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THE Live reformulated the postpaid plan portfolio Live Family and increased the internet franchise. The operator removed the differentiated package for video and music services and incorporated the balance into the main package, allowing the customer to use the data as they prefer. The measure is similar to that of TIM, which also dropped the exclusive streaming data package on postpaid TIM Black.

These are the new Vivo Família plans:

Previous plan New plan Features Monthly payment
30 GB of internet
30 GB for music and videos
60 GB of internet 1 dependent free
Americas international roaming
R $ 249.99
12-month stay
40 GB of internet
40 GB for music and videos
80 GB 2 free dependents
Americas international roaming
R $ 319.99
12-month stay
50 GB of internet
50 GB for music and videos
100 GB 3 free dependents
International Roaming Americas and Europe
R $ 429.99
12-month stay
70 GB of internet
70 GB for music and videos
140 GB 4 free dependents
International Roaming Americas and Europe
R $ 529.99
12-month stay

All packages include unlimited calls to any operator, including DDD, plus 100 minutes of international calls. It is possible to use WhatsApp (except video calls), Waze, Cabify and Moovit without discounting the franchise.

Plans also include access to apps GoRead, NBA Basic, Live Meditation, Hube Newspapers, Basic NFL, Super Comics and Ubook; plans from 80 GB onwards also bring the Forbes Brasil, BTFIT and House of Knowledge; Finally, Vivo Família 140 GB comes with HomeFix, which offers plumber, electrician and locksmith services.

Another surprise is the end of automatic loyalty renewal, something that existed in postpaid and previous Vivo Família. Anyone who cancels one of the plans within the period of stay must bear a fine of R $ 720, proportional to the remaining period of the contract.

Besides that, it is possible to hire a Vivo Família plan without fidelity: the features and prices are the same, but the deductibles are 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB and 100 GB, respectively.

Operator’s fixed broadband customers with speeds from 4 Mb / s also take 50 GB monthly bonus on the mobile plane, as long as the ownership is the same in both contracts.

Vivo Família has changes in international roaming

Another change at Vivo Família is about international roaming. Before, dependent lines and cardholders were entitled to 7 Vivo Travel daily rates per year to use in any country in the world. In the new plans, this benefit has been removed: there are only unlimited roaming charges in the Americas and / or Europe.

The novelty can harm those who sign the 60 GB plan (previously 30 GB + 30 GB) and travel to Europe for a week, for example: as the main plan does not include the service, it is necessary to pay R $ 39.90 per day to use the cell phone abroad, something that did not happen in the previous portfolio.

On the other hand, the regulation clarifies that the dependent lines are now also entitled to these unlimited roaming rates as in the holder chip. (Before, this was restricted to the holder.)

Vivo Família regulations in the international roaming section

Vivo Selfie still has exclusive franchise for apps

The paradigm shift occurs only at Vivo Família, since other plans continue with an exclusive franchise. Vivo Selfie postpaid, for example, has an exclusive data package for use with Spotify, Netflix, Rappi or Premiere Play:

Plan Internet package Dedicated internet franchise Value
Vivo Selfie Spotify
Includes Spotify Premium subscription
25 GB 25 GB to use with Spotify R $ 149.99
Vivo Selfie Rappi
Includes Rappi Prime subscription
25 GB 25 GB to use with Rappi R $ 149.99
Vivo Selfie Netflix
Includes Standard Neflix subscription
25 GB 25 GB to use with Netflix R $ 169.99
Vivo Selfie Premiere
Includes Premiere Play subscription
35 GB 35 GB to use with Premiere Play R $ 199.99

In addition, Vivo sells a franchise for social networks at Vivo Controle. The package costs R $ 5 per month and includes 4 GB to 7 GB, depending on the plan. The networks released are Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest and Tinder.

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