Venom 2: movie promises a lot of fun and violence; see first reviews!

Venom: Time of Carnage is the sequence of Venom, which suffered a lot from criticism when it debuted in 2018. Venom 2 it has not yet become unanimous among experts, but it has already managed to convince some of the beauty of its chaotic style.

Scheduled to premiere worldwide on October 1st, the film should arrive in Brazil only on the 7th of the same month. Even so, the feature film has already been seen by some film critics around the world, who could not contain their nerves and brought their opinions about Venom 2.

Reviews of Venom 2

Most reactions were posted on Twitter from experts. Germain Lussier, of the Sirius XM, defined the film as fun and futile. According to Lussier, whoever liked the first movie will probably like the second. Those who didn’t like it, should keep the same feeling about Venom: Times of Carnage.

Molly Freeman, editora do Screen Rant, said that the film has very charming and fun moments, especially in the relationship between Eddie Brock and Venom. However, he believes the film gets a bit lost in the chaotic energy and carnage, following with a jumble of ideas to the end.

Eric Davis, do Rotten Tomatoes, decided to focus more on Tom Hardy’s acting. In Davis’ opinion, the actor was fantastic in the film, with a unique and entertaining performance, helping to set a wildly hilarious and dark tone for Venom 2.

Dan Casey, do Nerdist, follows the same line as Erik Davis and claims that Tom Hardy gave 200% of himself in the feature film. Casey defined Venom: Time of Carnage as a wild movie of the highest order and warns fans: “don’t miss the post-credits scene”.

Mike Ryan, do Uproxx, defined the film as stupid, but this stupidity makes it very interesting and makes Ryan like the feature film even more. He highlights the dynamic between Eddie Brock and Venom a lot, highlighting some scenes in the film, such as the moment when the two call themselves losers and when they are watching the sun set together on the beach.

Critical traumas

Venom it suffered a lot from heavy negative reviews when it was released in 2018. Even with its box office success, the film was called chaotic and generic. Recently, in an interview with the website CinemaBlend, Tom Hardy said that the desire to make a good film “has not served the critics who literally criticized us”.

However, the actor decided to look at the pretty side of everything. Looking through the half-full glass, “the audience came en masse, which was very beautiful. It was like watching an underdog being lifted and presented, appreciated and savored for what he really was,” Hardy said.

The actor also said that the sum of heavy criticism and public support were the fuel to make Venom 2.

In a liaison with Sony Pictures’ Tom Rothman, Hardy said, “Look, we got a script to do the sequel to Venom, because we’re really looking forward to taking what we’ve learned from the first film and starting writing the second feature.”

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The criticisms of Venom 2 show greater acceptance from experts. Opinions suggest that film critics have begun to see the chaotic, wild and fun side of the feature film as an essence of Venom.

No brazil, Venom: Time of Carnage is set to open on October 7th in theaters.

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