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The month of November began and operators began to release their offers to the Black Friday of 2021. A Vivo announced a promotion for the digital plan I live Easy Prime which guarantees 100% cashback of the amount spent with the first monthly payment.

Vivo Easy Prime (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

These are the Vivo Easy Prime plans and the respective cashback:

Plano Services included Cashback monthly price
Essential 7 GB internet
WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise
unlimited SMS and calls
BRL 39.99 in November
BRL 10 in other months
R$ 39,99
Alive 10 GB internet
30 Spotify Nights
WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise
unlimited SMS and calls
BRL 54.99 in November
BRL 25 in other months
R$ 54,99
Special 15 GB internet
WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise
unlimited SMS and calls
BRL 79.99 in November
BRL 35 in other months
R$ 79,99
Super 20 GB internet
WhatsApp without deducting from the franchise
unlimited SMS and calls
BRL 99.99 in November
BRL 45 in other months
R$ 99,99

Here it is worth highlighting the big Vivo Easy cashback prank: the value expires five days after contracting or renewing the plan. The ideal is to spend the amount as soon as possible to avoid possible losses.

As it is a digital plan, all the hiring and management of Vivo Easy or Vivo Easy Prime is done exclusively through the app for iOS or Android. Payment can only be made via credit cards, and whoever is migrating from another operator must first do portability to another Vivo plan.

Vivo Easy Prime plans have no loyalty and can be canceled at any time. A great advantage is that the internet balance accumulates with renewals or new purchases and does not expire, being possible to use the data package until the end – even if the Prime plan is canceled and the user returns to the traditional Vivo Easy.

As you already have unlimited calls, SMS and WhatsApp, you can use the Vivo Easy Prime cashback balance in the following ways:

  • buy more internet: it’s a good idea, as the data balance never expires. These are the packages:
Data package Price
1 GB R$ 9,99
2 GB R$ 17,99
3 GB R$ 25,99
4 GB R$ 29,99
5 GB R$ 34,99
10 GB R$ 59,99
20 GB R$ 99,99
50 GB R$ 199,99
100 GB R$ 299,99
(+ R$ 100 em cashback)
  • Buy App Daily: useful for those who make intensive use of certain apps. Each night is discounted from the first use, regardless of whether the data traffic was 1kb or 100GB.
Application Daily 30 days
Facebook R$ 1,49 R$ 14,90
Twitter R$ 0,99 R$ 9,90
WhatsApp R$ 0,99 R$ 9,90
TikTok R$ 0,99 R$ 9,90
Tinder R$ 0,99 R$ 9,90
Pinterest R$ 0,99 R$ 9,90
Mobility (Waze and Moovit) R$ 0,99 R$ 9,90
Spotify R$ 1,99 R$ 19,90
YouTube R$ 2,99 R$ 29,90
Netflix R$ 2,99 R$ 29,90

Is it worth having Vivo Easy or Vivo Easy Prime?

Vivo Easy Prime plans aren’t bad, but they aren’t great either. Those who maintain a relatively constant data usage frequency can find better deals in control, depending on the chosen franchise.

The great advantage of Vivo Easy and Vivo Easy Prime is that the balance of services does not expire. And here it is important to consider whether it is worth keeping the traditional or monthly version:

  • Vivo Easy traditional: the customer buys a package, uses it until the end and can purchase more internet, calls or app rates whenever they want
  • Vivo Easy Prime: it is possible to make calls and send SMS without worrying about the daily rates and there is a monthly charge, but the 4G franchise does not expire on renewal and accumulates for the next periods, indefinitely.

For those who don’t make calls every day, use little mobile internet or need a lot of 4G at specific times (during a trip, for example), the common Vivo Easy is usually more worthwhile.

As the balance of services does not expire, you can buy 100 GB of internet for R$299.99, and use this package over several months (or years). This purchase still yields R$100 cashback to be reverted to more 4G internet or 101 daily calls (each one costs R$0.99).

Taking advantage of Prime’s Black Friday in Vivo Easy normal

The interesting part of the traditional Vivo Easy is that the cost per gigabyte is low when buying larger packages.

On the other hand, taking advantage of Vivo Easy Prime’s Black Friday can be useful for those who want to stock data in the traditional Vivo Easy.

Understand the logic:

  1. Interested parties can subscribe to Vivo Easy Prime Super with 20 GB of internet and will pay R$99.90 on their credit card.
  2. This package yields R$99.90 in cashback.
  3. Then, the interested party buys the 20 GB package at a cost of R$99.90, but will not pay anything with the credit card due to the cashback balance.
  4. Cancel Vivo Easy Prime Super after the entire process to avoid charges next month

If all these steps are followed, the user will have 40 GB with a total final cost of R$99.90. The cost per gigabyte is just R$2.50, and this internet balance can be used over several months or years.

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