Valentine’s Day: 8 Best Singles Movies

Valentine’s Day is coming and, along with the date, the different feelings that can reach people. One of the best ways to celebrate the most romantic date of the year is to watch some romance movies to enjoy the vibe. For single people, however, Valentine’s Day can generate inspiring or painful feelings.

That’s why it’s important to know that the Valentine’s Day movie options range from more animated productions that show the fun side of singleness, to those made to watch with a chocolate, scarves and lots of blankets.

Thinking of those who do not have someone to enjoy the date, we decided to produce a list of 8 movies for singles to watch alone (or with friends, right?) on Valentine’s Day.

8. how to be single

(Source: Warner Bros./Reproduction)Source:  Warner Bros.

We opened our list with a very suggestive title! how to be single is originally a book written by Liz Tuccillo (sex and the city) and adapted for film by Christian Drifter.

The romantic comedy shows the lives of young adults, in their early 20s, navigating the complexities of bachelor life in New York. The movie has an interesting moral lesson at the end, trying to convey the idea that, after all, the only person you really need is yourself.

7. even if nothing goes right

(Source: The Weinstein Company/Reproduction)(Source: The Weinstein Company/Reproduction)Source:  The Weinstein Company

If you’re looking for a movie with a powerful and emotional soundtrack, you’ve just found it! even if nothing goes right is a story about growth and friendship, showing the power of independence and chasing dreams.

In this romantic drama, Dan, who is dealing with a layoff, and Greta, suffering from her boyfriend’s betrayal, team up to produce an album. During the experience, the two help each other to deal with the issues of social life and to develop as people.

6. (500 days with her

(Source: Fox Pictures/Reproduction)(Source: Fox Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Fox Pictures

The movie is a heartbreak classic. In (500 days with her, we travel through the events of the relationship between Summer and Tom, all from the perspective of the protagonist.

Romantic drama shows that true love is often a construction that people design according to their own desires. For that, the film revolves around a painful break with the “perfect partner”, provoking reflections on the true realities of the relationship and of life.

5. hangover of love

(Source: Universal Pictures/Reproduction)(Source: Universal Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Universal Pictures

Another option that talks about overcoming a “perfect partner”, but with a good dose of comedy and a lighter vision of the future, is hangover of love. The movie  has a huge cast, which has Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) and Mila Kunis (That ’70s Show).

The romantic comedy shows Peter Bretter’s attempts to forget about his famous and seemingly perfect ex by taking a vacation to Hawaii. However, he ends up having to deal with the terrible and painful fact of meeting her with her current partner. Still, the film sends a message of hope after painful breakups.

4. History of a Marriage

(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Source:  Netflix

The Oscar-nominated Netflix production faithfully recounts the day-to-day realities of a failed marriage. Although, History of a Marriage it can also be a reminder that perhaps ending a relationship might be the best option.

The drama recounts the journey of Charlie and Nicole Barber, exploring love, marriage and the painfully exhausting experience of a bad divorce, showing how separation can push people to the limit.

3. Under the Tuscan Sun

(Source: Buena Vista Pictures/Reproduction)(Source: Buena Vista Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Buena Vista Pictures

This production is the right choice for the single person who needs a little inspiration to rediscover life, confidence and happiness while alone. It’s a message that being alone doesn’t mean being unhappy.

Under the Tuscan Sun it begins with Frances Mayes discovering that the perfect relationship she had was a front when her husband impregnates a lover. In post-divorce depression, she listens to her friends for advice and takes a vacation to Tuscany to distract herself and rediscover happiness.

two. Someone special

(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)(Source: Netflix/Reproduction)Source:  Netflix

The Netflix movie is a light at the end of the tunnel for those who end up having to deal with a difficult breakup, showing the power of friendship and the dreams we have for life.

Someone special tells the story of Jenny, who ends a 9-year relationship due to the decision to move in search of her dream job. The romantic comedy tells the process of overcoming the character.

1. Eat Pray and Love

(Source: Columbia Pictures/Reproduction)(Source: Columbia Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Columbia Pictures

The Julia Roberts-starring film is probably the most iconic production when it comes to reinvigorating the spirit of independence and finding a new zest for life.

Eat Pray and Love follows the journey of Elizabeth Gilbert, who ends her marriage, quits her job and goes on a journey through Italy, India and Indonesia. The character makes sacrifices, eats, prays and relearns to love in a journey that strengthens the feeling of independence and of going after what you want.

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