Virgin River: 8 books for those who loved the Netflix series

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If you are part of the fans who loved the series Virgin River, from Netflix, here’s some good news: Season 2 of Virgin River is already in the air. Well, the trajectory of Mel Monroe, a nurse who moves to a small town in California, won another chapter and seems far from over (thankfully).

And if you are one of those who already devoured the new episodes and wanted more, we have prepared a list with 8 books that present the same theme of Virgin River. Want to know what they are?

See 8 books for those who loved Virgin River.

(Source: Netflix / Disclosure)(Source: Netflix / Disclosure)Source: Netflix

1. The eponymous book, by Robyn Carr

If you enjoyed the series, you will also love the book that originated the streaming platform series. Written by Robyn Carr, it tells the story of a nurse who moved to California and found a baby at the door. Very worth reading.

two. Where The Heart Lives, by Jill Shalvis

In this work, Willa rediscovers her love of school days because of a cat. However, as the story in the past was very troubled, she still believes that her love actually hates her. So, they need to learn to forgive themselves and relive their teenage years to find out if they are able to find love again.

3. Malices and Delights, by Tara Sivec

Claire is a young woman in her 20s who decides to help her friend sell sex toys. But his big dream is to open a bakery. So, she meets Carter at a college party and gets interested in him right away. When he returns to the city, only the aroma of chocolate makes him recognize Claire. This is a delightful and engaging love story that will win over fans of Virgin River!

(Source: From Book to Book / Reproduction)(Source: From Book to Book / Reproduction)Source: From Book to Book

4. In Your Look, Nicholas Sparks

That Nicholas Sparks is one of the most acclaimed novel authors, you should already know. However, you may not know the work In Your Eyes, a full plate for those who loved to follow Mel’s trajectory. With a roller coaster of emotions, the book tells the story of a daughter of immigrants who decides to return to her hometown and question the traumas experienced by her.

5. Steal My Heart, by Susan Mallery

Maya Farlow decides that she wants to live a great love and moves to Fool’s Gold, California – any resemblance to the Netflix series is purely coincidental. Many years ago, she fell in love with Del Mitchell, but love scared her and the girl decided to run away. Then, ten years later, she decides to return to the place where it all happened and rediscovers her old passion. Will they be able to love each other after all this time?

6. A piece of paradiseby Sherryl Woods

The author of the novel takes us through the story of Dana Sue, a woman traumatized after her ex-husband cheated on her. To overcome the breakup, she decides to open a restaurant in South Carolina. However, her challenges begin when her daughter develops an eating disorder and her own health also begins to deteriorate. Together, they need to find a way to help each other to overcome their health problems and thus find happiness once again.

7. A New Love Is Wanted, by Debbie Macomber

(Source: Between Books and Characters / Reproduction)(Source: Between Books and Characters / Reproduction)Source: Between Books and Characters

Another ideal book for those who loved the 2nd season of Virgin River is the work of Debbie Macomber. The book accompanies Nichole after discovering her husband’s betrayal. Now, she needs to balance her personal life, her son, a new job and her passion for volunteer work. This is a very inspiring novel, full of lessons on hope and new beginnings.

8. A love dream, by Nora Roberts

Finally, we must also mention this exciting work by Nora Roberts. In a Love dream, the daughter of an Irish housekeeper leaves her comfortable life to seek out new adventures and finally find love. The characters in the plot are engaging and the story, which is about taking risks, is sure to inspire you!

So, what did you think of our nominations for those who love the series Virgin River? Tell us your opinion about the works in the space below and share the article on social networks!

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