Vogue Challenge Fever, Here Are 9 Epic Portraits in a Row of Celebrity Style Like Hollywood Artists

Kapanlagi.com – A series of challenges with various uniqueness nowadays often appear on social media. One of the newest is Vogue Challenge. Do not want to miss the artists helped enliven these challenges with a good and charming style.

Vogue challenge itself is a challenge that asks someone to upload the best pose and portrait. Starting from using small clothes, makeup, or style style super models like Vogue magazine models that are popular in the international world.

This challenge has become viral as ever. Viral on social media, the celebrities crowded Vogue challenge with their cool style. The appearance of this celebrity success attracted many Instagram users with a flood of positive comments.

Curious as to what epic portrait in a row celebrated Vogue Challenge? Let’s take a peek at a variety of interesting and charming poses celebrities in the country with the style like a supermodel Vogue magazine.

1. Ashanty

Beautiful celebrity who is also the wife of Anang Hermansyah helped enliven Vogue Challenge with its small style. Wearing black with a matching hat. Classic and elegant impression can be seen from this portrait.

Interestingly, this portrait was apparently a 2012 photo. There aren’t any changes at all, KLovers? Ashanty still looks beautiful and youthful like today.

2. Nindy Ayunda

Popular singer Anindia Yandirest Ayunda or familiarly called Nindy Ayunda don’t miss out on joining the Vogue Challenge. In this challenge Nindy posed with her husband in matching clothes.

Interestingly she and her husband wore the traditional clothes of the archipelago like this portrait. the combination of gold color with a unique and distinctive style makes its appearance look elegant and elegant. Various positive responses can be seen from the upload portrait comments column.

3. Prilly Latuconsina

A beautiful artist who has just occupied her new home, Prilly Latuconsina also enliven this Vogue Challenge. in this challenge Prilly Latuconsina utilizes the corner of her luxurious home to pose beautifully.

There are at least four poses seen in the uploaded video on Prilly’s personal account. Starting from the style in front of the mirror wearing a white outfit, cool style with juice in hand, poses full of charming looks, and the appearance when wearing a burgundy color outfit that shows a series of expensive Prilly bag collections.

4. Ivan Gunawan

Designers and artists Ivan Gunawan seemed to upload the pose when participating in this Vogue Challenge. look in this portrait when Ivan Gunawan appears wearing a black outfit that looks like winter coats. His charming face is increasingly radiated with this interesting pose.

“Winter in wonderland,” wrote Ivan Gunawan as in the @ivan_gunawan caption.

5. Gothic Zaskia

Name Zaskia Gothic increasingly popular and popular with the typical duck shake in each song. This beautiful woman born in 1990 is now enjoying her role as a wife who had just held her marriage some time ago.

Apart from his personal life, the portrait of Zaskia Gotik can be seen enlivening the Vogue Challenge which can be seen from the Instagram account @wishnuajiofficial. In this portrait Zaskia Gotik looks charming like a supermodel Vogue magazine with a classy look.

6. Jennifer Bachdim

Wife of a footballer Irfan Bachdim indeed known to have a beautiful and charming face. Including when taking Vogue Challenge as in this portrait. white face Jennifer adds to its charm like a Hollywood actress super model Vogue magazine.

Wearing a bright red painter hat with thin makeup and matching lipstick colors with her hat, Jennifer looked charming. What do you think KLovers?

7. Ayu Ting Ting

Do not miss from his colleague Zaskia Gothic, face Ayu Ting Ting also appear to enliven Vogue Challenge. The portrait was uploaded on Wishnu Aji’s stylish Instagram Instagram account as in this portrait. The sharp gaze of the mother of one child was even more charming with a small dress and makeup.

8. Sarwendah

Wife’s beautiful face Ruben Onsu more captivating when taking Vogue Challenge in the style of a super model of Vogue magazine. Wearing brown clothes elegant and classy impression looks visible in the portrait.

9. Tissa Biani

Young celebrity Tissa Biani the more charming with the all-red clothing. Not only fashion, but Tissa Biani’s makeup is no less charming. The portrait of Tissa Biani during the Vogue Challenge succeeded in making the citizen enchanted with her beautiful face.

Now that’s 9 epic portrait in a series of celebrity style like Hollywood artists when taking vogue challenge. Cool and charming huh KLovers?

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