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Apple took advantage of a space within the main presentation of WWDC, an event focused on its platform’s developers, to announce new features and tools that will be present in the watchOS 8 of Apple Watches. New features include more options for displays with a photo, two extra exercises, and more elaborate breathing control.

watchOS 8 (Image: disclosure/Apple)

The first novelty presented by the apple company on the WWDC stage is the possibility of inserting photos in portrait mode, with a blurred background, as a dial for the time. Apple says that this is the front most chosen by its users and that’s why it was the only one that received an update on watchOS 8.

Placing a photo with a blurred background was already possible, but now this dial also includes a layering effect when rotating the digital crown. The animation appears similar to the Facebook 3D image, which changes perspective as the timeline scrolls. The subject’s face is automatically centered, giving more emphasis to the portrait itself.

Picture in portrait mode on watchOS 8 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Picture in portrait mode on watchOS 8 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Still in photos, the Photos application gains the ability to share images with other contacts directly from an Apple Watch. Recipients can be in an iMessage conversation or even on the other side of an email. The text of this message, or other conversation without attachment, can be typed by letters drawn on the screen, emojis or voice with all the options in one interface.

More cards, keys and health in watchOS 8

The second novelty is important for those who are already adopting a cell phone as an intelligent solution for opening doors. Starting with watchOS 8, users will be able to use an Apple Watch to unlock their home, office or even a hotel room – with the key card added to the Wallet. For residents of the United States, the driver’s license to drive can also be inserted into the gadget for faster identification, especially at airports.

Tai Chi and Pilates on watchOS 8 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Tai Chi and Pilates on watchOS 8 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Focusing on health, watchOS 8 includes Tai Chi and Pilates as exercise options. In both cases, Apple Watch sensors are used for metrics recorded on arm movements.

In addition, the application already used by users to control breathing gains a new feature and renewed interface. From watchOS 8 onwards, in addition to the tactile response to help control the lungs, positive messages and animations are displayed to try to reduce the stress level.

Finally, Apple Watch gains the ability to monitor the user’s breathing while he is sleeping. The company says it uses the smartwatch’s accelerometer to analyze this data, creating a detailed report at the hour, day, week, month, semester and year level.

watchOS 8 gets minor news

Along with the focus on health, new display and keys to open more doors, the Apple Watch can set multiple timers by Siri and items compatible with the Find My network can be searched from the smartwatch. Music can be shared by the gadget inside Apple Music and Hong Kong transport cards and some cities in Japan, China and the United States can be used by the gadget.

Oh yes, tvOS 15 also appeared at WWDC with spatial audio for compatible headphones. Only that.

When do watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 arrive?

The first test versions of watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 can be downloaded by developers or more adventurous users as early as next month. The final version of both software will be available from our fall, but I would guess sometime in September or October.

The watchOS 8 is compatible with all Apple Watch from Series 3, as long as they are paired with an iPhone 6s or higher, running at least iOS 15.

With information: Apple.

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