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Taking a closer look at your phone or internet bill can bring some surprises. You must have been through this yourself. This is what happened to a reader of the technoblog: A Netflix subscription appeared on your Vivo bill. But the situation got more complicated than that — and his case is not the only one.

Vivo Store (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

In an email sent to technoblog, reader Jorge says he received a message on January 15th about a change in Vivo’s plan to add Netflix to the subscription. As he had not made the request, he called the operator and asked for the cancellation.

Three days later, on January 18, he received another email with yet another plan change request, again adding Netflix to the bill.

O technoblog spoke to Jorge again last Friday, March 4th. He said they’ve already switched their plan four times, each time to include Netflix. That same day, he was facing the problem once again.

Jorge says that the operator even said that it would flag his registration as fraud. As a result, the customer could only make changes to one company store. It didn’t help. He suspects the clerk said that just to get rid of the customer.

Our reader says that he has already resorted to customer service, to the company’s ombudsman and even to, a platform for complaints maintained by the Federal Government. Until now, though, Netflix always shows up on your account again.

His case is not the only one, and these streaming accounts may be serving something other than watching movies and series.

Customer suspected of reselling Netflix

In the message sent to technoblog, Jorge shows that the account associated with the Netflix subscription made through Vivo had an email that implied that it would be resold. So he suspects it’s a scam.

In a quick search on Netflix resale, you can find websites, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts and WhatsApp contacts dedicated to this subject.

Email associated with plan by Vivo suggests resale
Email associated with plan by Vivo suggests resale (Image: Reproduction/Tecnoblog)

Jorge’s case is not the only one. In a quick search on Reclame Aqui, he found more cases involving Vivo and Netflix. Complaints follow the same pattern: the service is included without authorization more than once, and the registration data is changed.

Customer Bianca, from São Paulo, reports that Netflix and other services were included on her bill without her knowing. In addition, your registered email has been changed to another one. The address contains “fernanda”, which is not her name.

A similar case happened with a client from Londrina (PR). Since January, someone has included Netflix in their plan and changed their email and contact phone number to one in São Paulo (SP). Even after undoing this change, the service appears in your account again.

Vivo does not use Reclame Aqui, so it is not possible to know what the company’s responses were or if the cases were resolved.

Improper billing? Anatel sends back double

Suspicions aside, one thing is certain: operators cannot keep amounts unduly charged from customers. More than that: they need to pay back twice, with a fine and monetary correction.

This is what the resolution 632/2014 of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) says, which establishes the General Regulation of the Consumer of Telecommunications Services (RGC).

Art. 85. The Consumer who pays an amount unduly charged is entitled to a refund of the amount equal to twice the amount paid in excess, plus monetary correction and interest of 1% (one percent) per month pro rata die.

wanted by technoblogProcon-SP gives the following recommendation:

The consumer must ask for details of the invoice to verify if there is a charge for products and services not contracted or authorized and must question the operator requesting the cancellation and reversal of the charge.

If there is no solution, the customer can file a complaint with the consumer protection entity.

What does Vivo say?

wanted by technoblogVivo sent the following position:

“Vivo informs that Vivo Fibra customers can get in touch through the operator’s official channels to cancel digital services, plan migration and request more information. If the customer has identified any inconsistency in their invoice, they should contact 10315 so that the case can be analyzed and any corrections made. The company also emphasizes that its priority is to promote the best experience for its customers and continues to invest heavily in improving processes, products, services and relationship channels to serve each of its customers with increasing quality and satisfaction. .”

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