Watch Dogs Legion Review: Welcome to the Resistance [análise/vídeo]

Watch Dogs Legion is the third game in the series Watch Dogs, from Ubisoft, and brings an ambitious proposal: to allow you to recruit almost anyone to be part of the resistance. Without a defined protagonist, the game gives you the freedom to explore different types of gameplay.

WD Legion arrives on October 29 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. The game will also be on PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. There are subtitle and audio options in PT-BR.

There are accessibility features in Watch Dogs Legion also, like: narration of the menus, color blindness mode, simplified puzzles, specific camera effects, text to speech conversion and others.

For this review I tested the PC version of the game, on a machine equipped with a GeForce RTX 2080. The monitor was configured at 150 Hz.

Video review of Watch Dogs Legion

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London delivered to chaos

In the history of Watch Dogs Legion you can see right away that London has had better days. The population is anxious about a government on the verge of collapse, an oppressive “security” organization does not allow anyone to have peace and everything seems to be on the verge of chaos.

At DedSec headquarters (Image: Reproduction / Watch Dogs Legion)

Things get worse for DedSec, a secret resistance group, when an entity known only as Zero-Day sets a trap for the group to be held responsible for carrying out a series of bombings across London.

Taking advantage of this apocalyptic scenario, opportunists and criminals from all corners begin to take control of the city, which can no longer be regulated by the government itself.

As a member of the DedSec resistance, your objective is very clear: to defeat all kinds of criminals ahead (which can range from sadists, mercenaries, cybercriminals and so on) and, of course, to discover the identity of Zero-Day and why this entity wants destroy your group.

Create your own hacker resistance

Each member of the secret group DedSec, which has existed since the first game, has unique skills and equipment to take better advantage of these skills. Part of his job, in addition to freeing London from the oppression of a large corporation and crime, is to create a team of his own, bringing together characters that match his playing style.


Looking for new recruits (Image: Playback / Watch Dogs Legion)

The high point of the gameplay of Watch Dogs Legion is the novelty of being able to recruit almost anyone on the map. The variety of character profiles that the player can access, using a cell phone to hack potential candidates to join their cause, was something that impressed me. But it’s not just about reaching out, talking to the person and they will automatically join DedSec.

Each individual in the game has its own agenda, its own personality, history and needs. So, most likely you will have to solve some problems for that person first, before they decide to join you. It is the maxim of “you need to help me to help you”.

There are people who are already supporters of DedSec, which will greatly facilitate the process. They may even have very useful information to share with you. The most complicated cases of “persuasion” are when the person is a little afraid or has total aversion to the group. You can assess this predisposition of each one by hacking them with your smartphone.

It is possible to assemble groups of up to 40 characters at a time and, once recruited, your brand new member will go straight to the DedSec base. You can retire an agent too, if you want. To summon a member, just call them from the menu.

Here comes a point that, in particular, I found very practical: it is not necessary, for example, to cross the whole city to go to your base and summon a new team member. You are connected people, right? So just call the person by cell phone.


There is no age limit for joining DedSec. Just be alive! (Image: Playback / Watch Dogs Legion)

The transition between characters is very quick and sometimes it comes down to a conversation between the character that just arrived and the old one, and that’s it. You are already in control of who just called. Oh, of course, you can’t switch characters while you’re in the middle of chaos, with shots all over the place, explosions and people chasing you.

If your current character is shot, he will not die, but will be arrested and unavailable to be called again for a few minutes. You will need to choose another team member to continue the mission.

The only exception, in this case, is if you choose to activate Permanent Death mode. With it active, agents will die permanently upon receiving lethal damage and will be removed from the game. The game will end if there are no more agents available. Permanent Death, however, does not affect multiplayer matches.

The interesting thing about being able to assemble your own team is to have the versatility to choose, for example, the agent with the most appropriate skills for a particular type of mission. If you don’t have this agent, just go around the city a bit and try to find someone to help you with the profile you need. The game itself will give you some hints about it, throughout the campaign.

Curiosity: all members that can be controlled are dubbed and interact with the NPCs and cutscenes, as if they were the only protagonists of the game. I was thinking about the work that must not have recorded dozens of voices from different profiles, for the same scenes, and even adding some unique dialogues for some agents.


At DedSec headquarters (Image: Reproduction / Watch Dogs Legion)

Extra missions and activities

In addition to, of course, the main missions and the dozens of extra activities scattered around the city, you can also do secondary missions, such as participating in a clandestine Boxing League, for example. The rewards for these side missions can range from wearable items, gadgets and ETO (in-game money).

Regarding the extra activities, completing them helps to increase the population’s support for DedSec; they are the classic missions to “free up territory from the enemy domain”, already known from Ubisoft games, but now with a different guise.

Londoners in rioting districts, meaning you’ve already freed them, are also more likely to join the resistance. You can find dozens of different activities on the map, such as interfering with government propaganda, making deliveries, sabotaging enemy vehicles, photographing and collecting evidence, etc. Take advantage while exploring to keep an eye on collectibles.

Watch Dogs Legion you’ll get an online mode too. The launch is scheduled for December 3, 2020 and will be free for those who already have the game. The mode is stand-alone, meaning you won’t need the original game to work.


Using advertising in favor of DedSec (Image: Reproduction / Watch Dogs Legion)

Gadgets, weapons and traps

Your main “weapon” in Legion remains the same since the first game in the series Watch Dogs, that is, your smartphone. It is from there that you can hack interesting profiles of people to recruit, invade surveillance cameras, change traffic signs, send distractions to people, electrocute them and etc.

But you can’t solve everything with just your cell phone. Therefore, the already known gadgets of the franchise are back and have gained some new “friends”. Understand friends here as drones. Yes, I already know that they existed before, but now you hack them and fly with them (in the cargo drones, in this case). It is not the fastest means of transport, but his idea is to be a tactical resource.

Again, you can choose to sneak into a dangerous situation, using stunning, non-lethal gadgets, or take a more direct and violent approach with the use of firearms – for example. The choice is yours and the consequences too.

If you need to fall in hand with someone, hand-to-hand combat is nothing extraordinary, but it works, just try to avoid being surrounded (only some agents know how to roll). In melee combat, you will alternate between pressing three buttons (attack, breaking the opponent’s block and dodging) and the rest is automatic.


“I believe I can fly” (Image: Reproduction / Watch Dogs Legion)

The use of gadgets combined with different ways of interacting with the environment in your favor is very similar to the past games in the series, such as triggering traps from energy boxes and also creating distractions in electrified structures, among other resources.

There are technology spots scattered throughout London. You will need them to purchase technology upgrades for your agents, such as unlocking extra skills, weapons and gadgets. You can also upgrade some gadgets and weapons you already own.

Customization, visual and sound

Just because you are part of a rebel group does not mean that you cannot take down opponents in style. There are several stores to buy clothes scattered around the city (including at DedSec headquarters). You can also customize the appearance of your weapons and gadgets for your agent. All of this costs gambling money, of course.

As I said, at the beginning of this review, I tested Watch Dogs Legion on the PC and, within the fixed settings, the look is very beautiful and the ray tracing really gave an extra touch to the realism of the reflections of the cars, puddles, mirrored buildings, etc. I did notice some bugs, however, but I’ll talk about them later.

Initially, I had fixed the ray tracing on the Ultra and, even with an RTX 2080 card, I noticed some gagging in faster scenes, like running in cars or motorbikes. Nothing completely crashed, but I had to put it in the High setting (for ray tracing) and activate DLSS for Balanced (which balances performance and visuals) in order not to have more problems with falling frames.


Change the look of your agent (Image: Playback / Watch Dogs Legion)

About cars, both the visual part (you will really notice when it is well destroyed), and the engine sound were well worked out and worth mentioning here too (even if not part of this topic) that driving the vehicles in the game is very smooth and relatively easy.

Regarding audio in general, we highlight the PT-BR dubbing work of agents and NPCs. We pay attention to adapting even the jokes to our language. The synchronism of the Portuguese voice with the characters’ mouths does not exist, but I do not believe that this will compromise the experience much.

Dematerialized NPC bug

During the tests I noticed a very curious bug. In isolated moments, some cars and characters simply disappeared in front of me. As if someone had snapped their fingers and … gone! Once, an NPC who literally disappeared from the map was chasing me. Thanks bug, but Ubisoft please fix this in the next patch.

I noticed other occasional bugs too, like one of my agents shaking all over when interacting with an object, for example. Quickly moving the analog back to normal, however.



Hacking drones help to track targets and objects of interest. (Image: Playback / Watch Dogs Legion)

Watch Dogs Legion it is not a direct continuation of the previous games and you will not feel lost when playing it, if this is your first game in the series. The role, this time, is taken from just one individual and placed over the entire DedSec group. This is the main and biggest news of the game: almost anyone can join the resistance, which gives you a lot of gameplay versatility.

Clapping for the dubbing work in Brazilian Portuguese that, even with some repeated phrases from some agents, managed to locate well and even in a funny way some slang and styles that we have certainly heard here. The game even makes use of the comic frequently. Jokes don’t always work, but the effort was worth it.

The gameplay mechanics are easy to understand, even if you haven’t played anything before the franchise, and hand-to-hand combat is simple, sometimes too much. Watch Dogs Legion follows the open world sandbox formula with dozens of activities, much like the second game. It’s worth playing, if you like the style, but don’t expect big changes (besides the issue of changing agents). In addition, even the disappearing NPC bugs are fun.

Watch Dogs Legion


  • Versatility in choosing agents
  • Dubbing in PT-BR
  • Replay factor tends to increase with the arrival of multiplayer


  • Bugs of some NPCs and objects that disappear
  • Loadings, in some transitions, take longer than they should

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