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Vivo reformulated its portfolio once again Vivo Fibra: the 100 Mb / s plan is no longer commercialized, and the speed of 200 Mb / s entered the place for the same price. With the change, the operator is closer to the competition with Claro, Vivo and several local providers. In December, the operator had already reduced broadband monthly fees.

Vivo 200 Mb / s fiber costs R $ 99.99 per month (Image: Reproduction / Site Vivo)

Vivo 200 Mb / s fiber costs R $ 99.99 per month (Image: Reproduction / Site Vivo)

These are Vivo Fibra’s current plans:

Download speed Upload speed Monthly price
200 Mb / s 50 Mb / s R $ 99.99
300 Mb / s 150 Mb / s R $ 129.99

List prices are for separate broadband, with no landline or pay TV. For the speed of 300 Mb / s the value includes the first 12 months – after the period, the monthly fee rises R $ 169.99 per month.

Compared to the December 2020 changes, Vivo has extinguished the speed of 100 Mb / s. The amount was R $ 99.99 per month, the same currently charged for 200 Mb / s. In the past, the operator even sold a plan with 50 Mb / s download and 25 Mb / s upload for R $ 109.99 per month.

In addition to the internet, Vivo Fibra packages provide access to Esporte Interativo Plus, FunKids, Bancah Jornais, Clube de Magistas, Vivo Home Assist and Band News. The 300 Mb / s plan also has a Paramount + subscription.

Vivo’s plans became more competitive

The move may have been Vivo’s strategy to contain subscribers to other competitors:

  • The Hi Fiber has a 200 Mb / s download plan with 60 Mb / s upload for R $ 99.99 monthly. The service also includes a landline with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles from any operator (Vivo charges R $ 49.99 per month for the line);
  • The clear has a NET Virtua broadband plan of 240 Mb / s download and 20 Mb / s upload for R $ 139.99 per month. However, the company does several promotions whose monthly value drops to R $ 99.99;
  • several regional fiber optic providers charge less than $ 100 per month for speeds of 100 Mb / s or more.

Vivo’s current customers can switch to a new plan

Something that not everyone knows is that all plans are valid for new or existing customers. Article 46 of Anatel’s resolution 632/2014, which regulates telecommunications services, says:

All offers, including promotional ones, must be available for contracting by all interested parties, including Consumers of the Provider, without distinction based on the date of adhesion or any other form of discrimination within the geographical area of ​​the offer.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the details: if the current plan has loyalty in force, the operator can charge the fine for the proportional period of the remainder of the contract.

If Vivo does not accept the change, find out how to complain to Anatel or

Netflix or Disney + costs R $ 5 with Vivo Fibra 300 Mb / s

Vivo maintains partnerships with Disney + and Netflix, and contracting the streaming services by the operator can bring an interesting savings: in the 300 Mb / s plan, the subscription of both platforms costs R $ 5 per month.

velocity Plan with Disney + Standard Netflix Plan (2 screens) Plan with Netflix Premium (4 screens)
200 Mb / s R $ 114.99 per month R $ 119.99 per month R $ 132.99 per month
300 Mb / s R $ 134.99 per month R $ 134.99 per month R $ 147.99 per month

For those who pay separately for Netflix or Disney + and will subscribe to Vivo’s broadband, it is more worth doing the combo. These are the values ​​of individual subscriptions:

  • the monthly Disney + subscription costs R $ 27.90;
  • the standard Netflix monthly subscription costs R $ 32.90, while Netflix Premium costs R $ 45.90 per month.

The values ​​mentioned in the post refer to São Paulo (DDD 11), except for Oi Fibra prices, which were consulted in Rio de Janeiro (DDD 21). Plans and conditions may vary by location.

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