Valheim: main codes to use on the PC

Valheim has become a fever among several players who are using all the time available to explore the options present in the game, obtain wood and stone and many other things. However, what some may not know is that there are some codes that can make your life a little easier along this journey – preventing, for example, you from resorting to unusual ways of transportation.

Here are some commands you can use in single player mode or when you are hosting the multiplayer server.

Main commands to use on the PC

To access the console where you will enter the codes, press F5 and type “imacheater” (without quotes) and press Enter to use the codes from the list below. To exit this mode, simply enter the code again.

(Source: Steam / Playback)(Source: Steam / Playback)Source: Steam


god – activate god mode for invulnerability

ghost – enable ghost mode where enemies ignore you

raiseskill [skill] [número] – increases the specific skill according to the amount

resetskill [skill] – resets a specific skill to 0

resetcharacter – resets the character’s skills and inventory

heal – offers maximum life to your character

puke – redefines your character’s default hunger, health and stamina

hair – removes your character’s hair

beard – removes the beard from your character

model [número] – toggles between male and female characters, use 0 or 1

dpsdebug – turn on / off damage display per second

players [número] – modifies the difficulty based on the number of players, with 1 for no scale and 0 for redefining the scale

freefly – allows you to use the free camera

ffsmooth 1 – free camera smoothing

ffsmooth 0 – modify free camera smoothing

save – forces the game to save

exploremap – eliminate fog and display the map completely

resetmap – resets the map completely

pos – shows the player’s coordinates

go to [x,y] or goto [x,y,z] – transports the player to the indicated coordinates

location – defines a new start location

killall – kills all enemies in the area

tame – train all creatures in the area

removedrops – removes all loose items in the area

wind [direção] [intensidade] – defines the direction and intensity of the wind, with angle 0 to the north and intensity between 0 and 1

resetwind – resets the wind direction and intensity

all [número] – sets the time of day, with 0 or 1 for midnight, 0.5 for midday and -1 for reverting to natural time

skiptime [número] – advance a specific number of seconds

sleep – Advance one day

event [nome] – starts the specific event

stopevent – stop the specific event

randomevent – start a random event

debugmode – enter Creative Mode, use the commands:

Z – enter or exit Flying Mode

K – kills all enemies in the area

B – enter or exit the way where you can repair tools and equipment without a workbench or create whatever you want without paying for it

Codes for the server

help – shows the list of available console commands

ping – enable “ping” on the server to measure latency

lodbias [número] – sets the distance to the server between 1 and 5

info – shows current system information

kick [nome/ip/userID] – expels a specific user

ban [nome/ip/userID] – ban a specific user

unban [ip/userID] – brings back a banned player

banned – shows the list of banned players

List of items

If you are interested in knowing the list of items you can summon (using the command “spawn [item] [quantidade] [level]”, without quotes and indicating the name and numbers in the indicated fields) through the console, you can check a complete list by clicking on this link, which will redirect you to a Reddit page (in English).

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