Vuk Vukovic commented on the harassment of the company due to trifles, and said that it was in Britain

IF the government has repeatedly announced that inspectors will not punish entrepreneurs for minor omissions, but will first warn them and give them a deadline within which they must eliminate the omission, the experience of Croatian entrepreneurs shows that the practice of punishment without prior warning has not changed much.

One of the latest examples is the company Score Alarm, ie iOn Studio from Zagreb, which owns it, which was recently fined 36,000 kuna by the Financial Inspectorate. In addition to the company iOn Studio, two responsible persons in the company were also fined, so now each of them has to pay a fine of HRK 2,400. The reason? The company they created was sold in 2017 to the multinational Superbet Group, in which, by the way, one of the largest investment funds in the world – Blackstone – recently invested, and the transaction was not reported to the central bank.

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Vuk Vukovic in the group of the association Glas podueztnika commented on this case, but also shared his experience from Great Britain.

“I often get asked why we registered the company in the UK. This story (and a bunch of others like it) is just one of a hundred reasons why.

So top IT company, created over the years with hard work, without any incentives, without stains, with borrowed 3000 euros and borrowed laptop, today very successful, employs, pays 6 million kuna a year in the budget, creates value to the level that it was taken over by one foreign corporations and based on their innovation raised an investment of 175m euros.

And how does the state treat such a company? Well, in fact, the same as for everyone without political protection: harassing, sending inspections, charging fines literally for bureaucratic nonsense (in this case due to lack of confirmation of sale to the CNB, which, incidentally, is publicly available information).

Instead of holding them and every one of them like a drop of water in the palm of our hand and creating an environment so that we have as many such companies as possible that they employ, create value and, of course, fill the budget, “Vukovic began his announcement.

“How many of you find yourself in a situation that the owner of this company”

“How many of you find yourself in the situation that the owner of this company, Ivan Klarić, mentions:” Then at a meeting in the Tax Administration, when I tried to explain that I was the owner of the company for much longer than two years, but that they have checked with their superiors and that they must act like this’. It became clear to me that the relocation of business from Croatia would become necessary, and the case is awaiting trial. “

How many times have you found yourself in a situation to talk to someone in the inspectorate, tax, court, and you feel completely powerless while explaining elementary logic to them and they, after a few hours of straining, answer: you are right but such is the law or we have to to act? “, writes Vukovic, co-founder and director of the British company Oraclum Intelligence Systems.

He told his own example from Great Britain

So he cites his own example from the UK.

“There’s no reason we have to put up with something like that. I’ll just remind you of my example, which I mentioned a couple of times in public. nor a warning or reprimand, but they just sent us a letter and an email in which they very kindly explain our mistake and how to correct it in the next application in a couple of months.Yes, in a couple of months.

Because their logic is that companies should be encouraged to grow and employ as much as possible, because that is exactly how budget revenues are maximized. It is by no means their goal to go around looking for business mistakes and collecting fines.

UGP is fighting for things like this. To stop this insane repression of inspectors, tax and courts and to change the attitude of these institutions towards entrepreneurs. This is the # Croatia20 we are looking for.

Of course, that will not change overnight, but it will last for years, but step by step and we will get to that, “Vukovic wrote.

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