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THE Alive changed the broadband portfolio Vivo Fibra at the beginning of the month and increased the monthly price of the basic plan, but it seems that the operator changed his mind: the 200 Mb / s plan replaced the speed of 70 Mb / s. The 300 Mb / s and 600 Mb / s packages continue to be sold for the same price.

Vivo changed broadband plans for the second time in less than 15 days (Image: Reproduction)

Vivo changed broadband plans for the second time in less than 15 days (Image: Reproduction)

The change, published by Tecnoblog on April 5th, it extinguished the old plan with 200 Mb / s speed for R $ 99.90 per month. The most basic option became 70 Mb / s download and 35 Mb / s upload, with a monthly cost of R $ 119.90. The intermediate plan, with 300 Mb / s, continued to be sold for R $ 129.99 per month.

Therefore, these are the current Vivo Fibra broadband prices, for memberships until April 30:

Download speed Upload speed Monthly price
200 Mb / s 100 Mb / s R $ 119.99
300 Mb / s 150 Mb / s R $ 129.99
600 Mb / s 300 Mb / s R $ 299.99

Prices refer to loose broadband, not combined with pay TV or landline. All plans include subscription to the Paramount +, Band News, Magazine Club, Newspaper Bancah, FunKids and TNT Stadium; the speeds of 200 Mb / s and 300 Mb / s also have the Vivo Home Assist, which provides technological support.

Vivo has a 300 Mb / s plan with Disney + or Netflix

In addition to the individual broadband plans, the operator also sells packages with Disney + or Netflix, but only at a speed of 300 Mb / s. See prices:

Vivo Fiber 300 Mb / s Price
Disney + R $ 134.99 per month
Standard Netflix (2 screens) R $ 139.99 per month
Netflix Premium (4 screens) R $ 152.99 per month

If you intend to use any of the streaming services above, it is worth hiring it with Vivo’s broadband: the Disney + subscription costs only R $ 5 per month, and Netflix costs R $ 10 per month in the package Standard or R $ 23 on Premium.

If streaming is contracted separately, these are the values:

  • the monthly Disney + subscription costs R $ 27.90;
  • the standard Netflix monthly subscription costs R $ 32.90, while Netflix Premium costs R $ 45.90 per month.

Vivo Fibra’s plans got better?

With the withdrawal of the speed of 70 Mb / s, it is possible to say that Vivo Fibra’s plans were less worse. This is because the operator charged R $ 99.90 per month for 200 Mb / s until March 2021; the current portfolio brings an increase of R $ 20 in the monthly fee in comparison with the old offers.

Another relevant point is that the value of R $ 119.90 per month for the 200 Mb / s plan is only valid for 12 months, and as of next year, the monthly fee changes to R $ 139.99 per month. The same occurs with the option with 300 Mb / s, which jumps to R $ 169.99 from the 13th month.

The broadband plans of Claro, Oi and TIM

With the basic plan of 200 Mb / s for R $ 119.90 per month, Vivo can be less advantageous in relation to competitors:

  • The Of course sells a NET Virtua cable internet plan with 240 Mb / s download and 20 Mb / s upload for R $ 119.99 per month. When combining with Pay TV, it is possible to lower the monthly amount to R $ 99.99;
  • The Hey sells your broadband Hi Fiber with 200 Mb / s of download and 60 Mb / s of upload for R $ 99.90 per month, already with an unlimited fixed telephone line for fixed and mobile of any operator;
  • The TIM Live has fiber optic internet with a speed of 400 Mb / s for the monthly price of R $ 127.50.

In addition to the major operators, Vivo also faces competition with regional providers, and many of them have plans below R $ 100 per month. For users who use the internet only for basic services, the absence of cheaper prices can alienate new consumers.

All figures mentioned in the article refer to São Paulo (DDD 11), except for Oi Fibra prices, which were consulted in the city of Rio de Janeiro (DDD 21). Plans and conditions may vary by location.

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