version 22593 is available, here’s what’s new

Microsoft has just unveiled a new build of Windows 11 for members of the Insider program. This build 22593 contains many improvements and fixes. File Explorer is the focus of this update.

windows 11 update
Credits: Microsoft

If you follow the news around Windows 11, you probably know that Microsoft has just presented the new ones to come to the OS by the end of 2022. The Redmond firm notably announced the arrival of navigation by tab in File Explorer, revealing the icons of the start screen without forgetting the possibility of converting audio into subtitles in real time.

However, Microsoft has just released the new version 22593 of Windows 11. This build is intended for members of the Insider program, through the dev and beta channels. As promised by Microsoft, this version brings many improvements, especially on the side of File Explorer. Here is in detail the official changelog published by the manufacturer.

List of new features in Windows 11 build 22593


  • Win+X Update so that if Windows Terminal is installed, the menu will include an entry for Terminal, and in case Windows Terminal is installed, it will show PowerShell

File Explorer

  • File Explorer’s default home page is now called Home. The Quick Access name has been reused for the pinned/frequent folders section and pinned files are now called Favorites to align with Office and OneDrive
  • Recent and pinned files displayed in the Home section can now be searched using the File Explorer search box, even if they are not local files, so you can find Office files recently shared with you
windows 11 update
Credits: Microsoft


  • Microsoft Journal is now pinned to the Pen menu by default. If the app is not installed, it will be installed from the Microsoft Store if you choose it from the Pen menu


  • If you press Win+Z command to open Instant Layouts, all layouts will now show associated numbersso you can quickly use the number keys to select the layout you want

Windows Security

  • Memory Integrity is a Windows 11 feature designed to prevent attacks aimed at inserting malicious code into highly secure processes. This feature is found in Windows Security, under Device Security > Kernel Isolation. In the most recent Insider Preview builds, Microsoft clarifies that the feature is currently disabled so they can re-enable it to keep their device as secure as possible against malicious attacks.
windows 11 update
Credits: Microsoft


  • Updated ADLaM keyboard layout to add access to hooks and ADLaM Hamza. To get there :
    • Right Alt + \ will now type”
    • Right Alt + | will now enter”
    • Right Alt + Shift + [ va maintenant entrer
    • Right Alt + Shift + ] will now type
    • Ctrl+Shift+; will now enter the character Hamza



  • Fixed some additional issues affecting explorer.ex reliability on recent flights

[Barre des tâches]

  • Fixed an issue where app icons were animating unexpectedly from the top left corner when launching a new app
  • Improved performance of rearranging taskbar icons
  • Fixed an issue in previous flight causing duplicate app icons after closing and reopening an app
  • If you have many applications open, icons should no longer overlap the date and time of your secondary monitors
  • Taskbar will no longer disappear when entering search on a full screen window
  • Fixed an issue that caused icon spacing to be reversed so that it was large when it should be small and vice versa when toggling the Optimized Taskbar on and off. tablets
  • Tablet-optimized taskbar now stays visible on fullscreen apps when expanded and only hides when you minimize it

[Explorateurs de fichiers]

  • Improvement Home loading performance in File Explorer
  • Fixed a scaling issue where the context menu could have an unexpected size when called on systems with mixed DPI monitors
  • Mitigated an underlying issue causing the address bar to become inaccessible in some cases
  • Mitigated an issue causing increased launch time for some file types

Microsoft’s changelog then details fixes for widgets, for the Start menu, for Search functions, for customization and display or even in settings. You can view them by clicking on the link below.

Source: Microsoft

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