is social network which allows users to read books, write and publish their own stories and interact with other reading lovers. THE platform can be accessed via web browser or app, available in versions for iOS and Android.

If you love to read or love to write (or both!), giving social media a chance can be a very interesting and rewarding experience. Not only will you be able to access an immense library of books, short stories and all kinds of stories for free, but you will also be in contact with other people as passionate about literature as you are.

Want to know more about Wattpad and its main features? Then you’ve come to the right place! Next, see how to use the platform, find stories to read, and publish your books for free in the app.

Wattpad is a platform suitable for those who love to readWattpad is a platform suitable for those who love to readSource: Wattpad

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a website and app where users can read and publish your own creations, such as books, short stories and even other types of artwork. The platform also allows users, for example, to create book covers and even trailers for the creations of their favorite authors.

As it is a social network, you can not only read the works of different authors, but also contact and talk to the creators of the stories.

Accessing the platform

To access Wattpad, users have two options: visit the official website or download the social network app, available for both Android phones via the Play Store and iPhones (iOS) via the App Store. In addition to being free, another great news is that the platform is available in our language — but you can change the system to another language if you prefer.

You can register for free to read thousands of books on the platformYou can register for free to read thousands of books on the platformSource: Wattpad/Reproduction

creating your account

To start using the social network, visitors need create a user account. For this, you can use your personal email or, if you prefer, you can also use a Google account, an Apple account or even a Facebook account.

Once registered, the user can access the vast platform library. When logging in for the first time, you can select how you intend to use Wattpad: to read, to publish your stories, or both, in addition to choosing your favorite genres of literature.

Accessing the Wattpad library

When you access the platform for the first time, your library will be empty — and that’s where the fun begins! Using the search tool, you can find all kinds of stories to read on your computer or cell phone, from the comfort of your armchair.

A good suggestion is to take a look at the category “The Wattys”, where the books awarded by the platform are grouped. If you prefer, you can also search by categories such as Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, among others. You can also search for specific stories, people, or reading lists.

You can find and add books to your library to read laterYou can find and add books to your library to read laterSource: Wattpad/Reproduction

writing your book

If you also intend to use the platform to publish your own stories, know that the process is very simple. You just need to select the write option and follow the steps on the screen.

You can customize many aspects of the publication, such as cover image, book title, subtitles for each chapter, and even text formatting. The publishing tool is very simple and intuitive.

As is to be expected in any community, negative comments are almost inevitable. Because it is a kind of social network, many times some users will leave their opinions in the form of comments on publications. The key here is to not get carried away and use any and all feedback to keep improving your story and your writing skills!

Writing and publishing your book on the platform is very simple and intuitiveWriting and publishing your book on the platform is very simple and intuitiveSource: Wattpad/Reproduction

So, is it worth it?

A necessary note to make is that, despite being free to access and use, both the app and website have ads and some of the stories and books are paid. But don’t worry, the library of titles available for free is immense.

With so much quality material and free, using Wattpad is more than recommended for lovers of literature. And if you want, you can still subscribe to have a premium experience. What are you waiting for to register?

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