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Bad news for users of I live Easy: the digital plan gained significant adjustments in the international roaming. Those traveling abroad and wishing to use their cell phone outside their home area will face rates up to 1,290% higher than today.

Vivo Easy no iPhone
Vivo Easy (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

The operator began to communicate customers via SMS on Tuesday (3), but without informing the values ​​in the communication. THE Techblog questioned Vivo and got access to the new prices, which will be valid from February 7, 2022. Check it out:

Service old price new price Difference
Mobile Internet BRL 0.10 per megabyte BRL 0.29 per megabyte +290%
(do and receive)
BRL 0.10 per minute BRL 1.29 per minute +1.290%
(Message sent)
BRL 0.10 per message BRL 0.29 per message +290%

Vivo Easy’s new international roaming prices are already available in the plan’s app, but the information is hidden within the “Other subjects” section. The text and the SMS inform that “international roaming rates will have new values”, but Vivo confirmed to the Techblog that billing will continue to be made by traffic.

Increase makes international roaming unattractive

International roaming is almost always expensive, and Vivo Easy’s old prices were reasonable. The charge of R$ 0.10 per megabyte manages to solve life in an emergency and helps when ordering a Uber at the airport, for example.

New Vivo Easy International Roaming Rates
New Vivo Easy international roaming rates (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

What scared the most was the 13-fold increase in call rates, something inexplicable even considering the rise in the dollar and inflation in recent years. Even so, it is less than what Vivo charges for prepaid and control, where each minute costs R$2.99.

In postpaid, Vivo charges R$ 39.90 per day of use in countries in the Americas and Europe, while the rate for Africa, Asia and Oceania is R$ 59.90 per day. Each day entitles you to unlimited incoming calls, 50 minutes for local calls or calls to Brazil and an internet allowance of up to 1 GB, depending on the destination.

Buying a chip or eSIM is usually more advantageous

For those traveling abroad and keen to stay connected, buying a prepaid chip from a local operator at the destination can be a good option. Several teles already have points of sale at the main airports, which makes life easier for those who want to keep their smartphone online.

If you have an eSIM-compatible smartphone, it’s even easier: you can hire a plan in advance over the internet, without having to go to a store and land with the internet working. The eSIMdb site is a good choice and brings together providers from different countries.

International roaming on other planes

If you travel with a certain frequency, it is worth considering that several postpaid plans from Brazilian operators include international roaming at no extra cost.

A Clear it has the Américas Passport throughout the most recent postpaid portfolio, and allows the Brazilian plan to be used in 18 destinations in North America, South America and Central America. It is also possible to contract the Passaporte América and Passaporte Mundo, which extends coverage to up to 80 countries.

Me and TIM offers international roaming on some TIM Black postpaid plans. Coverage depends on the chosen plan and even the form of payment of the bill, but an important detail is that the built-in service only includes the use of data, while voice calls are billed separately.

A Vivo has post-paid plans with Vivo Travel international roaming. Practically all current packages allow use in countries in the Americas, but some versions include Europe and other continents. Like Claro, you can expand the coverage of the plans with the hiring of Vivo Travel Monthly.

Finally, the Hi includes 2 GB of internet for use in the United States in the postpaid plan with payment by bank transfer. The offer also includes unlimited use of WhatsApp, but does not include calls or SMS.

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