Watch Dogs Legion: is it the first impression that remains?

Is the first impression really the one that remains? Some time ago, Ubisoft invited us to test the first impressions of Watch Dogs: Legion. I played 3 hours of the game and I thought this would be the best in the franchise. That opinion remained after testing another 4 hours of the game after another invitation from the company, but has anything changed in the experience? Let’s find out!

Union makes legion

I will not go into here explaining the game plot – to learn more, check out our article with the FIRST impressions (showing the first mission of the game and explaining more about the story). It is also important to make it clear that the builds we played were in English and with no subtitles in PT-BR, but the final game will be entirely localized to our language.

Watch Dogs: Legion it has a familiar way, but it is also different. Not only can you walk all over the map, you can be almost everyone. This brings a very interesting breath to Ubisoft’s open world style – which, although it works very well, is already getting a little beaten, being used in almost all of its games.

Changing characters whenever and wherever you want brings an experience that renews the formula. However, this gameplay did not bring much news in relation to my first experience with the game. Of course, there are hundreds of characters with different characteristics to explore, but you will choose your favorites and you will always end up playing with them.

Despite this, teamwork is really important. To prove this, this time I focused a lot on my gaming on a hacker, which offers a range of very interesting possibilities to easily invade and extract information. I thought I wouldn’t really need other characters… How wrong I was! It was just me making a small mistake and getting into a shootout, that I realized how necessary someone with skill with weapons is.

Another approach that I could use was to recruit a security guard who could walk freely around the place I wanted to break into. However, for the purposes of field tests, I really went with the hacker to see how she would turn in combat… Well, as you can see in the photo below, I didn’t get along.

Watch Dogs Legion

But don’t worry. When you lose a member of your team, he is not killed; he goes to jail, and if you have one of those good lawyers on your team, the time your character will be behind bars will decrease considerably.

So far, nothing much different from my first gameplay, which you guys checked out here on Voxel, right? That. And it will continue like this. Playing the game for another 4 hours (beyond the initial 3) did not show me much more news regarding gameplay. However, as I said earlier, there are a multitude of characters who can open up different possibilities; it’s almost impossible to show everything in just one video.

However, after a few hours you will start to realize that the essence of the game is the same. You always have to break into some location with restricted access, hack some equipment or watch holographic scenes in order to discover any clues (well à la The Division) and go out. At least in the portion I played, the missions were basically these.

Watch Dogs Legion

Both the main and the recruitment ones. Yes, there are recruiting missions, or do you think everyone will join your team just because you are a soft-spoken charismatic character?

Missions always involve you freeing the person, or friend of the person, from any trouble with the police, criminals or even the government. To do this, you will have to enter a locked place, take a file that you do not have access to and leave.

In my first experience with the game I talked about it, mentioning that it was not possible to conclude whether there was a good variety of these recruiting missions. Now, I say that they can, in the end, become repetitive, but with a strong point: at least you have several ways to carry out these activities, which gives that good disguise.

The lady spider climbed up the wall…

Want a tip? Always have a hacker in your group who can invoke Spiderbot … seriously … ALL the missions I played, practically required the use of one. Okay, they didn’t require it, after all the game wants to show that there are several possibilities to complete missions, but having one of these beauties makes the mission MUCH easier. To be honest, in some activities I spent more time controlling the spiderbot than my own character.

Watch Dogs Legion

A hacker does not live by robotic spiders alone. In addition to these metal arachnids, you can control various types of drones to do your dirty work. The game is full of puzzles that can serve both to break into computer networks and to open electronic doors.

Look for every corner

Of course, with such an open world, there would be no lack of collectibles. We have several audio files scattered throughout the game; they can be a good one for those who want to deeply understand the history of the game, as they offer several conversations between central characters in the plot. These items are represented as wireless headphones.

Watch Dogs Legion

If you don’t care much about the story, there is another collectible that may be a lot more interesting for you: the tech points. This time, we had access to an upgrades screen to make some improvements to the equipment of the crowd. In this menu, another sea of ​​possibilities appears. Using these points, which we acquired by exploring the city and doing missions, it is possible to improve some things and acquire others, such as an electric English punch, electromagnetic pulse mines and missile launch drones. To find them, just open the map and look for small diamonds with green borders.

However, before releasing tech points to be seen on the map, it is necessary to do missions in the regions of the cities, releasing these areas from the control of ALBION and decreasing their level of influence. Then you can see where these items are.

Watch Dogs Legion

In addition to tech points, the missions provide the player ETO, which is the money of this futuristic London. With this money, you can buy clothes to personalize your recruits and make your team even more like you. As far as we were able to explore, the store has a wide variety of clothing and accessories.

As I mentioned in the first impressions video, but it is important to stress, I played Watch Dogs: Legion on a PC, with everything on the ultra and a cutting edge card, the GeForce RTX 2080, and with Ray Tracing enabled. Despite one caveat and the other, like half-checkered edges, I saw a very beautiful London, with lighting from the sun and night lights that really looks natural, in addition to the reflections in the puddles of rain and the fuselage of the cars, which really gave a special touch.

It is always good to remember that it is a work in progress, and we will be able to see more polish in a final version, but I would like to have noticed a certain evolution compared to the test we did in August. Not to mention that this is probably the last time we will play the game before its final version. So, I hoped that some of these polishing problems were already fixed.

I maintain some of the opinions I had in the previous video: the movement is a little “hard”, or rather, not as fluid as in other third-person shooter games that we currently have, but it is a good evolution when compared to previous games in the franchise , especially when it comes to vehicle control.

And you? What do you expect from Watch Dogs: Legion? Success or Flop? Launch so close to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will disturb? Leave your comments there!

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