Understand the advantages of having a USB Type C cable in 2021

Type C USB cables and port models are present in many modern computers and mobile devices. This is a technology that offers several advantages for users’ daily lives.

Next, learn more about the format and the possibilities it offers. As well, understand the reasons why it will become an increasingly common connector in products.

USB-C cables and ports are present in many modern devicesSource:  IT Pro/Reproduction

What is USB-C?

USB-C is a connector standard for transmitting data and power in a single cable. The model was developed by the USB Implement Forum, a group formed by more than 400 companies that perfected, certified and guided the technology over the years.

This enabled the format to be adopted by major brands of computers, mobile devices and other gadgets. For example, it is already the standard for connecting smartphones and other modern accessories.

Although it looks similar to the old micro USB, the USB-C has several important applications for the users’ daily life. Know some:

The symmetrical design is one of the differentiators of the USB-CThe symmetrical design is one of the differentiators of the USB-CSource:  Pexels/Reproduction

Symmetrical and simplified connector

The flat, oval design is one of the advantages of USB Type C. The cable does not have an up or down orientation, allowing it to always be in the correct position for the connection.

Also, it is a reversible model. If the cable has the same connector shape on both ends, the user doesn’t have to think too hard to figure out which end connects to which port.

Type C USB connectors have long service lifeType C USB connectors have long service lifeSource:  Muy Computer/Playback

Great durability

Studies have revealed that USB-C cables have great durability. These models are designed to withstand up to 10,000 connect cycles – six times more durable than any USB Type A.

The symmetrical shape also reduces damage caused by constant use of connectors. This is one more secret for the model to be an accessory with a long service life.

USB-C pen drives stand out for their high transfer rate.USB-C pen drives stand out for their high transfer rate.Source:  Kingston/Disclosure

High data transfer rate

USB-C has the highest data transfer speed compared to its predecessors. However, this may vary depending on the standard USB technology supported by the cable.

For example, USB 3.0 models record transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps. Meanwhile, 2nd generation USB 3.2 supports up to 20 Gbps of transfer and the USB 4 standard achieves up to 40 Gbps.

These details are extremely important when purchasing a USB Type-C cable. It is also recommended to note that the devices are compliant with the standards found in accessories.

USB-C cables support fast charging.USB-C cables support fast charging.Source:  Stanley Ng/Pexels

Fast loading support

Another feature of USB-C cables is support for Power Delivery Charging (PD Charging) technology. This is a technology that provides fast charging for some devices with Android or iOS operating system.

Power can be measured in a brief comparison. Older USB 2.0 models can charge a cell phone with 2.5 watts of power, while USB-C can provide up to 100 watts of power.

Thus, PD Charging promotes enough energy to power a notebook. What’s more, cables that have the same connector on both ends are bidirectional, which allows the device to send and receive power as the user prefers.

The USB Type-C format allows for multiple connections.The USB Type-C format allows for multiple connections.Source:  Pexels/Reproduction

Ease of connections

In addition to data and power transmission, USB Type C facilitates connection between devices. For example, this format can connect a desktop to an external monitor—no need for an HDMI cable.

The model also transfers data between a notebook and an external hard drive that are connected to the same monitor. Yet another example of how a single cable makes it possible to multitask and save time.

Furthermore, tests are underway to provide a new audio standard using USB-C. Thus, the format is a potential replacement for the traditional P2 connector.

USB-C is to become a universal connection standard.USB-C is to become a universal connection standard.Source:  Review Geek/Reproduction

Future universal connector

With this amount of advantages, USB-C should become a universal connector very soon. Several technology companies are already considering adopting this connector model as a standard for future releases.

As well, computer and mobile device manufacturers continue to incorporate USB-C ports into most major products. Fact that shows the great strength that the connection model has in the industry.

Are you convinced of the advantages of having a USB Type C cable in 2021? Share your experience with the format in the comments!

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