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Vivo announced news for the Live Easy Prime: the most basic package of the digital cell phone plan gained more internet, while the other options had an increase in the monthly cashback amount. Nothing has changed for those who use the traditional version, which continues with the same prices and separate purchase options. Check if Vivo Easy is worth it and compare it with the competitor Claro Flex.

Vivo Easy Prime (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

Vivo Easy Prime Prices

The change only affects Vivo Easy Prime. Here are the plans:

Flat Services included Cashback
monthly price
Essential 7 GB of internet
WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise
unlimited SMS and calls
BRL 10 BRL 39.99
Alive 10 GB of internet
30 Spotify Nights
WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise
unlimited SMS and calls
BRL 25 BRL 54.99
Special 15 GB of internet
WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise
unlimited SMS and calls
BRL 35 BRL 79.99
Super 20 GB of internet
WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise
unlimited SMS and calls
BRL 45 BRL 99.99

The increase of internet in the Essential package is very welcome, since the plan had only 5 GB. The other Easy Prime plans are still a little out of date: Vivo itself sells control plans with larger internet packages for cheaper prices – but without the main advantage of Easy, which are services with no fixed validity.

With cashback, the customer can buy more internet or daily data to use with apps. However, there is that prank: This balance expires five days after contracting or renewing the plan. To avoid losses, it is ideal to spend the amount as soon as possible.

The entire process of hiring and maintaining Vivo Easy and Vivo Easy Prime is done through the app for iOS or Android. Payment can only be made through credit cards, and whoever is migrating from another operator must first do portability to Vivo Pré and then join Vivo Easy.

Vivo Easy Prime or common Vivo Easy?

What differentiates Vivo Easy Prime from the traditional Vivo Easy is the charging mechanics:

  • in the traditional Vivo Easy, the customer buys a package, uses it until the end and can purchase more internet, calls or app daily whenever he wants;
  • at Vivo Easy Prime it is possible to make calls and send SMS without worrying about the daily rates and there is a monthly charge, but the 4G franchise does not expire on renewal and accumulates for the next periods, indefinitely.

For those who keep a relatively constant use of mobile internet and make calls every day, Vivo Easy Prime may be a better option.

For those who don’t make calls every day, use little mobile internet or need a lot of 4G at specific times (a trip, for example), the common Vivo Easy is usually more worthwhile.

As the balance of services does not expire, you can buy 100 GB of internet for R$299.99, and use this package over several months (or years). This purchase still yields a cashback of R$100 – which needs to be fully spent in the first five days, pay attention! –, which can be used to buy more 4G internet or 101 daily calls (each one costs R$0.99).

The daily calls are only spent when the customer makes a call or sends SMSs – the balance remains intact if a whole month goes by without calling anyone, for example.

The same happens with the daily rates that allow unlimited use of apps, which can be a good deal for specific moments. For example: you’re going to spend the whole day off Wi-Fi, you want to watch content on Netflix but don’t want to sacrifice the main internet package.

Vivo Easy Prime was closer to Claro Flex?

One of the most obvious alternatives to Vivo Easy is Claro Flex. The competing operator also has a digital plan that costs R$39.99 per month, but the mechanics are quite different:

Vivo Easy Prime from R$39.99

Comparing internet franchises and benefits, Claro Flex is by far more interesting, even considering that Vivo Easy Prime of equal value has a data package that doesn’t expire.

Another detail is that Claro Flex gives 4 GB of bonus per month for a year on new members. Vivo Easy Prime membership offers are usually just an extra cashback balance, with no monthly mobile internet benefit as in the competing plan.

Finally, difference is related to payment method. While Vivo Easy is limited to credit cards, Claro Flex can also be charged through prepaid recharge – in addition to enabling the digital plan for unbanked people, customers can also take advantage of cashback promotions offered by digital wallets such as RecargaPay and PicPay, for example.

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