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THE Alive reduced the price of the cell phone plan Easy Prime Alive, and the package with 10 GB of internet and unlimited Spotify became more attractive. The other options had no change in monthly fees, and the operator continues to sell the single version, without monthly charges.

Vivo Easy Prime (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

These are the prices of Vivo Easy Prime plans:

Flat Included services Monthly cashback balance Monthly price
Essential 5 GB of internet
WhatsApp without discounting the franchise
SMS and unlimited calls
R $ 10 R $ 39.99
Alive 10 GB of internet
WhatsApp without discounting the franchise
Spotify’s 30 nights
SMS and unlimited calls
R $ 20 R $ 54.99
Special 15 GB of internet
WhatsApp without discounting the franchise
SMS and unlimited calls
R $ 30 R $ 79.99
Super 20 GB of internet
WhatsApp without discounting the franchise
SMS and unlimited calls
R $ 40 R $ 99.99

Vivo Easy Prime Alive is the result of a partnership between the operator and DJ Alok. Before the reduction, the plan cost R $ 69.99 per month. It is important to remember that the subscription to the music app is not included and must be done separately. In the individual version, Spotify Premium costs R $ 19.90 per month.

The customer also needs to be aware of the cashback bonus, which is valid for only five days after contracting or renewing the plan. This balance can be used to buy more internet or application fees.

An advantage of Vivo Easy is that the internet package and the daily rates for calls or applications do not expire. All membership and maintenance must be done through the iOS or Android application.

Vivo Easy Prime can be contracted through the plan’s app (Image: Reproduction)

Vivo Easy Prime Alive: is it worth it?

Vivo sells a control plan of R $ 59.99 per month with 5 GB of internet, which can reach 7.5 GB with the portability bonus and digital invoice.

In addition to the largest data package, Vivo Easy Prime Alive has other advantages:

  • the digital plan gives unlimited access to Spotify and WhatsApp, while Vivo Controle has only WhatsApp;
  • the Vivo Easy internet package does not expire, and can be used until the end; in the next cycles of the Prime plan, data accumulates;
  • there is no 12 month loyalty, as in Vivo Controle.

An important detail is that Vivo Easy can only be contracted with payment by credit card, while Vivo Controle is billed through bank payment slip.

Vivo Easy common is indicated for those who make little use of 4G

The traditional version of Vivo Easy continues to be sold, with internet and daily packages that do not expire. This may be the best choice for those who spend most of their time in Wi-Fi environments.

It is possible to buy 100 GB of internet for R $ 299.99, and use this data package over several months or years. This recharge gives a cashback of R $ 100.00, which can be used in more internet or 101 daily calls.

There are more affordable options, with prices starting at R $ 9.99 (1 GB). The larger the data packet, the lower the cost per gigabyte.

Vivo Easy Prime vs. Claro Flex

When expanding the comparison to other operators, Claro Flex can also be an interesting option. There are three plans:

  • 8 GB: R $ 39.99 monthly
  • 10 GB: R $ 49.99 monthly
  • 20 GB: R $ 69.99 monthly

It is possible to guarantee another 4 GB of bonuses during one year for those who migrate from prepaid or perform number portability. Claro Pay TV or broadband customers also take an extra 2 GB every month.

Claro Flex has no option with unlimited Spotify, but gives free access to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook (including Messenger), Waze, Cabify and Claro Música. The plan has unlimited calls to any operator and SMS at will.

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