WandaVision: 10 facts about the powerful The Darkhold

Those most passionate about the current Marvel series must be extremely curious to understand more about The Darkhold, a super powerful and mysterious book that is appearing in the program’s plot.

So far, the magical artifact has been part of the history of Runaways, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and, more recently, WandaVision. Thus, many fans are curious about the powers of this book, which is also known as the Book of Sins, the Book of Spells and the Book of the Damned.

For you to understand more about Darkhold, My Series separated 10 facts from the powerful book that were told in the Marvel comics.

10. History and stakeholders

(Source: Marvel Studios / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel Studios / Reproduction)Source: Marvel Studios

Darkhold was created in Dark Dimension and is made of dark matter. The story goes that the book has infinite knowledge, being one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. The Book of Spells was written by Chthon, one of the countless gods in Marvel comics.

Throughout the history of the MCU, it is known that three big names have been on the search for Darkhold: Red Skull, Daniel Whitehall and Nick Fury.

9. Used to trap Chthon

At MCU, actress Elzabeth Hurley plays Morgan Le Fay. (Source: Marvel Studios / Reproduction)At MCU, actress Elzabeth Hurley plays Morgan Le Fay. (Source: Marvel Studios / Reproduction)Source: Marvel Studios

The creator of Darkhold himself suffered at the hands of the incredible powers of the magical artifact. In the comics, Morgan Le Fay used the book and the help of several cultists to try to force Chthon to become her servant. However, it did not work.

After that, Le Fay found a way to get rid of the god. With the help of Darkhold, she and the cultists arrested Chthon inside Wundagore Mountain, the same spot where Wanda and Pietro Maximoff were taken.

8. Used to own Scarlet Witch

(Source: Marvel Studios / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel Studios / Reproduction)Source: Marvel Studios

In the comics, Chthon uses the power of Darkhold to hand over some of his power to young Wanda Maximoff and make her the most powerful being on the planet. After that, the god decides to possess Wanda and use her to control the world. As always, everything is resolved and the Avengers manage to free the Scarlet Witch.

7. One way to go to other dimensions

(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)Source: Marvel

Darkhold is a book full of powers and knowledge. Because of this, it is a way to create passages and portals for dimensions little explored within the universe. An example of this happens in the comics, when Doctor Destino uses the book to go to Limbo.

There, the villain tries to create an army of demons, who live in Limbo, but is prevented by Captain Britânia and the Excalibur.

6. Can steal a soul

(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)Source: Marvel

The Book of Sins works from the concept of giving and receiving. So the more you want, the more you need to deliver to Darkhold. Using the book can be a big trap.

An example is what happened to the wizard Mordred, the Mystic, in the comics. Mordred abused the magical artifact and ended up handing over the soul to Darkhold. From that moment on, the sorcerer became a puppet of Chthon, who used him to free himself from imprisonment.

5. The Darkholders

(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)Source: Marvel

The powerful, dark and mysterious Book of Sins is so important and passionate that it has a cult of only people who would do anything for him and the creator of Darkhold, the god Chthon.

An example is when Darkholders tried to sacrifice one of Spider-Man’s villains: Carnage. They did this because the book has a passage that says, “When the Red Slayer sheds blood on the sacred stone, the sleeper will wake up and the walker will walk again.”

Cultists interpreted that the sleeper was Chthon and that the Red Slayer was Carnage. However, the attempt backfired and the Darkholders became the look-alikes of Peter Parker’s villain.

4. Created the first vampire

(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)Source: Marvel

Darkhold was responsible for creating the first vampire in the Marvel Universe. This happened when a group of sorcerers took the book and decided to use it for evil. They went into combat against Kull the Conqueror, who killed almost all of them. Varnae, one of the sorcerers, was seriously injured and sacrificed himself to cast a curse on the world.

After that, a few survivors decided to resurrect Varnae, who returned as the first vampire in history.

3. It can wipe out all vampires

(Source: Marvel Studios / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel Studios / Reproduction)Source: Marvel Studios

To try to prevent the Darkhold from going into Count Dracula’s hands, Doctor Strange decided to find the book first. When she found him, she discovered that the vampire was looking for the Book of Spells because of the magic Montesi Formula, which is able to make all the vampires in the world simply cease to exist.

The connection to Doctor Strange goes even further. Many people suspect, after the end of WandaVision, that the book will also be part of the plot of the second film of the hero.

2. Created the Werewolf curse

(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)Source: Marvel

Darkhold’s first appearance in Marvel comics was because the Book of Sins was the cause of lycanthropy, which is the Werewolf’s curse. It all started in the 18th century, when a wolf, sent by Dracula, bit Gregori Russof. The man had the curse sleeping in his blood and passed it on from generation to generation.

The curse was activated when someone read the words in the book on lycanthropy. Thus, Jack Russel became Marvel’s first werewolf, known as Werewolf by Night.

1. Transformed Blade into a Demogorge

(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)(Source: Marvel / Reproduction)Source: Marvel

When Blade had the powerful book in hand, it was transformed into a Demogorge, baptized as Switchblade. Blade’s intention was to kill the supernatural enemies, but he was possessed by the power of the Darkhold.

Before the situation was reversed, the Switchblade murdered some important Marvel names, such as Demogoblin, Werewolf by Night, Morbius and the two Ghost Riders, Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch.

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