Watch Dogs Legion: did the legion fall short?

Hackers… a topic that is very well explored by the media, of course, is not even a Greek or Nordic mythology, but the technological theme with a Mr. Robot footprint catches the public’s attention, and thinking about it, back in 2014, Ubisoft launched Watch Dogs, with the promise of revolutionizing everything we had seen in relation to hacker games. But it was not like that. Watch dogs 2 improved things, bringing a much more relevant approach and now the French publisher is bringing the third chapter of this saga, in it you are not one, but all! Welcome to our analysis of Watch Dogs Legion.

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As you who follow Voxel should already know, I had played ENOUGH of the game before launching in the previews in total, I had seen about nine hours of play.

Now, with the game complete and playing on the PC I was able to reach my conclusions, my machine has the following configurations: Third generation I7 processor, and GeForce 2080 SUPER graphics card. Keep that information from my processor, it will be useful later. I will separate this analysis in stages, I will first talk about all the good that I experienced and then I will bring you points of attention so that you can put it on the scale later.

The story

Let’s start with a little bit of history to locate you. The game takes place in a dystopian London where after a major attack a private security organization called Albion is hired by the government to take care of things. This terrorist attack was articulated by a masked man who calls himself “zero-day” but it was carried out in a way to blame the hacktivist group Dedsec, of which the player is part, and to justify the implementation of an authoritarian government where obedience is forced to inhabitants, and those who disagree with this, are systematically persecuted.

It is in this context that the player is placed, Dedsec must reorganize and find potential members to conquer London. However, Zero-Day is not the only problem that the group will face, the plot still brings others disturbed of the judgment that we will encounter: as a gang known as Clan Kelley that is involved with sinister things that range from enslavement of foreigners, to organ sale.

To Albion, which, as expected, is no saint. After all, it is a private paramilitary organization hired to bring “security” back to London – what could go wrong, right? They treat the population with violence and do not care for citizens’ rights.

In addition to other crazy people who will appear on the way with MAGNANEOUS ideas of salvation. But I’m not going to talk about it too much so as not to give spoilers.

Watch Dogs Legion’s London

Watch Dogs Legion has all that Ubisoft open world face. Separate districts with specific secondary missions for each region, a bunch of side quests to bring down the system, some very cool and engaging and others much more routine, like taking a delivery from point A to point B.

An interesting thing that I noticed in these missions is that although after several hours of playing, they become somewhat repetitive, they even have a good variety and it takes a while before you start to get tired of them.

Each district of London has some missions to make the population revolt, when fulfilling them a bar will increase and when completed you receive a special mission to do, finishing this task we watch an animation that shows that that section is revolting and then everyone your secrets, how important and collectible objects are revealed on the map, plus you get a new agent with extra skills.

London is very well represented in the game, it is impossible not to notice tourist attractions very well portrayed, such as the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. The game is very beautiful in the setting, especially in the rain… oh what about the rain… maybe one of the best representations of rain with Ray Tracing that I have seen so far, the reflection of the puddles give an incredible touch of realism when we are walking, whether during at night or during the day, it is worth just looking at them at certain times.

Whoever you want to be …

The recruitment system also draws attention, not the system itself. But the way the game handles each character you use. It is totally different to play with a character who is capable of combat, than to play with one who is not. this is visible even when moving to exchange punches, characters who know how to fight use much more dynamic strokes and seem to be being applied by someone with experience (although the variation is not very large), while others seem only punch in the air and hope to hit the opponent in the face.

Of course, you can choose to play with only one character, but the fun thing is that you recruit someone who is Albion security for example to enter protected locations, or a builder, who can summon cargo drones at any time, and believe me, they are a hand in the wheel. Especially when it comes to picking up things in high places that are difficult to access, such as collectibles and technology points, which are used to level up your equipment.

Doctors, lawyers, anarchists, businessmen, spies, all have some use for the group. Be it reducing the jail time, if you go to jail, decrease the time in the hospital, if you suffer a lot of damage, bargain discounts when buying something, anyway. Everyone is welcome to Dedsec, it all depends on what you want to do.

In addition to having an entire population to choose from, we can also equip them. The agents’ “arsenal” is not very extensive. Even after releasing everything in the technology menu, there is not SO much to equip it with. Here are some examples: we have the spider robot – extremely useful in many invasion situations.

We have the mechanism for hiding bodies, it simply makes bodies that you knock out invisible, preventing other guards from seeing and becoming alarmed. A device for shocking over long distances. Anyway, it has a series of devices that any and every Dedsec agent can count on, but that are not so out of this world in terms of gameplay.

In addition to the equipment you can also choose the appearance of the characters. Just add that nice little money you earn by completing missions and go to some clothing stores to party and dress your group members in style.

One of the coolest things is that switching from one character to another is not an arduous task, the loading of character switching is VERY fast, even for me that I’m not using a machine with SSD. I’m going to talk about performance now, but the loadings for quick travel and agent changes made me very happy.

All of these guys are coordinated by an artificial intelligence called Bagley that is the highlight of the game. The AI ​​is extremely charismatic and funny making the player have a good laugh and becoming a fundamental character for immersion in the game, not to mention that he, hacker Sabine and Skye Larssen has the best voiceovers, a very good combination between voice and model.

Now, let’s go to the rocks

I started talking about everything cool and the good experiences I had playing Watch Dogs Legion. However, not everything is flowers, and in this case there is a lot that is not. Let’s start by talking about performance. Even with a very good machine, despite having a bottleneck in my CPU, remember that I said it was a third generation I7? It is no longer a very new processor right?

Anyway, even with a good machine, capable of running games on the ultra with some tranquility, I noticed that Watch dogs Legion is not very optimized in relation to the CPU, I suffered from dropped frames when I was driving or when there was a lot on the screen, then you can think: ok it’s because of your processor, you wouldn’t even run everything at ultra at 60 FPS, yes, I agree, however falling below 30 FPS couldn’t happen, and believe me, it happened a lot, however much it is one older processor, it’s still a good processor. Not to mention an overheating that caused my processor to exceed 100 degrees 10 degrees above the limit that a CPU should receive heat.

Even when I switched my processor to a Tenth generation Intel I5. FPS performance improved overall, but I still had drops to less than 30, reaching 23 when driving at high speed.

The game has some really silly bugs that we understand, like a guy stuck on top of a car going up and down, getting stuck between walls from time to time, some fight scenes where you hit the air and even then the opponents leave flying, OK.

But the story changes when the game crashes when entering loading screens when I move from open places to closed scenarios. This happened even in the last mission of the game, forced me to use ALT + F4 a few times, and even to restart the entire PC. Or another that an animation was frozen on the screen and the game was all buggy as if it were the animation, forcing me to leave the game.

I mentioned just now that the dubbing work by Sabine, Bagley and Skye were very good and perfectly matched the characters, right? Well, the same cannot be said of Dedsec agents, I imagine how complicated it must have been to make SO MANY characters for the player to change, how many different lines of dialogue for each situation must have been recorded, but several times some conversations do not make sense for the person speaking, and the voice had absolutely nothing to do with the model, not to mention a lipsync that in our language doesn’t work very well.

One last weak point to highlight: the plot. As much as there is a plot twist it is quite predictable, really. Obviously I will not comment here so as not to spoil the experience, but if you pay attention and think about the line of reasoning of games that hide the great villain, you will get everything in a short time.

And the disappointment is not only with the plot twist, the story does have interesting moments, like the weight of the organ traffic of the Kelley Clan, or a fight with a boss who is really fun but it seems like Watch Dogs Legion took all the stereotypes of villains and put them in one game, and there is none there to stop and think about, man this is really interesting, and we know that Ubi knows how to make good villains, like in the Farcry franchise.

Worth it?

Watch Dogs Legion, it is not a bad game, it is a good game, but it sins in things that it could not in an end of generation game. When you see that Watch Dogs 2 learned from mistakes Watch Dogs 1, you put faith in a third chapter, but when that expectation doesn’t work, disappointment hits and hits hard.

And I’m not just talking about bad optimization, but about a plot that has a cool idea, to make the player whoever he wants to be, we see this great potential fade with an uninteresting story and a too predictable plot.

I confess that I expected much more than Watch Dogs Legion, so I played in the previews. Maybe that’s why seeing the final work close so it took me by surprise. It’s fun to play uncompromised by doing missions to rid the city of a corrupt system, but at the end of the day, something is missing. Can there be a light at the end of the tunnel when multiplayer mode arrives? Who knows? We will wait and see what this London will bring us in the future.

But, it is necessary to be careful with this part, because in-game purchases with real money, are already rolling in the game store with packages ranging from R $ 20 to R $ 200.

Watch Dogs Legion was kindly provided by Ubisoft

Score: 75

“The legion left something to be desired, the third chapter of the hacker franchise wastes great potential with a shallow story and little charisma in the villains”

Watch Dogs Legion – Did the legion fall short? via Voxel

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