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Vivo announced a new postpaid package Live Selfie. This category brings a combo of the cell phone plan plus some streaming service, and this time the operator launched an option with a subscription to Amazon Prime and dedicated franchise for use with Prime Video and Prime Music. Check prices and alternatives with other included apps.

Vivo Selfie has a new plan with Amazon Prime (Image: Reproduction)

This is how the Vivo Selfie portfolio plans were:

Flat internet package Dedicated internet franchise monthly price
Live Selfie Amazon Prime
Includes Amazon Prime subscription
15 GB 15GB for use with Prime Video or Prime Music BRL 119.99
Live Selfie Globoplay
Includes Globoplay Standard subscription (no live channels)
25 GB 25GB for use with Globoplay BRL 139.99
Live Selfie Spotify
Includes Spotify Premium subscription
25 GB 25GB for use with Spotify BRL 139.99
Live Selfie Disney+
Includes Disney+ subscription
25 GB 25GB for use with Disney+ BRL 119.99 in the first three months
BRL 149.99 from the 4th month
Live Selfie Telecine
Includes Telecine subscription
25 GB 25GB for use with Telecine BRL 149.99
Live Selfie Netflix
Includes Neflix Standard subscription
25 GB 25GB for use with Netflix BRL 149.99
Live Selfie Premiere
Includes Premiere Play subscription
35 GB 35GB for use with Premiere Play BRL 179.99

Vivo’s postpaid plans include unlimited calls to any operator, in addition to WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise (except for video calls). With the exception of Vivo Selfie Premiere there is no loyalty, and the customer can cancel or change the package without penalty for breach of contract.

Another detail of Vivo Selfie is that it includes international roaming at no extra cost in countries in the Americas. In addition to the streaming service subscription, the plan provides access to NBA Basic, GoRead and Skeelo apps.

A current Vivo promotion also gives a bonus of 20 GB for 12 months, plus 10 GB for those who do number portability and another 3 GB for those who choose to invoice in digital format – a total of 33 GB extra. Due to an Anatel resolution, this offer must also be extended to current or new customers who choose not to migrate the number:

Art. 46: All offers, including promotional ones, must be available for contracting by all interested parties, including the Provider’s Consumers, without distinction based on the date of adhesion or any other form of discrimination within the geographic area of ​​the offer.

Anatel Resolution 632/2014

Live Selfie with Amazon Prime: is it worth it?

Amazon Prime on its own is very cheap: subscription costs R$9.90 per month; whoever chooses the annual charge will pay R$89.90, which is equivalent to less than R$7.50 per month. It entitles you to free shipping with delivery from one business day on Amazon purchases, as well as access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Gaming and Prime Reading.

Therefore, Vivo Selfie should be an interesting alternative for those who intend to use Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Prime Music over the 4G internet, due to the dedicated franchise. Considering only the “benefit” of Amazon Prime subscription, I don’t think it’s worth it.

If you do not call the exclusive franchise for Prime Video and Prime Music and do not intend to use international roaming, there are other plans with more interesting costs: at Vivo itself, for example, Vivo Easy Prime with 15 GB of internet costs R$79 .90 per month and; version with 20 GB sells for R$ 99.99 monthly; both packages include extra balance that can be used to buy more internet or unlimited nights to use with streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube or Spotify.

To spend even less, you can consider the control plan: on account of the Father’s Day promotion, it is possible to subscribe to Vivo Controle basic with 15 GB of internet (considering all possible bonuses) for the amount of R$ 39.99 per month . This modality still gives 30 days free of Amazon Prime and Disney+.

All values ​​mentioned in the article refer to São Paulo (DDD 11) and may vary depending on the location.

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