Valentine’s Day: 20 Gift Ideas for Series Fans

Marathon series with the person we like is very good, isn’t it? And with Valentine’s Day coming up, how about giving a gift from that favorite series to your loved one?

Thus, we list with this list some interesting ideas, they are items for all tastes, with many unforgettable series and characters!

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20. Cushion friends I’ll Be There For You

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friends is a series that has certainly marked a lot of people. And the classic phrase said in the opening “I’ll Be There For You” already evidences the love that all friends share with each other. A pillow with these words can do the same for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

19. Mug game of Thrones stark house

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the world of game of Thrones is incredibly vast, a personalized Stark House mug is a great choice for lovers of wars, dragons and family conflicts.

18. Book Normal people (normal people)

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To learn even more deeply about the story of Marianne and Connell, we recommend the book Normal people, by Sally Rooney, who inspired the production of the miniseries normal people of Hulu.

17. T-shirt Snake Kai

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While the 4th season of Snake Kai is not enough, how about remembering the most memorable scenes of the series with this amazing t-shirt? Other items from Snake Kai can also be seen from here.

16. Funko Pop Scarlet Witch

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Wandavision thrilled viewers with the Scarlet Witch’s revelations and the approach to her grief. However, to never forget this Marvel production, present your boyfriend or girlfriend with this extremely beautiful Funko Pop.

15. Board Game breaking bad

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The AMC series is full of electrifying conflicts and intense episodes. So how about playing with the characters from breaking bad through a board game? It is the ideal option for those who enjoy analogue pastimes.

14. The Boys vol. 1: The Name of the Game

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For those who don’t know: the series the boys is based on the eponymous comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The first volume, in which the story begins, has several pages of great action.

13. Poster Twin Peaks

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Even though the David Lynch series was canceled after two seasons, it has gained a legion of fans. And along with the Netflix revival, this poster of the series can perpetuate everything you know about it.

12. Card Game The Office

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the characters of The Office they are extremely controversial but very endearing. In addition to hilarious situations, the production brought the possibility of creating a card game based on the conflicts presented in the scene. Enjoy!

11. Rick & Morty: Talking Pickle Rick

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One of the most bizarre and, at the same time, remarkable moments of Rick & Morty it is the appearance of Rick’s pickled alter ego. As such, this action figure is perfect for those who fell in love with these amazing moments in Adult Swim animation.

10. Sweatshirt Grey’s Anatomy

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Over many seasons, Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) keep saying that they are “the person” of each other. In addition to being able to enjoy the chill that is coming, very well protected, this sweatshirt is perfect for telling your great love that he is your person.

9. Umbrella How I Met Your Mother

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The CBS comedy built, with the audience, over nine seasons, a great tension to know how it would all end. With that, the yellow umbrella has already become a brand of the series and can represent many things to the most romantic fans.

8. Supergirl: The Krypton Assassins

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The CW heroine series is coming to an end after six interesting seasons. But in the comics, the saga continues to win over readers. So, if you liked Supergirl, you might like the material that originated it even more.

7. Lauren Graham book: Gilmore Girls

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Actress Lauren Graham was very marked by the success of Gilmore Girls. Anyone who liked the production of Amy Sherman-Palladino can certainly be interested in the book in which the artist tells about her memories and backstage of this unmissable series.

6. Slipper the Simpsons

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The Simpson family animated series is very important to pop culture. There are many products that we could recommend here with the characters’ faces. However, a slipper with Homer Simpson is the comfort statement you want for the person you love.

5. Funky Pop The Big Bang Theory (Raj)

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During the various Comic Con that the characters of The Big Bang Theory attended, they ventured into the art of cosplay and produced many comedic situations for the spectators. Have fun with this Funko Pop by Raj Koothrappali dressed as an Aquaman.

4. Plush Sponge Bob Square Pants

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If you can’t sleep cuddled up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can present that person with a SpongeBob plush doll. In addition to serving as a decoration item, it can also soothe the heart in those moments away.

3. Style Beret Peaky Blinders

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The series Peaky Blinders brought many extremely glamorous and elegant costumes to television screens. One of the most interesting items is the beret that members of the criminal organization wear. How about gifting the loved one with one of these.

2. Book Aia’s Tale (The Handmaids Tale)

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Currently airing its 4th season, the series The Handmaids Tale it is filled with scenes of violence. To go deeper into this story, you can give the book Aia’s Tale, from Margaret Atwood to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Lucifer vol.1

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Closing the list, you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day to present your loved one with the first volume of the comics from Lucifer. The Netflix series will wrap up in season 6 next year and is derived from the stories of Sandman, by Neil Gaiman.

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