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THE Tecnoblog previously reported on the release of eSIM at Vivo for prepaid, control or Vivo Easy customers, but several customers face difficulties in subscribing to the service. Contrary to what was reported on the operator’s website, some stores refused to activate the virtual chip for non-postpaid lines and denied activation via WhatsApp.

Vivo’s website informs eSIM availability (Image: Reproduction)

Some readers complained in the TB Community and on social networks about the difficulty to receive care via WhatsApp. There are also reports of those who were denied eSIM activation for prepaid, control or Vivo Easy, with the justification that only pure postpaid plans (individual or family) can use the technology.

Customer receives negative to activate eSIM in Vivo Pré plan (Image: Reproduction / TB Community)

Another customer was informed about the restriction of eSIM for postpaid plans (Image: Reproduction / TB Community)

Vivo store sent 2019 report to talk about eSIM restriction (Image: Reproduction / Twitter)

Vivo store sent 2019 report to talk about eSIM restriction (Image: Reproduction / Twitter)

Store denied eSIM to customer with Vivo Easy (Image: Reproduction / Twitter)

Technically, eSIM activation does not need to be done in person. To activate the virtual chip in the cell phone, just read a QR Code and the configuration is done automatically. In some cases it is necessary to enter the serial number (EID) for the operator to identify the connected device.

Vivo’s own website clarifies that eSIM is available for postpaid, prepaid, control and Vivo Easy, and the procedure can take place at an operator’s store or through the service via WhatsApp:

Vivo website informs eSIM requirements (Image: Reproduction)

Vivo website informs eSIM requirements (Image: Reproduction)

To try to reproduce the problem of our readers, the Tecnoblog got in touch with some Vivo stores in Belo Horizonte / MG. I passed myself off as a customer of the operator who wants to remotely activate an eSIM in the Vivo Easy plan:

  • The DiamondMall store reported that it activates eSIM on Vivo Easy as long as the line is already active, and they still send the QR Code via WhatsApp for remote activation;
  • The BH Shopping store reported that it activates the virtual chip for Vivo Easy and sends the QR Code via WhatsApp, but the eSIM system was down;
  • The Savassi store reported that it activates for Vivo Easy and initially said that the procedure should be done in person. Soon after, the attendant deleted the first message and said that he could make an attempt at remote activation;
  • The Shopping Pátio Savassi store reported that eSIM activation can only be done in the physical store, and that activation via WhatsApp is not yet available at the store;
  • The Centro store confirmed that it activates eSIM for Vivo Easy, but the user must appear in person at the store.

Vivo reaffirms that activation can be done via WhatsApp

THE Tecnoblog got in touch with Vivo to understand what the customer who receives the denial of service needs to do, but the operator did not answer the question in the note sent to the site:

Vivo reinforces that current customers of post, control, prepaid and Vivo Easy plans can activate or migrate directly to the eSIM service. New customers of Vivo Easy, as soon as they enable a plan, can migrate to e-SIM.

The activation of Vivo eSIM on smartphones can be done in physical stores of Vivo or at Live at Home, 100% online service by a Vivo consultant via WhastApp. The company informs that it continues to guide its service channels for remote activation of the service.

If the company does not comply with the information on the website, find out how to complain to Anatel or

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