[UPDATE] Complete data on COVID-19 cases in Indonesia as of 21 June 2020

Jakarta, IDN Times – Government Spokesperson for Handling COVID-19 or Corona Virus Achmad Yurianto said, the number of positive cases in Indonesia per Sunday (21/6) has now become 45,891 cases, after today there were 862 new cases.

The data is calculated from 20 June 2020 at 12.00 West Indonesia Time to 20 June 2020 at 12.00 West Indonesia Time.

DKI Jakarta Province is recorded as the province with the most addition of new cases today, which is 142 cases.

“Today we have 862 positive COVID-19 people, bringing a total of 45,891. The highest is in DKI Jakarta with 142 people and reported recovery of 233 people,” said the man who is familiarly called Yuri in a press statement and broadcast online on channel YouTube BNPB, Sunday (6/21).

1. Total cases of death in Indonesia reached 2,465 people

The COVID-19 corpse burial area for Christian units is only five meters from the road where the ambulance stops. (IDN Times / Candra Irawan)

Yuri also reported that the number of COVID-19 positive patients who died had reached 2,465 cases, after increasing 36 people. Meanwhile, cases of recovery have now reached 18,404 people, after increasing 521 people.

“The number of patients recovered increased by 521 people, so that it became 18,404 people,” he said.

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2. Distribution of COVID-19 cases in 34 provinces in Indonesia

[UPDATE]    Complete data on COVID-19 cases in Indonesia as of 21 June 2020illustration. Patient recovered from COVID-19 (BETWEEN PHOTO / FB Anggoro)

Corona virus cases have spread in 34 provinces in Indonesia. Jakarta is the province with the most cases added today with 142 new cases positive for COVID-19.

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The following is complete data on the spread of corona virus in 438 districts or cities in 34 provinces in Indonesia:

1. Aceh 49 cases
2. Bali 1,050 cases
3. Banten 1,355 cases
4. Bangka Belitung 148 cases
5. Bengkulu 116 cases
6. Yogyakarta 288 cases
7. DKI Jakarta 9,971 cases
8. Jambi 112 cases
9. West Java 2,848 cases
10. Central Java 2,668 cases
11. East Java 9,542 cases
12. West Kalimantan 298 cases
13. East Kalimantan 434 cases
14. Central Kalimantan 764 cases
15. South Kalimantan, 2,569 cases
16. North Kalimantan 176 cases
17. Riau Islands 279 cases
18. West Nusa Tenggara 1,056 cases
19. South Sumatra 1,779 cases
20. West Sumatra 707 cases
21. North Sulawesi 853 cases
22. North Sumatra 1,095 cases
23. Southeast Sulawesi 332 cases
24. South Sulawesi 3,797 cases
25. Central Sulawesi 173 cases
26. Lampung 181 cases
27. Riau 142 cases
28. North Maluku 411 cases
29. Maluku 224 cases
30. West Papua 224 cases
31. Papua 1,429 cases
32. West Sulawesi 104 cases
33. East Nusa Tenggara 111 cases
34. Gorontalo 227 cases.

3. Symptoms and ways to prevent corona virus

[UPDATE]    Complete data on COVID-19 cases in Indonesia as of 21 June 2020Illustration. IDN Times / M Faiz Syafar

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), better known as Corona Virus, is a new type of coronavirus that is transmitted to humans. This virus can affect anyone, both infants, children, adults, the elderly, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. This virus infection is called COVID-19 and was first discovered in the city of Wuhan, China, at the end of December 2019. This virus has spread to other regions in China and hundreds of countries, including Indonesia.

Coronavirus is a collection of viruses that can infect the respiratory system. In many cases, this virus only causes mild respiratory infections, such as flu. However, this virus can also cause severe respiratory infections, such as lung infections (pneumonia), Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

Until now there has been no drug or vaccine that can kill the Corona Virus. Although, the percentage of recovery from COVID-19 is quite high. In some countries such as Vietnam the cure rate reaches 100 percent. In fact, some health experts say COVID-19 can heal itself if the immune sufferers are good. In contrast, the average death rate due to corona based on the World Health Organization (WHO) as of Tuesday (3/17), amounted to 4.07 percent. While in Indonesia, as of Thursday (3/19) it reached 8.37 percent.

What are the symptoms of corona virus? COVID-19 infection can cause sufferers to experience flu symptoms, such as fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, and headaches or symptoms of severe respiratory infections, such as high fever, cough with phlegm and even bleeding, shortness of breath, and chest pain. But in some cases, Corona positive patients do not show special symptoms.

The first day, corona virus sufferers experience fever or high temperature, muscle aches, and dry cough. A small portion of diarrhea or nausea a few days before. There is also a loss of smell. The fifth day, people with difficulty breathing, especially elderly people or those who have chronic diseases.

The seventh day, according to Wuhan University research, symptoms experienced by patients began to get worse. Patients usually need to be hospitalized. On the eighth day, patients with severe cases show acute respiratory distress syndrome. His lungs were filled with fluid and had difficulty breathing to cause respiratory failure.

Day 10, sufferers with mild cases experience abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Only some sufferers die. Day 17, the average patient recovered from the corona virus and was discharged from the hospital.

How to prevent corona virus? Wash your hands often with soap, use a mask when coughing or runny nose, consume balanced nutrition, be careful in contact with animals, get enough rest and exercise, do not consume raw meat, if coughing, runny nose, and shortness immediately to a health facility.

If you need several telephone numbers related to the corona virus, you can contact several important numbers, namely the Ministry of Health Hotline (+62 812 1212 3119, 119 ext 9, (021) 521 0411), or visit several sites related to the corona virus, among others the Ministry of Health. .id, arcgis.org, jakarta.go.id, healthmap.org, jabarprov.go.id, cdc.gov, jhu.edu. You can also visit the official website of the local government to find information related to the development of the corona virus in the area you live.

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