unrealistic deadlines, excessiveness, arrogance … 20 employees tell the story of development hell

Cyberpunk 2077 has come under fire again after a vitriolic Bloomberg investigation. This reveals the working conditions within the studio. An article that forced Adam Badowski, CEO of CD Projekt Red, to come out of his silence.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been on sale for over a month now, but is gaining traction for its catastrophic release. This weekend, it is a survey by the very famous Jason Schreier, published in the columns of Bloomberg, which gives a layer. The journalist investigated the working conditions within the studio during development, and its conclusions are not in favor of CD Projekt.

Schreier surveyed more than twenty employees who worked on the game and all were unanimous on one point: Cyberpunk was not ready for release in 2020. By 2019, teams were aware that the game could not be completed until 2022. They even made bets on the next late announcements.

The developers knew the game was in bad shape

According to the developers, CD Projekt was too confident in their project after The Witcher 3, putting marketing before the creation of the title itself. To finish on time, the crunch has become the norm. An employee says that there was a moment where he worked 13 hours a day, five days a week. He eventually left the studio after seeing coworkers lose their family lives due to hard work. This crunch didn’t really help, as the studio went from 240 to 500 full-time developers, causing a disruption that has served the title rather than anything else. The employees knew very well that it was bad on the old consoles and above all completely buggy. This contradicts the claims of Marcin Iwiński, who claimed in a video that no one saw the disaster coming.

We also learn some other interesting little things, like the fact that the game, although announced in 2012, did not begin development until 2016. Likewise, it had to adopt a third person view. It was ultimately the FPS view that was chosen, forcing CD Projekt to rethink its engine, not intended for such a thing. In this long article, Bloomberg accuses CD Projekt to have completely screwed up the E3 2018 demo. As a reminder, it was during this edition that the title was shown to the public for the first time. We all remember Keanu Reeves on stage with his famous “breathtaking!” “. Journalists on site were able to admire a sequence of play called hands off (a developer plays to show a specific passage), who then had them taped. Bloomberg today reveals that the streak was bogus. This is certainly common practice in video games, but it still does not help the image of the studio.

CD Projekt denies any bogus

This investigation caused a lot of talk on the networks and forced Adam Badowski to come out of his silence. The co-founder of the company returns to certain points of the investigation, which he considers to be responsible. To him, the demo shown at E3 was nothing bogus, but was only a working version of the game. He said it makes sense that some things would be redesigned and some features removed. It is fully part of the development process.

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He points the finger that only 20 people answered to questions from Jason Schreier, which is little out of 500 employees. For him, these statements are therefore not really representative. Finally, he returns to accusations of harassment concerning the non-Polish employees of the studio, who could feel excluded compared to others. He clarified that it is normal that the Poles speak their language among themselves, but that the whole development process was carried out in English, both in the meetings and in the written documents.

The Cyberpunk affair is therefore far from over. But one thing is certain, it will forever mark the history of the media. This catastrophic exit will now be an example not to follow, both in terms of development and communication. As a reminder, Cyberpunk 2077 has already received several corrective patches and two more are planned for the PS4 and Xbox One versions, the less successful.

Source: Bloomberg

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