Voilà AI Artist: discover the app to transform photo into drawing

Social media users have been sharing a number of fun cartoons and cartoons over the past few days, created from old or freshly taken photos, making it a big hit with their followers. These images are generated by the Voilà AI Artist app, which can convert the portraits quickly and easily.

Available free for Android and iOS, the app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform any photo into a very different and animated version. The creations are made from 2D and 3D cartoon strokes, according to the desired style, transforming the photographs into caricatures or images that resemble old works of art.

How does the Voilà AI Artist app work?

According to the app’s developers, it is able to give a new look to photos captured on the spot or stored in the phone’s gallery. Just choose the image and style, which can be inspired by Pixar drawings, caricatures or Renaissance paintings, and wait for the software to do its job with the help of the AI.

Make caricatures, renaissance-inspired drawings and more.Make caricatures, renaissance-inspired drawings and more.Source:  Google Play Store/Playback

At the end of the game, the program offers the options to save the new image generated in your device’s memory and to publish it directly on social networks. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, it is also possible to send the drawing by email and via WhatsApp, among several other platforms.

Turn photos into drawings with the Voilà AI Artist app

Before learning how to transform photos into drawings using the Voilà AI Artist app, it is worth mentioning that the tutorial below was made on Android, but the tips are basically the same for those who use it on iOS.

Check out the step-by-step instructions for using the tool.

1. Download the Voilà AI Artist app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS), depending on your device’s operating system. Install and open the software;

Voilà AI Artist app for Android.Voilà AI Artist app for Android.Source:  Google Play Store/Playback

2. On the home screen, some drawing options will be shown (3D Cartoon, Renaissance, 2D Cartoon and Caricature). In this example, we opt for the caricature by pressing the corresponding alternative;

Drawing options shown on home screen.Drawing options shown on home screen.Source:  André Dias/Reproduction

3. The next step involves choosing the image to use in the transformation (photo from gallery, snapped in, or celebrity). Here, we tap the “Celebrities” option;

You can use a photo from the gallery, capture the image on the fly or search the web.You can use a photo from the gallery, capture the image on the fly or search the web.Source:  André Dias/Reproduction

4. Next, tap the name of the chosen celebrity or use the search bar to search the web for your favorite image;

Using celebrity images for transformation.Using celebrity images for transformation.Source:  André Dias/Reproduction

5. Confirm your choice by pressing “Use” and wait for the app to do its work;

Confirming the choice of the photo of the Argentine player Lionel Messi.Confirming the choice of the photo of the Argentine player Lionel Messi.Source:  André Dias/Reproduction

6. Once the conversion is done, the platform will display, on the next screen, the original image and three versions of the created cartoon. Use the menu at the bottom to choose which drawing to publish or share (you can use all or just one of them);

Final result of the transformation of the photo into a caricature.Final result of the transformation of the photo into a caricature.Source:  André Dias/Reproduction

7. Now tap the share icon in the upper right corner of the display and set the social network where the cartoon will be posted. You can also send the image via WhatsApp and other platforms (press “More” in the bottom menu to open more options), in addition to saving it on your cell phone by pressing “Save”.

Saving and sharing the design you just created in the app.Saving and sharing the design you just created in the app.Source:  André Dias/Reproduction

Other Transformation Options

The above tutorial was done using a celebrity image searched on the internet by the app itself. But as we said before, the user is also offered the possibility to take a photo at the time of modification, using the smartphone camera.

In this case, just press “Grant Permission” to grant the software access to your phone’s camera, in step 3, and then  “Camera”. Next, capture the photograph and wait for the transformation to be done by the app, to save and/or share the image, following the same procedures explained.

You must give permission for the app to access the phone's camera and image gallery.You must give permission for the app to access the phone’s camera and image gallery.Source:  André Dias/Reproduction

There is also the option to use any image that is already saved on the smartphone’s internal storage. To do so, select the alternative “Gallery”, in step 3, and choose one of the photos shown on the screen to apply the desired effect.

Another detail is that you can still use the other modification options offered by the Voilà AI Artist app. In step 2, select one of the drawing alternatives shown and follow the same instructions to finish transforming the photo.

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