Uber Pass: understand how the service works

With the proposal to guarantee more savings to users, Uber launched the Uber Pass in Brazil. Available since August 2020, the service package offers several benefits through a monthly subscription.

Check out what Uber Pass is and what the service offers users.

For R $ 24.99, Uber Pass offers a very comprehensive service package.Source: Pinterest / Reproduction

What is the Uber Pass?

Uber Pass is a subscription program that offers a number of benefits across all available Uber services – including Uber Eats and Cornershop. All this for a monthly cost of R $ 24.99.

Unlike competitors, this is a very comprehensive service package. For example, it is possible to place orders and obtain special discounts at pharmacies, pet shops and other commercial establishments.

Currently, the program is available in Brazilian capitals in the south and southeast and in other selected cities. To find out if it is active in your location, simply access the Uber app and check the option in the menu.

The subscription offers a 10% discount on races with UberX.The subscription offers a 10% discount on races with UberX.Source: Wikimedia / Reproduction

What are the advantages of the Uber Pass?

As said, Uber Pass users have access to a number of benefits that help in the day-to-day economy. Meet them:

  • 10% discount on all UberX trips and the Uber Flash service;
  • Free delivery on all orders over R $ 30 at Uber Eats;
  • Free delivery on market orders (Cornershop) over R $ 100.

In addition to discounts, subscribers have priority support. Thus, experienced agents perform the calls with quicker returns and solutions.

The Uber Pass subscription is carried out by the app itself.The Uber Pass subscription is carried out by the app itself.Source: Uber / Disclosure

How to subscribe to the Uber Pass?

Users can subscribe to Uber Pass through the platform’s own app for Android and iOS. To carry out the process, just follow the following steps:

  • Click on the app menu (the three dashes in the upper left corner);
  • Then, select the “Uber Pass” option;
  • Check the value and benefits of the program;
  • Tap on “Secure your Uber Pass”;
  • On the next page, enter the data for the credit card registration;
  • Then, click on “Acquire”.

It is important to mention that the renewal of the Uber Pass is carried out automatically every month. Subscribers have the option to cancel the program at any time, without the need to pay fees or fines.

For users who do not use a credit card, the platform offers the option for payments through bank slips and bank transfers. It is also possible to pay for the subscription using Uber prepaid cards.

The Uber Rewards loyalty program complements the subscription benefits.The Uber Rewards loyalty program complements the subscription benefits.Source: TechCrunch / Reproduction

What are the differences from Uber Rewards?

It is common for people to confuse Uber Pass and Uber Rewards. While the first is a monthly subscription model, the second is a free loyalty program offered by the platform.

With Rewards, the person earns 1 point for every R $ 1 spent on Uber Eats or on trips with UberX or Uber Together. In the Uber Black and Uber Select modes, the number of points rises to 2 for every R $ 1.

The program has four categories: Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. When leveling up, users gain advantages such as the availability of the best rated drivers and low prices on the dynamic fare.

If the person signs up for both programs, the benefits are complementary and are converted into more advantages. For example, using Uber Eats with free delivery will generate points that can be redeemed for discount coupons.

The program guarantees savings for those who frequently use the platform's services.The program guarantees savings for those who frequently use the platform’s services.Source: Mashable / Reproduction

Uber Pass worth it?

The subscription is recommended for people who use Uber services quite frequently, whether for trips or delivery to restaurants and markets. Therefore, the savings generated through discounts make up for the amount paid monthly.

Combined with the benefits of Uber Rewards, the subscription becomes a very useful service package for everyday life. For this reason, it is important for people to assess whether they fit this user profile before registering for the program.

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