Watch Korean Dramas on Android – Korean dramas are one of the most popular dramas around the world, including in Indonesia. In this sophisticated era, film companies and Android developers have developed many applications to be able to watch Korean dramas on Android smartphones and especially iPhones.

So, of course, it would be great fun, wouldn’t you be able to watch your favorite Korean dramas anytime and anywhere, just on your smartphone screen? Moreover, Android or iPhone applications provide features for offline downloads, right?

Applications to Watch Korean Drama

This article is intended for those of you who like watching Korean dramas and need English subtitles. This time we will provide recommendations for an Android application to watch Drakor online with subtitles for free.

Best Applications to Watch Korean Drama on Android

Immediately, here are some Android applications to watch Korean dramas for free that you can download directly on PlayStore. And some of these applications are also available in the Appstore. Here’s a list of Android apps to watch Drakor.

1. Viu App

Viu App to Watch Korean Drama

Application NameViu – Latest Korean & Asian Drama with Indo Sub
DeveloperVuclip Mobile Video
Rating4.2 out of 488,893 reviews
DownloadDownload Viu

Viu – The Latest Korean & Asian Drama – Viu is an application available on Android that you can use to watch your favorite Korean dramas on your smartphone. This Drakor application also provides various subtitles which are already available on every Korean drama list.

Another feature that you can rely on is the offline viewing feature, which of course you have to download first while still connected to the internet. There are two video qualities that you can download, namely SD and HD.

If you want to save your internet quota, please choose SD (Standard Definition) quality videos, but if you want to enjoy good quality Korean dramas, then choose HD (High Definition) quality videos. Apart from Drakor, Viu also has features for watching movies and music.

2. korean drama

Rating4.3 out of 167,049 reviews
DownloadDownload – To list the next free Drakor application, is an application that has a complete collection of Korean dramas plus free Indonesian subtitles.

This application relies on a quota-saving feature, which is a feature that you can use to watch Drakor by spending not much internet quota. Boarding children need this, right?

The application also has a very simple and elegant application design, coupled with an up-to-date list of Korean dramas. However, because this application is free, it displays advertisements, although not too many.

Even though there are a few ads in the application, of course, it’s not inferior to your desire to watch Drakor for free, right? There is another Indonesian hard sub. Boarding school kids really need this Android application!

3. Drama Mama

drakor mama

Application NameDrakor Mama – Streaming Download Korean Drama
DeveloperBut dim
Rating4.5 out of 997 reviews
DownloadDownload Drakor Mama

Drakor Mama – Next, there is an Android application for watching Korean dramas for free, newcomers, namely Drakor Mama. This application has a 4.5-star review on the Play Store, but it’s removed from Play Store. A very reliable feature is offline Drakor streaming and saving quota.

In addition, the design of this application is also simple and easy to use. Of course, you don’t need to register and log in to be able to enjoy every Drakor list in this Android application. Even though the video quality is not HD, of course, it will be in line with the internet quota used to download and stream Drakor directly.

4. Viki

viki watch korean drama for free

Application NameViki: Korean Drama, Movies & Asian TV
DeveloperViki, Inc
Rating4.5 out of 605,477 reviews
DownloadDownload Viki

Viki: Korean Drama, Movies & Asian Movie – Viki is an application to watch Korean dramas on Android which has a 4.5-star rating on the Play store. What we like about this application is the design, video quality, complete watch list, honest ratings from the audience, and being able to join directly in chats with viewers/fans around the world.

Apart from Korean dramas, Viki also provides viewing for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Taiwanese dramas/films and many films/dramas from other Asian countries. Not only are Indonesian subtitles available, but more than 200+ other language subtitles are translated correctly and well, so they’re not fake.

Viki provides Korean dramas for free with video quality that is below HD, of course, there are also ad inserts in the application if you are not a premium member of this application. Yes, what else can you do, watching Korean dramas for free has conditions.

But there are also Premium features (paid subscription), you have to be willing to spend a little. Of course, in accordance with patents and copyrights, you can watch Korean dramas legally and safely without violating broadcast rights and content copyrights. There are 7 days free if you intend to become a member. But that’s up to you anyway, huh?

5. Netflix

netflix watch korean drama for free

Application NameNetflix
DeveloperNetflix, Inc
Rating4.5 out of 7,241,678 reviews
DownloadDownload Netflix

Netflix – Another application that provides watching Korean dramas. Netflix is ​​a movie streaming service that is very popular worldwide.

By subscribing, you will be able to watch lists of movies and dramas from around the world for free for one month after subscribing. Netflix is ​​also famous for its application for watching Korean dramas, apart from being an application for watching western series.

6. KBS World

kbs watch korean drama for free

Application NameKBS World TV
Rating4.5 out of 7,241,678 reviews
DownloadDownload KBS World TV

KBS World TV – Next is KBS World TV which stands for Korea Broadcasting System ( More details about KBS ). This application directly broadcasts Korean drama shows on the KBS 1TV channel with up to date and another one is KBS 2TV which presents Korean dramas with English subtitles.

K-Pop information is also not left behind in this application. This application has a 4.0 star rating on the Play Store and has become one of the popular applications for watching Korean dramas from your cellphone.

KBS 1TV is the main channel, providing all entertainment services from Korea. You can also see ‘behind the scenes’ from your favorite dramas here. Variety shows and K-Pop information are also available.


Application NameHOOQ – Watch Movies, TV Show, Live Channels, News
Rating4.0 out of 561,556 reviews
DownloadDownload HOOQ

HOOQ – Like Viu, HOOQ can also be your choice to stay updated by watching your favorite Korean series. Even though it’s not as complete as Viu, HOOQ is one of the favorite Korean drama-watching applications for now.

Even though currently there are lots of domestic or local films provided by HOOQ, of course, they are not left behind with popular Korean dramas to be shown here.

Users like the most the HOOQ service, which is free without having to subscribe, but you must still have an internet connection or sufficient internet quota.

8. iQIYI

iQIYI watch korean drama for free

Application NameiQIYI – Movies, Dramas & Shows
Rating3.9 out of 5,150 reviews
DownloadDownload iQIYI

iQIYI – Movies, Dramas & Shows – Another application that must be available on smartphones for watching Korean drama fans is iQIYI. This application has just been available in Indonesia and is increasingly complementing its features to pamper its loyal users.

You can watch Korean dramas directly through an application with the addition of Various subtitles. Other features are HD video quality, elegant design, the complete list of dramas/movies, can download Korean dramas for free, and many others.

Like most other well-known applications, iQIYI also provides interesting services for members who are already at the VIP level. This application has a rating of 3.9 stars on Play Store.

9. MyDrakor

Application NameMyDrakor – Drama Korea Sub Indo
Rating3.7 out of 361 reviews
DownloadDownload MyDrakor

My Drakor – Korean Drama – In the following number there is My Drakor which is a special application for watching Korean dramas for free. This application has a simple, elegant appearance and is easy to use.

The main feature, of course, is watching Drakor for free with Indonesian subtitles. Other features of My Drakor have updated lists of Korean dramas, lists of filmographic information from your favorite artist’s many sources of Korean dramas, that can run in the background, and many other features.

10. iflix

Application Nameiflix
Developeriflix Sdn Bhd
Rating4.2 out of 440,520 reviews
DownloadDownload iflix

iflix – Who doesn’t know iflix, this application provides many films & Korean drama for free. There are also many other Asian series that you can enjoy including dramas with English subtitles.

Even though it’s free, iflix has a feature to upgrade a membership to VIP with the addition of other premium content. Another very good feature is that you can stream Korean dramas from two devices at the same time. One more interesting feature is that you can download your favorite Korean dramas to watch offline for up to 30 days.

11. MAXstream

Application NameMAXstream
Rating3.3 out of 114,449 reviews
DownloadDownload MAXstream

MAXstream – Live Sports, TV & Movies – This service also provides an application that presents TV series and movies, one of which is Korean drama. With this application, you can enjoy watching TV services online. You can watch lots of local TVS, such as Metro TV, TV One, NET TV, Kompas TV, and many others.

What is really interesting in our opinion is the offer of a premium package with quota and subscriptions. Why? because from this one application, you can enjoy streaming movies and movies from their partner applications such as HOOQ, iflix , KlikFilm, Nomo, My Play, MOX, and others.


Watch Korean Dramas on Android Applications – Actually, there are many Korean drama streaming applications for Android that you can install, but the list above is the best according to us. The best? Maybe you can try downloading Viu, HOOQ, Drakor.ID or KBS World.

Maybe this is just the first list of Android applications that present your favorite Korean dramas. Some are free and some are paid, but all of the application lists above are our selected lists and we highly recommend them to those of you who want to watch Korean dramas on your smart phone.


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