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Who doesn’t like to start the year winning free games? Check out the full list of games added to the AmazonPrime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) in January, with emphasis on Void Bastards, a first-person shooter that promises to be different from anything you’ve seen in an FPS.

Void Bastards is the January highlight of Prime Gaming (Image: Disclosure / Humble Games)

Amazon Prime subscribers also have access to other advantages, such as Amazon Prime Video, a movie and series streaming service, Amazon Prime Reading, for digital books, and Amazon Prime Music, with a collection of 2 million songs. The service package costs R $ 9.90 per month. Furthermore, in the Prime Gaming there are loots for other games such as play money and exclusive items from GTA Online, Rogue Company, Destiny 2, Valorant and League of Legends.

January’s Prime Gaming Games

Void Bastards

Void Bastards is a first person shooter with roguelike elements and strategy that puts the player on board a ship lost in space. To survive, it is necessary to invade other ships to collect resources such as food, ammunition and fuel, facing the most diverse dangers in procedurally generated scenarios.

To perform the task, the player commands a crew of courageous but “disposable” prisoners, that is, when one dies, another appears to complete the mission, inheriting improvements in weapons and equipment. Void Bastards was created by developers who worked on Bioshock.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

Build the most diverse gadgets to help passengers climb the mountain, or try to speed down the snow using skis and even bicycles in When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, a physics-based puzzle game with over 100 different levels. In addition to the challenges, there is also a sandbox mode to unleash creativity and share your creations with the community.

Along the Edge

Along the Edge is a visual novel released in 2016 by independent studio Nova Box. The player takes on the role of Daphné, a young woman tired of her personal and professional life and who sees an opportunity to start over when she inherits a house in a remote location in Europe. The player’s decisions impact the story’s fate and Daphné’s own appearance. The game features over 450 hand-painted illustrations.

Alt Frequencies

Alt Frequencies is a narrative mystery game that gives the player the power to influence and change the direction of a city using radio waves. Record programs, go back in time and broadcast excerpts from radio programs to expose politicians, conspiracy theorists and disguised activists, and then listen to listeners’ personal stories develop impacted by your redistribution of information.

Bridge Constructor Playground

Unleash your imagination and build bridges to solve more than 30 physics and engineering challenges in Bridge Constructor Playground. Once built, they must pass load tests to confirm that they support the weight of the most diverse types of cars and trucks. Launched in 2014, the game was designed for all ages, containing an extensive tutorial and without limits on money or materials to create and test your bridges in places such as deep valleys, canals or rivers.

Sword Legacy Omen (available until January 29)

Inspired by the tale of King Arthur, Sword Legacy Omen puts the player in control of the vengeful warrior Uther and his gang of clumsy companions, who embark on an adventure to obtain the famous Excalibur sword. It is a tactical turn-based RPG game with strategic combat, free exploration and a stress system that adds even more challenge to the clashes. Sword Legacy Omen was released by Team 17, the same creators of the series Worms.

Prime Gaming’s January free games should be added to your Twitch account by February 2nd. Go to the Prime Loot page with your Amazon account and click on “Claim”. To download the games, you need to install the official Twitch app.

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